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Conjurers are robed mages who excel in Conjuration and fight alongside their summoned allies. Aggressive magicians with their own agenda, conjurers generally have lairs populated with summoned Daedra, including Scamps at lower levels and Dremora or Atronachs at higher levels.

Conjurers are similar to Necromancers in many ways, except that Conjurers summon Daedra creatures while Necromancers re-animate and summon creatures of the undead persuasion.

Equipment and combatEdit

Conjurers may carry up to three leveled health restore and magicka restore potions, as well as a leveled dagger and the occasional magical weapon or clothing item.

Killing the conjurer will result in the death of their summoned creature, so focusing attacks on the conjurer is a good way to win the battles quickly. Another strategy is to run until the summoned beast fades away, usually after about 20 seconds. Make sure to kill the conjurer quickly though, as they will have summoned a new beast only a few seconds after the passing of the first.


  • Conjurer

Common variety of these magicians.

  • Conjurer Adept

Very skilled in the art of conjuration.


A list of locations where Conjurers can be encountered is as follows:


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  • NPC Conjurers are officially not part of the Mages Guild faction, and yet rarely, ingame incidents are reported of a bug in which attacking Conjurers is treated as stealing from the Mages Guild, resulting in suspension from the Mages Guild. Attacking their summoned creatures or even the Daedra spawned alongside them is another possible cause, although not confirmed.


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