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Combat in The Elder Scrolls Online comes in two separate types, Player vs Environment and Player vs Player, however, both are designed to work in similar ways. Player vs Player combat is available after reaching level 10.[1]

Light & Heavy AttacksEdit

Light Attacks are basic attacks performed with one's weapon. They can be weaved together with abilities if one's timing is correct, which can increase damage per second by a fair amount (about 20%).

Unlike in other games, Heavy Attacks are primarily used to restore Stamina or Magicka. They will also knock down an enemy that is Off Balance. Restoration and Lightning staves will start dealing damage immediately, and therefore may be detrimental if in stealth. Frost staff heavy attacks will also taunt the enemy if Tri Focus is obtained.

"Medium" attacks can be performed by releasing a heavy attack before it is fully charged. However, doing so does not provide any advantages.

Physical Weapon Expert and Staff Expert will increase the damage of both attacks. Retaliation and Butcher provide increases in certain instances. Tenacity increases the resources heavy attacks restore, and Shadowstrike gives stealth after killing an enemy with a heavy attack. Siphoner will reduce opposing players' recovery when attacking, and Expert Defender will reduce damage from those attacks.

Break FreeEdit

Break Free allows the player to remove some crowd control effects from themselves, like stun and Fear. They are also immune to those effects for 7 seconds after breaking free, indicated by white swirls around their feet.

As breaking free costs Stamina, it is sometimes necessary to conserve stamina to be ready to avoid stuns and hit with subsequent heavy damage (ie Hedge Maze Guardian in Moon Hunter Keep). This is especially true for magicka-based players, who tend to have low health and resistances as well as low Max Stamina.

Warlord reduces the cost of Break Free. Some sets like Indomitable Fury provide benefits when breaking free.


Interrupt allows the player to disrupt and cancel an enemy's attack. Generally, attacks that are interruptible have a cast time, and are indicated by red lines moving towards the enemy. The easiest way to do this is to bash with one's weapon or shield, which costs stamina. The abilities Deep Breath, Focused Charge, Crushing Shock, and Venom Arrow will also interrupt enemies. Most crowd control effects will interrupt normal enemies (ie not bosses) as well. Opportunist will increase one's physical attack damage after interrupting.

Ultimate AbilitiesEdit

Main article: Ultimate Abilities

Ultimate Abilities are very powerful attacks that can be unlocked by successfully filling up the Finesse bar. These attacks level up the more that they are used, like other skills.[2][3][4][5] Ultimate Abilities are one of the six skills in the hotbar that can be used by players.[6]  [7] Ultimate Abilities are class based, meaning that different classes will be able to unlock different abilities.[2] [6] [8]


There are several different types of damage in Online:

Magic DamageEdit

Flame DamageEdit

Frost DamageEdit

Shock DamageEdit

Physical DamageEdit

Poison DamageEdit

Disease DamageEdit

Oblivion DamageEdit


Main article: Synergy


Main article: Dodging (Online)


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