Combustion, formerly named Kindling, is a Dragonknight passive skill in the Ardent Flame skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Increases the damage of your Burning and Poisoned status effects by (25%/50%). When you apply Burning to an enemy, you restore (250/500) Magicka. When you apply Poisoned to an enemy, you restore (250/500) Stamina.


  • Unlocked at Ardent Flame skill 8, and has two ranks, the second rank being unlocked at 18.


  • Update 10: Renamed this passive ability from "Kindling" to "Combustion." In addition, this passive ability now also increases the damage of the Poisoned status effect, in addition to the Burning status effect.[1]
  • Update 15: This passive ability now increases the damage of Burning and Poisoned by 25/50%, down from 33/66%.[2]
  • Update 18: This passive ability now also restores 250/500 Magicka or Stamina to you when you apply the Burning or Poisoned status effects to an enemy. These effects can occur once every 5 seconds.[3]
  • Update 23: Decreased the cooldown from this passive to 2 seconds from 5 seconds. This was done to help alleviate many of the duration-based ability cost increases, as well as helping this passive synergize with more build customization such as using the Charged trait.[4]



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