A bottle of Wine.

The following is a list of Beverage, potion and poison IDs. To receive the item you want, type in the following in the console:

player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>

"<ItemID>" is the actual item's ID number and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.

Beverages[edit | edit source]

Beverage ID Beverage ID
Ale 000B1200 Beer 000B1202
Cheap Wine 00037F7F Cyrodilic Brandy 00033569
Human Blood 00098309 Mead 000B1201
Newheim's Special Brew 000B1241 Rosethorn Mead 000B97EA
Shadowbanish Wine 00185DCD Skooma 0004E0A9
Surilie Brothers Vintage 399 00037F84 Surilie Brothers Vintage 415 00037F82
Surilie Brothers Wine 00037F80 Tamika Vintage 399 00037F7E
Tamika Vintage 415 00037F83 Tamika's West Weald Wine 00037F81

Elixir[edit | edit source]

Beverage ID Beverage ID
Weak Elixir of Exploration 0004E937 Moderate Elixir of Exploration 0004E938
Strong Elixir of Exploration 0004E939 Grand Elixir of Exploration 0004E93A
Hist Sap 0003356A Philter of Frostward 0007BCC9
Turpentine 1–3 0018BD5A Turpentine 4–7 000CD2DB
Turpentine 8–11 000CD2DC Turpentine 12–15 000CD2DD
Turpentine 16–19 000CD2DE Turpentine 20+ 000CD2DF
Potion of Cure Disease 0000920E Potion of Cure Paralysis 0000922E
Potion of Cure Poison 0000920F Cure for Vampirism 000977E4

Potions[edit | edit source]

Weak[edit | edit source]

Potion ID Potion ID
Weak Potion of Absorption 0009849F Weak Potion of Agility 000092E8
Weak Potion of Alacrity 00009318 Weak Potion of Antivenom 0009848F
Weak Potion of Chameleon 00088B1D Weak Potion of Charisma 00009316
Weak Potion of Dedication 00056E52 Weak Potion of Detect Life 0000922F
Weak Potion of Disbelief 0009848D Weak Potion of Dispel 000984A7
Weak Potion of Endurance 000092EA Weak Potion of Fatigue 000092EC
Weak Potion of Feather 0009846D Weak Potion of Fire Shield 0009846F
Weak Potion of Fortitude 0000930C Weak Potion of Fortune 00009314
Weak Potion of Frost Shield 0009847B Weak Potion of Grace 0000930A
Weak Potion of Grounding 00098491 Weak Potion of Healing 00009310
Weak Potion of Health 000092EE Weak Potion of Insight 00009312
Weak Potion of Insulation 0009848A Weak Potion of Intelligence 000092F0
Weak Potion of Invisibility 0009847D Weak Potion of Light 0009847F
Weak Potion of Luck 000092F2 Weak Potion of Magicka 000092F8
Weak Potion of Might 0000931C Weak Potion of Nighteye 00098481
Weak Potion of Personality 000092F4 Weak Potion of Reflection 00098485
Weak Potion of Resistance 00098487 Weak Potion of Respite 0000930E
Weak Potion of Seastride 00009326 Weak Potion of Shock Shield 00009AE0
Weak Potion of Sorcery 0000931A Weak Potion of Speed 000092F6
Weak Potion of Strength 000092FA Weak Potion of the Sea 00009324
Weak Potion of Warmth 0009848B Weak Potion of Willpower 00056E51

Regular[edit | edit source]

Potion ID Potion ID
Potion of Absorption 00009321 Potion of Agility 00098471
Potion of Alacrity 0009849B Potion of Antivenom 00009308
Potion of Chameleon 00088B1C Potion of Charisma 0009849A
Potion of Dedication 00056E55 Potion of Detect Life 000984A6
Potion of Disbelief 00009307 Potion of Dispel 0000927B
Potion of Endurance 00098472 Potion of Fatigue 00098473
Potion of Feather 000092E6 Potion of Fire Shield 000092E7
Potion of Fortitude 00098494 Potion of Fortune 00098498
Potion of Frost Shield 000092FE Potion of Grace 00098493
Potion of Grounding 00009309 Potion of Healing 00098496
Potion of Health 00098474 Potion of Insight 00098497
Potion of Insulation 00009305 Potion of Intelligence 00098475
Potion of Invisibility 000092FF Potion of Light 00009300
Potion of Luck 00098476 Potion of Magicka 00098477
Potion of Might 0009849C Potion of Nighteye 00009301
Potion of Personality 00098478 Potion of Reflection 00009303
Potion of Resistance 00009304 Potion of Respite 00098495
Potion of Seastride 000984A4 Potion of Shock Shield 00009AE3
Potion of Sorcery 00098499 Potion of Speed 00098479
Potion of Strength 0009847A Potion of the Sea 000984A3
Potion of Warmth 00009306 Potion of Willpower 00056E53

Strong[edit | edit source]

