The following is a list of Potion IDs. To receive the potion you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>

"<ItemID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.



At Cooking Pot
Name ID
Apple Cabbage Stew000EBA01
Beef Stew000F4314
Cabbage Potato Soup000F431B
Cabbage Soup000EBA02
Clam Chowder HFxx00353e
Cooked Beef000721E8
Elsweyr Fondue000F4320
Grilled Chicken Breast000E8947
Horker and Ash Yam Stew DRxx03cd5b
Horker Loaf0007224E
Horker Stew000F4315
Horse Haunch000722B0
Leg of Goat Roast0007224C
Mammoth Steak000722BB
Pheasant Roast000722C7
Potato Soup HFxx00353d
Rabbit Haunch000722C2
Salmon Steak00064B3B
Steamed Mudcrab Legs HFxx00353f
Tomato Soup000F431C
Vegetable Soup000F431E
Venison Chop000722BD
Venison Stew000F431D
At Oven
Name ID
Apple Dumpling HFxx003533
Apple Pie00064B43
Braided Bread HFxx0009db
Chicken Dumpling HFxx0117ff
Garlic Bread HFxx0009dc
Jazbay Crostata HFxx00353a
Juniper Berry Crostata HFxx003539
Lavender Dumpling HFxx011801
Potato Bread HFxx003537
Snowberry Crostata HFxx00353b
Name ID
Baked Potatoes00064B3A
Boiled Creme Treat00064B30
Charred Skeever Meat000E8448
Cooked Boar Meat DRxx03cf72
Grilled Leeks00064B3E
Homecooked Meal000CD614
Honey Nut Treat00064B38
Long Taffy Treat00064B39
Mammoth Cheese Bowl000669A3
Seared Slaughterfish00064B3C
Spiced Beef000CADFB


Ingredients for cooking
Name ID
Ash Yam DRxx0206e7
Butter HFxx00353c
Chicken Breast000F2011
Clam Meat000EBA03
Eidar Cheese Wheel00064B34
Green Apple00064B2F
Horker Meat00065C9B
Horse Meat00065C9C
Jug of Milk HFxx003534
Leg of Goat00065C9A
Mammoth Snout000669A4
Mudcrab Legs HFxx003540
Pheasant Breast00065C9D
Raw Beef00065C99
Raw Rabbit Leg00065C9E
Red Apple00064B2E
Sack of Flour HFxx003538
Salmon Meat00065C9F
Name ID
Ash Hopper Leg DRxx03d125
Ash Hopper Meat DRxx03bd15
Boar Meat DRxx03bd14
Dog Meat000EDB2E
Eidar Cheese Wedge00064B32
Goat Cheese Wedge00064B31
Goat Cheese Wheel00064B33
Sliced Eidar Cheese00064B36
Sliced Goat Cheese00064B35
Soul Husk DGxx014dc4
Name ID
Fresh Meat0010211A



Required for a quest
Name ID
Alto Wine000C5349


Spiced Wine00085368
Sujamma DRxx0207e6
No quest related
Name ID
Argonian Bloodwine HFxx003535
Black-Briar Mead0002C35A
Black-Briar Reserve000F693F
Flin DRxx0207e5
Matze DRxx0248ce
Nord Mead00034C5D
Shein DRxx0248cc
Surilie Brothers Wine HFxx003536



Required for a quest
Name ID
Argonian Ale0009380d
Ashfire Mead DRxx03572f
Balmora Blue000DC172
Colovian Brandy00036D53
Double-Distilled Skooma0003F4BD
Dragon's Breath Mead000555E8
Emberbrand Wine DRxx0320df
Firebrand Wine0001895F
Honningbrew Mead000508CA
Jessica's Wine000F257E
Sadri's Sujamma DRxx024e0b
Sleeping Tree Sap000AED90
Stros M'Kai Rum000D055E
No quest related
Name ID
Cliff Racer00065C39
Cyrodilic Brandy000B91D7
Kordir's Skooma00057A7B
Mead with Juniper Berry00107A8A
Redwater Skooma DGxx01391d
Velvet LeChance00065C37
White-Gold Tower00065C38


