Calling forth creatures from other worlds and creating weapons with magicka are two of the most beneficial tools a caster can utilize. Because of this, casters of all types make use of the school of Conjuration. Dedicated casters, players who enjoy having creatures to draw enemy fire, and heavy fighters who employ the freedom of movement that conjured armor provides, all benefit from Conjuration. Mages specializing in Conjuration are referred to as Conjurers.

Conjuration connects the caster's mind with that of the summoned thing. It is a tenuous link, meant only to lure, hold, and dismiss; but in the hands of a Master, it can be much stronger. The Psijics and Dwemer can (in the Dwemer's case, could) connect with the minds of others, and converse miles apart - a skill that is sometimes called telepathy.[1]

Necromancy, a sub-specialization of Conjuration, focuses exclusively on reanimating the corpses of the dead humans and animals. The practice is generally considered unethical by the Mages Guild and the College of Winterhold, although the practice was only officially made illegal when Hannibal Traven became Arch-Mage in Cyrodiil.

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