The following is a list of Ingredient IDs. To receive the ingredient you want, type in the following in the console:

player.AddItem <itemID> <number>

"<itemID>" is the actual item's ID number and "<number>" refers to how many of that item you want.


Ingredient ID Ingredient ID Ingredient ID
Alkanet Flower 0003365C Aloe Vera Leaves 000A7924 Mana Bloom 000704A0
Apple 0003365D Arrowroot 0003365E Ashes of Hindaril 000977DD
Beef 0003365F Bergamot Seeds 000A7933 Blackberry 00033663
Bloodgrass 00033664 Boar Meat 00033665 Bog Beacon Asco Cap 0008446C
Bonemeal 00048734 Bonemeal 0001EBFF Bread Loaf 00023D89
Cairn Bolete Cap 0006251E Carrot 00033666 Carrot of Seeing 00082DE2
Cheese Wedge 00033668 Cheese Wheel 00033669 Cinnabar Polypore Red Cap 0008529C
Cinnabar Polypore Yellow Cap 0008529B Clannfear Claws 0003366A Clouded Funnel Cap 00084472
Columbine Root Pulp 000A7925 Congealed Putrescence 000402E9 Corn 0003366B
Crab Meat 0003366C Daedra Heart 0001EC8F Daedra Silk 00033670
Daedra Venin 00033671 Daedroth Teeth 00033672 Dragon's Tongue 00025039
Dreugh Wax 00033673 Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap 0008529D Ectoplasm 0001EBFE
Elf Cup Cap 0008529E Emetic Russula Cap 0008529F Fennel Seeds 000A7926
Fire Salts 00033675 Flax Seeds 000A7927 Flour 00033674
Fly Amanita Cap 00084471 Foxglove Nectar 00033687 Frost Salts 00022E5B
Garlic 00033677 Ginkgo Leaf 00033678 Ginseng 00033679
Glow Dust 0001EBE8 Grapes 0003367B Green Stain Cup Cap 0008446A
Green Stain Shelf Cap 0008529A Ham 0003367C Harrada 0003367D
Human Heart 000CD51C Human Heart 00071F36 Human Skin 00071F35
Imp Fluid 000549BE Imp Gall 0002EE72 Ironwood Nut 0003367E
Jumbo Potato 00177A2A Lady's Mantle Leaves 000A7928 Lady's Smock Leaves 000A7929
Lavender Sprig 000A792A Leek 00033680 Lettuce 00033681
Lichor 0007049E Mandrake Root 00033683 Milk Thistle Seeds 000A792C
Minotaur Horn 00033568 Monkshood Root Pulp 000A792E Morning Glory Root Pulp 000A792F
Mort Flesh 00033685 Motherwort Sprig 000A7930 Mugwort Seeds 000A7931
Mutton 00033686 Nightshade 00033688 Nirnroot 00059B86
Nirnroot 0004E940 Ogre's Teeth 00033689 Onion 0003368A
Orange 0007588E Painted Troll Fat 0009209E Pear 0003368B
Peony Seeds 000A7932 Pinarus' Prize Minotaur Horn 000CBD45 Poisoned Apple 000918F0
Potato 0003368C Primrose Leaves 000A7934 Pumpkin 0003368D
Radish 0003368E Rat Meat 0003368F Rat Poison 00026B08
Redwort Flower 0002503A Refined Frost Salts 00022F1A Rice 00033690
Root Pulp 00033691 Rumare Slaughterfish Scales 00185FE2 Sacred Lotus Seeds 000A7936
Scales 00033692 Scamp Skin 00033693 Shepherd's Pie 000B97E9
S'jirra's Famous Potato Bread 00177A29 Somnalius Frond 00033696 Spiddal Stick 00033697
St. Jahn's Wort Nectar 000A7939 Steel-Blue Entoloma Cap 0008446B Stinkhorn Cap 0008446D
Strawberry 00033699 Summer Bolete Cap 00084470 Sweetcake 0003369A
Sweetroll 0003369B Taproot 000AF06E Tiger Lily Nectar 000A792B
Tinder Polypore Cap 0008446F Tobacco 0003369D Tomato 0003369E
Troll Fat 00026B5C Unicorn Horn 0001EC5B Vampire Dust 0003AD76
Venison 0002229B Viper's Bugloss Leaves 000A793B Void Salts 0003369F
Water Hyacinth Nectar 000A793C Watermelon 000336A0 Wheat Grain 000336A1
White Seed Pod 000336A2 Wisp Stalk Caps 0006251F Wormwood Leaves 000A793E

Shivering IslesEdit

Ingredient ID Ingredient ID Ingredient ID
Alocasia xx01ae7a Ashen Remains xx081a68 Aster Bloom Core xx01b035
Black Tar xx03babd Blind Watcher's Eye xx04340e Blister Pod Cap xx01f3aa
Bone Marrow xx044e61 Bone Shard xx052443 Congealed Putrescence xx0402e9
Deformed Swamp Tentacle xx043410 Dog Food xx071fc8 Elytra Ichor xx044e5d
Felldew xx013186 Flame Stalk xx01b6ae Flame Stalk xx097613
Fungus Stalk xx019529 Gnarl Bark xx044e5e Greenmote xx05589a
Grummite Eggs xx01ae82 Heart of Order xx04a863 Hound Tooth xx044e62
Hunger Tongue xx044e60 Hydnum Azure Giant Spore xx03bad3 Letifer Orca Digestive Slime xx03e632
Mute Screaming Maw xx081e9a Red Kelp Gas Bladder xx01a16e Rot Scale xx01b6b2
Scalon Fin xx044e5f Screaming Maw xx01b6b0 Smoked Baliwog Leg xx07d048
Swamp Tentacle xx0413dc Thorn Hook xx01b6b1 Unrefined Greenmote xx077ad9
Void Essence xx044e5c Watcher's Eye xx01b6af Water Root Pod Pit xx040caf
Wisp Core xx07d04e Withering Moon xx01b6b3 Worm's Head Cap xx01b5aa
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