The following is a list of Weapon IDs. To receive the weapon you want, type in the following in the console:

player.AddItem <itemID> <#>

"<itemID>" is the actual item's ID number and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.



Bow ID Bow ID
Black Bow 000908AD Bound Bow 0002627D
Daedric Bow (Arena) 000733DD Daedric Bow 00035E7C
Dremora Bow 000872AA Dremora Heavy Bow 000872AB
Dremora Light Bow 000872A9 Dwarven Bow (Arena) 000733DB
Dwarven Bow 00035DCE Dwarven Bow Replica 000C7979
Ebony Bow 00035E7B Ebony Bow (Arena) 000977D0
Elven Bow 000229BF Elven Bow (Arena) 000977CC
Fine Iron Bow 0003A860 Fine Steel Bow 0003A857
Glass Bow (Arena) 000733DC Glass Bow 00035E7A
Iron Bow 00025231 Iron Bow (Arena) 000977C6
Rusty Iron Bow 00047ACA Silver Bow 00025227
Silver Bow (Arena) 000733DA Steel Bow 000229B7
Steel Bow 0018ABF9 Steel Bow (Arena) 000733D9

Random EnchantedEdit

Bow ID Bow ID
Blizzard Bow 0003CD06 Bow of Blizzards 0002308D
Bow of Burning 0003DAF2 Bow of Cold 000220F6
Bow of Curses 0003AB87 Bow of Despair 0003AC88
Bow of Embers 0003DAE9 Bow of Fire 0003DB0D
Bow of Flames 0003DB04 Bow of Freezing 000225DA
Bow of Frost 0003DB91 Bow of Gloom 0003AC89
Bow of Harm 0003AB6C Bow of Infernal Frost 00082DE4
Bow of Infliction 000CA156 Bow of Jolts 0002B585
Bow of Lightning 0002C27A Bow of Numbing 0003DB7B
Bow of Quietus 0002B558 Bow of Scorching 0003DAFB
Bow of Shocking 0002B8D7 Bow of Silence 0002B559
Bow of Sparks 0002B562 Bow of Storms 0002C287
Bow of the Blaze 0003DB16 Bow of the Dynamo 0002BFFB
Bow of the Glacier 00022854 Bow of the Inferno 0003DB1F
Bow of Voltage 0002BEB2 Bow of Weariness 0003AB6B
Bow of Winter 000230DD Dragon's Bow 0003CD04
Storm Bow 0003CD08


Bow ID Bow ID
Frostwyrm Bow 000C55E4 Hatreds Soul 00014D65
Hatreds Soul 00014D66 Hatreds Soul 00014D67
Hatreds Soul 00014D68 Hatreds Soul 00014D69
Hatreds Soul 00014D6A Shadowhunt 00034897
Shadowhunt 00034898 Shadowhunt 00034899
Shadowhunt 0003489A Shadowhunt 0003489B
Shadowhunt 0003489C Shadowhunt 0003489D

Shivering IslesEdit


Bow ID Bow ID
Worn Dark Bow xx041ebc Worn Golden Bow xx041eb8
Madness Bow xx06d628 Madness Bow xx06d62a
Madness Bow xx06d62b Amber Bow xx016bf7
Fine Amber Bow xx016bf8 Very Fine Amber Bow xx016bf9
Grand Amber Bow xx016bfa Perfect Amber Bow xx016bfb
Impure Amber Bow xx091d69 Unpolished Amber Bow xx091d9c
Lesser Amber Bow xx091da5 Dark Bow xx01a137
Frail Dark Bow xx077c28 Golden Bow xx017d2e
Grummite Bow xx07908c Madness Bow xx01b6f7
Fine Madness Bow xx01f40e Very Fine Madness Bow xx01f40f
Grand Madness Bow xx01f410 Perfect Madness Bow xx01f411
Impure Madness Bow xx091dcb Unpolished Madness Bow xx091dd2
Lesser Madness Bow xx091fc5 Durable Daedric Bow xx045e1a
Durable Dwarven Bow xx045e23 Durable Ebony Bow xx045e2c
Durable Elven Bow xx045e35 Durable Glass Bow xx045e3e
Durable Silver Bow xx045e50 Durable Steel Bow xx045e59

Normal EnchantedEdit

Bow ID Bow ID
Amber Bow xx016ca8 Fine Amber Bow xx016c8b
Very Fine Amber Bow xx016c8c Grand Amber Bow xx016c8d
Perfect Amber Bow xx016c8e Impure Amber Bow xx092754
Unpolished Amber Bow xx092755 Lesser Amber Bow xx092756
Madness Bow xx01f497 Fine Madness Bow xx01f496
Very Fine Madness Bow xx01f495 Grand Madness Bow xx01f494
Perfect Madness Bow xx01f493 Impure Madness Bow xx092760
Unpolished Madness Bow xx092762 Lesser Madness Bow xx092763

Random EnchantedEdit

Bow ID Bow ID
Bow of Soul Storms xx045e9b Bow of Soul Scorching xx045ea4
Bow of Soul Blizzards xx045ead Bow of Soul Voltage xx045eb6
Bow of Soul Fire xx045ebf Bow of Soul Embers xx045ec8
Bow of Soul Sparks xx045ed9


Bow ID
Ruins Edge xx055757


Bow ID
Ly'ssane xx08e536
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