Potion ID Potion ID
Strong Potion of Absorption 000984A0 Strong Potion of Agility 000092E9
Strong Potion of Alacrity 00009319 Strong Potion of Antivenom 00098490
Strong Potion of Chameleon 00088B1E Strong Potion of Charisma 00009317
Strong Potion of Dedication 00056E58 Strong Potion of Detect Life 00009230
Strong Potion of Disbelief 0009848E Strong Potion of Dispel 000984A8
Strong Potion of Endurance 000092EB Strong Potion of Fatigue 000092ED
Strong Potion of Feather 0009846E Strong Potion of Fire Shield 00098470
Strong Potion of Fortitude 0000930D Strong Potion of Fortune 00009315
Strong Potion of Frost Shield 0009847C Strong Potion of Grace 0000930B
Strong Potion of Grounding 00098492 Strong Potion of Healing 00009311
Strong Potion of Health 000092EF Strong Potion of Insight 00009313
Strong Potion of Insulation 00098489 Strong Potion of Intelligence 000092F1
Strong Potion of Invisibility 0009847E Strong Potion of Light 00098480
Strong Potion of Luck 000092F3 Strong Potion of Magicka 000092F9
Strong Potion of Might 0000931D Strong Potion of Nighteye 00098482
Strong Potion of Personality 000092F5 Strong Potion of Reflection 00098486
Strong Potion of Resistance 00098488 Strong Potion of Respite 0000930F
Strong Potion of Seastride 00009327 Strong Potion of Shock Shield 00009AE4
Strong Potion of Sorcery 0000931B Strong Potion of Speed 000092F7
Strong Potion of Strength 000092FB Strong Potion of the Sea 00009325
Strong Potion of Warmth 0009848C Strong Potion of Willpower 00056E57

Poisons[edit | edit source]

Weak[edit | edit source]

Poison ID Poison ID
Weak Poison of Affliction 0008DC5B Weak Poison of Apathy 00098469
Weak Poison of Burden 0000920C Weak Poison of Catastrophe 00098463
Weak Poison of Clumsiness 0008DC59 Weak Poison of Confusion 0008DC5F
Weak Poison of Cowardice 00056E59 Weak Poison of Debilitation 000984AB
Weak Poison of Fatigue 0008DC71 Weak Poison of Feeblemind 00098461
Weak Poison of Frailty 0009846B Weak Poison of Fright 0008DC6E
Weak Poison of Fumbling 000984A9 Weak Poison of Illness 0008DC74
Weak Poison of Misfortune 0008DC62 Weak Poison of Paralysis 00098483
Weak Poison of Repulsion 00098467 Weak Poison of Separation 00098465
Weak Poison of Severing 0008DC77 Weak Poison of Sickness 000984AF
Weak Poison of Silence 0009849D Weak Poison of Slowing 0008DC68
Weak Poison of the Fool 0008DC65 Weak Poison of Weakness 0008DC6B
Weak Poison of Weariness 000984AD

Regular[edit | edit source]

Poison ID Poison ID
Poison of Affliction 0008DC5C Poison of Apathy 00009283
Poison of Burden 000984A5 Poison of Catastrophe 00009281
Poison of Clumsiness 0008DC58 Poison of Confusion 0008DC5E
Poison of Cowardice 00056E54 Poison of Debilitation 0000927D
Poison of Fatigue 0008DC70 Poison of Feeblemind


Poison of Frailty 00009285 Poison of Fright 0008DC6D
Poison of Fumbling 0000927C Poison of Illness 0008DC73
Poison of Misfortune 0008DC61 Poison of Paralysis 00009302
Poison of Repulsion 00009282 Poison of Separation 00009284
Poison of Severing 0008DC76 Poison of Sickness 0000927F
Poison of Silence 00009320 Poison of Slowing 0008DC67
Poison of the Fool 0008DC64 Poison of Weakness 0008DC6A
Poison of Weariness 0000927E

Strong[edit | edit source]

Poison ID Poison ID
Strong Poison of Affliction 0008DC5D Strong Poison of Apathy 0009846A
Strong Poison of Burden 0000920D Strong Poison of Catastrophe 00098464
Strong Poison of Clumsiness 0008DC5A Strong Poison of Confusion 0008DC60
Strong Poison of Cowardice 00056E56 Strong Poison of Debilitation 000984AC
Strong Poison of Fatigue 0008DC72 Strong Poison of Feeblemind 00098462
Strong Poison of Frailty 0009846C Strong Poison of Fright 0008DC6F
Strong Poison of Fumbling 000984AA Strong Poison of Illness 0008DC75
Strong Poison of Misfortune 0008DC63 Strong Poison of Paralysis 00098484
Strong Poison of Repulsion 00098468 Strong Poison of Separation 00098466
Strong Poison of Severing 0008DC78 Strong Poison of Sickness 00098460
Strong Poison of Silence 0009849E Strong Poison of Slowing 0008DC69
Strong Poison of the Fool 0008DC66 Strong Poison of Weakness 0008DC6C
Strong Poison of Weariness 000984AE
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