Conjure Dragon Priest is an unused Expert-level Conjuration spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Conjure Dragon Priest summons a Spectral Dragon Priest for sixty seconds; upon death, the Dragon Priest leaves behind a temporary dust cloud, and, on occasion, an ash pile as well.


  • The perk Atromancy in the Conjuration perk tree extends the duration into one-hundred and twenty seconds, due to the fact that Summon Dragon Priest is not necromancy, but instead, a summon.
  • The perk, Conjuration Dual Casting, overcharges the effect into a longer-lasting version, staying for a total of two-hundred and forty seconds if combined with the Atromancy perk.
  • The perk, Twin Souls, allows for the summoning of two Dragon Priests.


This spell can only be acquired on PC by entering the console command player.addspell 0010fc16.



  • This is the spell version of the ally that can be summoned with Konahrik's Mask enchantment.
  • The spectral appearance highly resembles Yngol's Shade at higher levels.
  • If the Dragonborn attempts to kill the summoned Dragon Priest with the kill command, it will leave an Ash Pile.
    • To avoid this problem, use markfordelete command to remove the summon before it exceeded the summoning time.


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