To add or remove a disease via the console, use the command:

player.addspell <ID>
player.removespell <ID>

To add or remove a disease from an NPC via the console, target the NPC and use this command:

addspell <ID>
removespell <ID>

If the NPC cannot be targeted, use this command:

prid <NPCsRefID>


Disease ID Disease ID Disease ID
Astral Vapors 00098533 Ataxia 0009840B Black-Heart Blight 00098407
Blood Lung 00008B71 Bone Break Fever 00008B77 Brain Rot 00008B72
Brown Rot 00098409 Chanthrax Blight 00098408 Chills 0009840A
Collywobbles 0009840C Dampworm 0009840D Droops 0009840E
Feeble Limb 0001CE5C Greenspore 0009840F Helljoint 00098410
Porphyric Hemophilia 0003DB3D Rattles 00098411 Red Rage 00008B74
Rockjoint 00098412 Rust Chancre 00098413 Serpiginous Dementia 00098414
Shakes 00098422 Swamp Fever 00098415 Ticklebritch 000CB5F5
Witbane 00098416 Wither 00098404 Witless Pox 00008B78
Yellow Tick 00098405

Shivering IslesEdit

Disease ID Disease ID
Elytra Hatchling disease xx04418B Scalon Blight xx04292c
Scalon Fever xx04292b Scalon Sunburn xx04292d

Mehrunes' RazorEdit

Disease ID Disease ID
Cannibal's Prion xx002729 Tunnel Cough xx002728