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Combat in The Elder Scrolls Online comes in two separate types, Player vs Environment and Player vs Player, however, both are designed to work in similar ways. Player vs Player combat is available after reaching level 10.[1]


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Finesseconfirmation needed is essentially the character's reward for effective use of combat abilities, such as attacking, blocking and dodging. Once significant finesse points are earned, players are able to use a designated Finesse attack called Ultimate Abilities, which level up the more it is used.[2][3][4][5]

Ultimate AbilitiesEdit

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Ultimate Abilities are very powerful attacks that can be unlocked by successfully filling up the Finesse bar. These attacks level up the more that they are used, like other skills.[2][3][4][5] Ultimate Abilities are one of the six skills in the hotbar that can be used by players.[6]  [7] Ultimate Abilities are class based, meaning that different classes will be able to unlock different abilities.[2] [6] [8]


There are several different types of damage in online:

Flame DamageEdit

Frost DamageEdit

Shock DamageEdit

Magic DamageEdit

Physical DamageEdit


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