"A messenger? From Aldcroft, by any chance?"
―Conjurer Grahla[src]

Conjurer Grahla is an Orsimer in the camp on the Glenumbra Moors, High Rock.


The Glenumbra Moors

The Mages Guild has researchers looking into the details surrounding the way Faolchu originally died. It happened at an ancient battle site called the Glenumbra Moors.

"A messenger? From Aldcroft, by any chance? What news from there? We heard reports that Camlorn refugees had inundated the town."
Werewolves tried to take over the town, but they didn't succeed. "That's good. Losing Camlorn was bad enough. Meanwhile, we've made significant progress here. Our research is finally beginning to yield results."

Ripple Effect

The Mages Guild is studying the site of the Battle of Glenumbra Moors. It's said that Faolchu, the invader of Camlorn, was originally slain here. They hope to find out what killed him in the past.

The ghosts of the Alessian army still haunt this place. It's been an age since the Battle of Glenumbra Moors raged here, yet the spirits linger.
What are you looking for? "Faolchu, the beast that ravages Camlorn. He fought and died here. We want to know what happened all those years ago. Then we can kill him again."
How do you find out what happened so long ago? "Sarvith, our Master of Incunabula, hopes to evoke a vision that shows us the events surrounding Faolchu's death. We're collecting the most powerful historic artifacts to use as focus objects. The spirits are making the task difficult, however."
I'll help if I can. "The generals of the Alessian army played a vital part in the Battle of the Glenumbra Moors. Their weapons, if still intact, would suffice, I think. If you manage to get your hands on the weapons, find Sarvith. He knows what to do from there."
Why is it important to find out how Faolchu died? "Faolchu wasn't called the Invincible General for nothing. You can cut him, bash him, fill him full of arrows—he just keeps coming. We must discover how they stopped him and ended this ancient war."
What can you tell me about the Battle of Glenumbra Moors? "I could tell you the basic story, but if you want a deeper understanding you need to ask our loremaster, Dhalana. She's up on the tower, observing the movement of the spirits."


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