The following is a list of Actor Values. To change the value you want, type the following in the console:

<Player/RefID>.<AVC> <AV> <+/-#>

"<AVC>" is the ActorValueCode, "<AV>" is the ActorValue you wish to change and "<+/-#>" refers to the change you want, either positive or negative.

player.modav carryweight 8000

Actor Value Codes[edit | edit source]

<AVC> Effect
Get value information.
ForceAV Force the buff value to permanently change.
ModAV Permanently modify the buff value.
SetAV Set the base value. Some values reset after ending game.

Actor Values[edit | edit source]

Command Effect
Aggression NPC Aggression.
Confidence Sets the chance that an NPC will flee from combat. Settings go from 0 up to 4 (4 makes them foolhardy and 0 makes them always flee, 1 will make them likely to flee when they are hurt or their allies die). Only takes effect after an NPC has the "resetai" command used on it.
Morality Sets whether the NPC will report crimes; for followers, also whether they will commit one if you ask them to. Values: 0 = all crimes permitted; 1 = violent crimes against non-allies permitted; 2 = only property crimes permitted; 3 = no crimes permitted. In the unpatched game, some animals are mistakenly set with a non-zero value, causing them to "magically" report crimes.
Health Self explanatory.
Healrate Rate of health recovery out of combat = HealRate % per second (Default = 0.7)
CombatHealthRegenMult In combat heal rate = (HealRate x CombatHealthRegenMult)% per second (0.7 x 0.7) = 0.49 default
HealRateMult Heal Rate Multiplier.
Magicka Current Magicka (If greater than max magicka, max is increased as well).
Magickarate Rate of Magicka recovery (default = 3.00).
MagickaRateMult Magicka Rate Multiplier (default = 100.00).
Stamina Self explanatory.
Staminarate Rate of Stamina recovery (default = 5.00).
StaminaRateMult Stamina Rate Multiplier (default = 100.00).
Carryweight Self explanatory (use forceav to have it stick through saves).
InventoryWeight Current total inventory item weight.
DamageResist Armor Rating.
Diseaseresist Resistance to Disease.
Magicresist Resistance to Magic.
Poisonresist Resistance to Poison.
Fireresist Resistance to Fire.
Frostresist Resistance to Ice.
Electricresist Resistance to Shock.
Dragonsouls Use forceav, sets the available number of dragon souls.
speedmult Modifies character speed (default 100).
shoutrecoverymult Default is 1, setting to 0 removes cooldown for shouts.
Unarmeddamage Damage dealt by unarmed attacks.
reflectdamage Percentage chance to reflect all physical damage to an attacker (e.x. a value of 75 gives you a 75% chance to reflect all damage of a hit). Setting this to 100 will reflect all damage.
leftweaponspeedmult Sets the multiplier for left weapon speed. A value of 2 makes weapons twice as fast, a value of 3 makes it three times as fast, and so on.
movementnoisemult Increases or decreases movement noise.
weaponspeedmult Right and two-handed weapon speed multiplier i.e. 2 is twice as fast and 3 is three times as fast
Absorbchance Percent chance to absorb a spell.
Favorpointsbonus Not used.
Bowspeedbonus Default is 1, change the time scaling during zoom. 0.5 slower zoom, 2 about as normal view speed (Don't bring the value any lower than 0.08 or else the arrow won't fly far.)
Bowstaggerbonus Sets the chance that a shot with a bow will stagger a target if hit. Default is 0, can be set between 0 and 1 (a decimal value is a percentage, e.x. .10 = 10%).
jumpingbonus Currently unknown.
critchance Chance of getting a critical hit. Allowed values are 1–100.
<Skill> Sets or modifies skill to specified value, values higher than 100 are allowed. Skyrim Skill List
<WOOP> Teaches a word of power to a shout, words can be found with the "help <word> 4" command and are recognizable by the WOOP tag.

Note: the words are not written as they appear in the shout menu, instead they're written as they sound in draconic using the font developed for that language. As such, certain words might be written like N4 instead of Nah (which is the second word in Whirlwind Sprint). Most words however are written normally and should not be hard to find out. - List of words as they sound.

leftitemcharge # Sets the charge for any enchanted item in your left hand.
rightitemcharge # Sets the charge for any enchanted item in your right hand.
destructionpowermod Modifies damage done by destruction spells. Base is 0, 100 doubles spell damage (if applicable), etc.
conjurationpowermod Modifies the length of time revived NPCs or summons remain before being dispelled automatically. Base is 0, 100 doubles duration, etc.
illusionpowermod Modifies the level ranges affected by illusion spells. Base is 0, 100 doubles the maximum level of NPCs affected, etc.
alterationpowermod Modifies alteration spell duration. Base is 0, 100 doubles duration, etc.
restorationpowermod Modifies restoration spell heal strength, ward strength, and level range. Be advised that there is currently a bug that also dramatically increases Enchantment strength as well (Except for items with the fortify conjuration enchantment).
<magicschool>mod Modifies magicka cost of a selected school. Base is 0, 100 reduces the cost of all spells within the selected school to 0.

Boolean variable. 0 is normal behavior, 1 is permanent invisibility. Note that this doesn't apply the invisibility effect itself, which the Invisibility spell or a Potion of Invisibility normally would. This just makes it so that NPCs cannot see you. Note:This also changes how your character gets rendered; You don't have a shadow anymore, you can see shadows through yourself, your textures may start to flicker and your eyeball can even vanish.

attackdamagemult Multiplier for the damage dealt by weapons. Default value is 1.

Default is 0, modifies the power of bow attacks. Useful if attackdamagemult doesn't do anything. (May freeze game after firing an arrow)

onehandedpowermod Default is 0, modifies the power of one-handed attacks. Useful if attackdamagemult doesn't do anything.
twohandedpowermod Default is 0, modifies the power of two-handed attacks. Useful if attackdamagemult doesn't do anything.
blockpowermod Default is 0, modifies the power of blocking. This can be used for shield bash, charge, as well as block power checks.
<non-Magic/Attack Perk Tree>powermod When setting this Actor Value, the power of the perk tree increases without having to up the level of said perk tree. This works extremely well for Smithing, etc. (Leveling the perk tree past 100 via console commands still causes the power to raise however. This AV still adds onto it even if at level 999.) This allows a level 1 perk tree to act like another level.

Note: If increasing "Smithing" in this manner. When attempting to temper any equipment, it will first take the level your smithing is at, then add the powermod for it onto it. (Note that even if you have a powermod of 999, smithing will not act like level 999. This is due to how powermod is calculated at lower levels. (and what perks are active. For instance, even if you have powermod 999, and have daedric smithing perk, and shows legendary, it only modpowers the current level + power mod. This occurs when you forceav, and the level is actually not what it really is on the skill screen. You can check what the level really is by going into the perk tree and highlighting a perk.) Also: When tempering equipment, the equipment will be re-temperable if you have a high powermod (it will still grayed out, but if you temper another equipment, the equipment will be available for re-tempering.)

Game settings[edit | edit source]

Command Effect
getgs <setting> Returns the current value of that game setting.
setgs <setting> <value> Changes the value of that game setting.
modgs / forcegs Does not work.
setgs fjumpfallheightmult xxx Sets the multiplier for falling damage. 0.1 is the default.
setgs fjumpheightmin <value> Allows player to jump to whatever height they want. Default value is 76.
setgs iSkillPointsTagSkillMult <value> Apparently useless. Default value is 1.
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