"This is a road?"
Decumus Scotti[src]

Commerce Road was an Imperial-built road in Black Marsh,[1] the province of which the Argonians were native.[2] It was poor quality road and was covered in reeds that always grew back onto the road despite numerous efforts to get rid of them including using fire and horses.[1] It was used by merchants to ferry passengers and trade goods between the town of Slough Point and Hixinoag to the north and the city of Gideon to the south.[1] Due to it being a major route of goods and passengers, it was often the site of raids by the Naga,[1] a breed of Argonians who were considered responsible for a majority of the crime in Black Marsh.[2]

Later, at the request of Ambassador Tseeixth, the Septim Empire placed magically-lit lanterns at regular intervals alongside the road, and built more Imperial Legion patrol stations to better secure the road from wild creatures and the Naga.[3]



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