The Conquest of Hammerfell was a war with The Crowns instigated by the Septim Empire in its drive to unite Tamriel. The war was won by the Septim Empire.[source?]

The Conquest[edit | edit source]

In 2E 862, Tiber Septim invaded Hammerfell with the Imperial Legion after making a pact with the Forebears. The pact made the Forebears recognize Tiber Septim as the ruler of Hammerfell. The army of Tiber Septim proved too much for the Redguard Crowns. Tiber Septim then sent his best commander, Amiel Richton, to the port city of Stros M'Kai. Here the Battle of Hunding Bay would play out with the Empire being victorious.[source?]

Battle of Hunding Bay[edit | edit source]

The Battle of Hunding Bay was a naval clash between the Crown Navy and the New West Navy. The Crowns, knowing that Hammerfell's sovereignty is at stake, the proud Redguard forces match the might of the Empire. Admiral Richton, having seen the victories of Prince A'Tor at sea before, decides to bring his last resort to the port. Nafalilargus, the proud jewel of the Imperial Crown. A'Tor commanded his archers to ready their weapons, but was struck down himself by the Dunmer assassin, Dram. The wizard of A'Tor tried to save the prince, but the Dragon ends his magic and the Crowns hope for victory in a single fiery breath.[source?]

Aftermath of the Battle of Hunding Bay[edit | edit source]

Hammerfell falls to the Empire, with Amiel Richton being assigned as the provincial governor.[source?]

Second Battle of Hunding Bay[edit | edit source]

Some remaining Crowns still resist the Empire, these Crowns become known as the Restless League. The Restless League raided Imperial vessels that were going to- and leaving from Stros M'Kai. One of these vessels was transporting Cyrus, the character you play as in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. After a long time of planning and raiding, Cyrus causes the Restless League to attack Stros M'Kai, the Imperial Soldiers who were on guard duty were caught by surprise. The Legion was preparing for a counter-attack with a Dwemer airship. Cyrus however got on this airship, where he fought against Amiel Richton. Despite defeating Richton in a duel, Cyrus got disarmed, Dram and three Imperial Soldier surrounded Cyrus, demanding him to drop the Soul Sword. After an exchange of words, the Soul Sword flew up into the sky and killed Richton as well as Dram, in the confusion, Cyrus drew his dagger and started sliding down the airship, cutting it open. The airship crashed, with the Imperial Soldiers inside of it falling to their deaths. The Battle was over, with the Crowns being victorious.[source?]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

As a result of the Battle of Stros M'Kai, Sentinel also rebelled against the Empire. Which resulted in Tiber Septim himself coming to Stros M'Kai to work out a treaty with Iszara and the rebel leader of Sentinel. In the end, Sentinel and Stros M'Kai rejoined the Empire after these treaties.[source?]

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