The following is a list of Weather IDs. To receive the weather you want, type in one of the following in the console:

sw <ID>
fw <ID>

"<ID>" is the actual weather's ID number.

Oblivion[edit | edit source]

ID Effect ID Effect
370CE CamoranWeather(Paradise) 38EEE clear
38EF0 cloudy 15E Default weather
38EEF foggy 18BCCF MS14Sky
32e15 oblivion default 67198 oblivion electrical
671A1 oblivion mountain fog C0999 oblivion sigil
67199 oblivion storm (Oblivion) 836D5 oblivion storm (Tamriel)
6bC8B oblivion storm (MQ16) 38EEC overcast
38EF2 raining C42DE Sigil Whiteout
38EED snowing 38EF1 thunderstorm
08BBC thunderstorm (Kvatch)

Shivering Isles[edit | edit source]

ID Effect ID Effect
15883 SE32 Gloom Storm 41775 SI Test Bliss Clear
44F58 SI Clear Blue 44F59 SI Cloudy
44F5A SI Fog 44F5C SI Rain
44F5D SI Thunderstorm 452B5 SE09 Summoning Weather
6D221 SI Clear 01 6D222 SI Clear 03
71D2F SI Test Ash 77B28 SI Overcast
77B56 SI Waiting Room 77C0A SI Ordered Fringe
78801 SI Clear 79D76 SI Mania Fog
825A6 SE13 Jiggy Weather 8EF42 SI Clear Trans
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