Conjure Ash Guardian is an expert-level Conjuration spell found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Conjure Ash Guardian summons a large atronach-like creature to aid in battle, however it requires a heart stone for it to be obedient.

If cast without a heart stone, the guardian will become hostile and attack everything around it, including the Dragonborn. The summon will also turn friendly at random, during which it will follow you until attacked or just at random.


This spell can be learned by completing the quest "From the Ashes" and choosing the learn Conjure Ash Guardian option at the end. The tome can also be bought from Talvas Fathryon.


  • The Conjure Ash Guardian spell is not affected by the Twin Souls perk, meaning you can only have one Ash Guardian out at once. But it is also bound to a rune, so you can have two summons plus an Ash Guardian. 
  • If one accesses console commands, there are three unused variants, one unusable (xx01cdf6), one summons false Ash Guardian (xx03553d), and the one which always summons friendly Ash Guardian (xx03d473).


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