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"The Colovian Highlands? Near the Hammerfell border? No one lives there. That's barren wastelands."

The Colovian Highlands are Cyrodiil's second floor. They lie in the far northwest of the country, overlooking the West Weald and the Imperial Forest. They serve as the rugged frontier between Cyrodiil and Hammerfell.

The Highlands are the desolate western foothills of the Jerall Mountains. North-south travel is quite often impossible due to the sheer sides of the Highlands. The foliage and color is similar to the Gold Coast, with evergreen trees, ferns, and yellow-green grasses between islands of gray rock. The Highlands are among the sparser regions in the country, both in terms of vegetation and dungeons. There are at least two small lakes; one has a waterfall and the other a small dock with a canoe.

The city of Chorrol is nestled in the lower foothills of the Highlands, though it lies within the Great Forest. The Black Road runs past Chorrol and is the only road that broaches the region. Access to most of the ruins and other points of interest is usually by foot on trails or through the thick grass and shrubs of the region.

Flora and fauna[]

The Highlands are home to many varieties of plants. Mushrooms like the Clouded Funnel Cap grow in abundance and Fly Amanita can be found scattered about. Flax, Ginseng, Goldenrod, Mandrake, Motherwort and Viper's Bugloss can all be found within these heights.

Animals found in the region include bears, deer, mountain lions and wolves.


The Colovian Highlands have had no relevant urban development as of the late Third Era.

Points of interest[]

The curious Cloud Top outdoor ruin is in the northwest Highlands. It has four pillars in the older Imperial style, but a pillar in the center seems to be of Ayleid lineage.

The Shrine of Sanguine is just north of the Highland border with the West Weald. Also, there are the ruins of a fort that has no dungeon, located due west of Broken Promises Cave. A treasure chest is nestled within.

Cloud Top, near the border with Hammerfell.

Ayleidic Ruins[]


The entrance to Black Rock Caverns, just above Chorrol.