Conjuration Training is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


The low-level trainers are Fathis Aren, the court mage at Castle Bravil, and Sulinus Vassinus at the Skingrad Mages Guild. The medium trainers are Alberic Litte of the Chorrol Mages Guild, and Arentus Falvius, the high priest of Bruma's Great Chapel of Talos.


Once the Hero's skill reaches level 70, the above trainers will send them to Olyn Seran, who can be found at Molag Bal's Shrine, which is located in the Great Forest west of the Imperial City. Once found, Seran wants the Hero to "put on a little magic show," in which they are required to summon a Faded Wraith before him.

While this pricey spell can be purchased from Athragar at the Chorrol Mage's Guild, and Caranya and Gaspar Stegine at the Arcane University, it can only be cast when their Conjuration skill is 75. However, there is a scroll with the spell on it, but the Hero cannot buy it and it has no fixed location. It should appear in Necromancer dungeons and loot (the closest lair to Seran is Elenglynn, which is to the west-southwest of the Shrine).


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

In order to train further in Conjuration, I must find Olyn Seran, a Daedra Worshipper somewhere in the Great Forest.

  • Update: After speaking to Olyn Seran:

Olyn Seran wants me to prove my worth before he will train me. I need to summon a Faded Wraith in his presence.

  • Update: After summoning a Faded Wraith:

I have summoned a Faded Wraith for Olyn Seran, and he has agreed to train me.

  • Quest complete
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