Regular PotionsEdit

Cure Condition
Name ID
Potion of Cure Disease000AE723
Potion of Cure Poison00065A64
Fortify Alteration
Name ID
Potion of Alteration0003EB36
Draught of Alteration0003988E
Philter of Alteration00039899
Elixir of Alteration0003989A
Fortify Barter
Name ID
Potion of Haggling0003EB35
Draught of Haggling00039970
Philter of Haggling00039971
Elixir of Haggling00039973
Fortify Blocking
Name ID
Potion of the Defender0003EB32
Draught of the Defender0003989B
Philter of the Defender000398AB
Elixir of the Defender000398AC
Fortify Carry Weight
Name ID
Potion of Strength0003EB02
Draught of Strength0003EB05
Solution of Strength0003EB03
Philter of Strength0003EB04
Elixir of Strength000FF9FE
Fortify Conjuration
Name ID
Conjurer's Potion0003EB37
Conjurer's Draught000398AD
Conjurer's Philter000398EC
Conjurer's Elixir000398ED
Fortify Destruction
Name ID
Potion of Destruction0003EB38
Draught of Destruction000398EE
Philter of Destruction000398F1
Elixir of Destruction000398F3
Fortify Enchanting
Name ID
Enchanter's Potion00039CFB
Enchanter's Draught00039D02
Enchanter's Philter00039D0A
Enchanter's Elixir00039D12
Fortify Health
Name ID
Potion of Health0003EAF2
Draught of Health0003EAF4
Solution of Health0003EAF6
Philter of Health0003EAF5
Elixir of Health000FF9FC
Fortify Heavy Armor
Name ID
Potion of the Knight0003EB2F
Draught of the Knight000398F4
Philter of the Knight000398F5
Elixir of the Knight000398F6
Fortify Illusion
Name ID
Potion of Illusion0003EB39
Draught of Illusion0003994F
Philter of Illusion00039950
Elixir of Illusion00039951
Fortify Light Armor
Name ID
Skirmisher's Potion0003EB30
Skirmisher's Draught000398FD
Skirmisher's Philter00039903
Skirmisher's Elixir00039904
Fortify Lockpicking
Name ID
Potion of Lockpicking00039930
Draught of Lockpicking00039945
Philter of Lockpicking00039946
Elixir of Lockpicking00039948
Fortify Magicka
Name ID
Potion of Extra Magicka0003EAF7
Draught of Extra Magicka0003EAFA
Solution of Extra Magicka0003EAFB
Philter of Extra Magicka0003EAFC
Elixir of Extra Magicka000FF9FD
Fortify Marksman
Name ID
Potion of True Shot0003EB2C
Draught of True Shot00039949
Philter of True Shot0003994B
Elixir of True Shot0003994E
Fortify One-Handed
Name ID
Potion of the Warrior0003EB2A
Draught of the Warrior00039954
Philter of the Warrior00039955
Elixir of the Warrior00039956
Fortify Pickpocket
Name ID
Potion of Pickpocketing0003EB31
Draught of Pickpocketing00039957
Philter of Pickpocketing00039959
Elixir of Pickpocketing00039958
Fortify Restoration
Name ID
Potion of the Healer0003EB3A
Draught of the Healer0003995A
Philter of the Healer0003995B
Elixir of the Healer0003995C
Fortify Smithing
Name ID
Blacksmith's Potion0003EB2E
Blacksmith's Draught0003995D
Blacksmith's Philter00039962
Blacksmith's Elixir00039967
Fortify Sneak
Name ID
Potion of Light Feet0003EB33
Draught of Light Feet00039968
Philter of Light Feet00039969
Elixir of Light Feet0003996F
Fortify Speech
Name ID
Potion of Glibness000D6948
Draught of Glibness000D6949
Philter of Glibness000D697F
Elixir of Glibness000D6980
Fortify Stamina
Name ID
Potion of Enhanced Stamina0003EAFD
Draught of Enhanced Stamina0003EB00
Solution of Enhanced Stamina0003EAFE
Philter of Enhanced Stamina0003EAFF
Elixir of Enhanced Stamina000FFA01
Fortify Two-Handed
Name ID
Potion of the Berserker0003EB2B
Draught of the Berserker00039974
Philter of the Berserker00039980
Elixir of the Berserker00039AA6
Name ID
Potion of Brief Invisibility0003EB3E
Potion of Extended Invisibility0003EB40
Potion of Enduring Invisibility0003EB3F
Potion of Prolonged Invisibility0003EB41
Regenerate Health
Name ID
Potion of Regeneration0003EB09
Draught of Regeneration0003EB0A
Solution of Regeneration0003EB0B
Philter of Regeneration0003EB0C
Elixir of Regeneration000FF9FF
Regenerate Magicka
Name ID
Potion of Lasting Potency0003EB0D
Draught of Lasting Potency0003EB0E
Solution of Lasting Potency0003EB0F
Philter of Lasting Potency0003EB10
Elixir of Lasting Potency000FFA00
Regenerate Stamina
Name ID
Potion of Vigor0003EB11
Draught of Vigor0003EB12
Solution of Vigor00039B0C
Philter of Vigor0003EB14
Elixir of Vigor000FFA02
Resist Fire
Name ID
Potion of Resist Fire00039B4A
Draught of Resist Fire0003EAE9
Philter of Resist Fire00039B4B
Elixir of Resist Fire0003EAEF
Resist Frost
Name ID
Potion of Resist Cold00039B8A
Draught of Resist Cold0003EAED
Philter of Resist Cold00039BDF
Elixir of Resist Cold0003EAF0
Resist Magic
Name ID
Potion of Resist Magic00039E52
Draught of Resist Magic00039E53
Philter of Resist Magic00039E54
Resist Shock
Name ID
Potion of Resist Shock00039BE1
Draught of Resist Shock0003EAEE
Philter of Resist Shock00039BE3
Elixir of Resist Shock0003EAF1
Restore Health
Name ID
Potion of Minor Healing0003EADD
Potion of Healing0003EADE
Potion of Plentiful Healing0003EADF
Potion of Vigorous Healing0003EAE3
Potion of Extreme Healing00039BE4
Potion of Ultimate Healing00039BE5
Restore Magicka
Name ID
Potion of Minor Magicka0003EAE0
Potion of Magicka0003EAE1
Potion of Plentiful Magicka0003EAE2
Potion of Vigorous Magicka0003EAE4
Potion of Extreme Magicka00039BE6
Potion of Ultimate Magicka00039BE7
Restore Stamina
Name ID
Potion of Minor Stamina0003EAE5
Potion of Stamina00039BE8
Potion of Plentiful Stamina0003EAE7
Potion of Vigorous Stamina0003EAE8
Potion of Extreme Stamina0003EAE6
Potion of Ultimate Stamina00039CF3
Name ID
Potion of Waterbreathing0003AC2E
Draught of Waterbreathing0003AC2F
Philter of Waterbreathing0003AC30
Elixir of Waterbreathing0003AC31
Waterwalking DR
Name ID
Potion of Waterwalkingxx0390e0
Well-being DR
Name ID
Potion of Minor Well-beingxx01aadd
Potion of Well-beingxx01aade
Potion of Plentiful Well-beingxx01aadf
Potion of Vigorous Well-beingxx01aae0
Potion of Extreme Well-beingxx01aae1
Potion of Ultimate Well-beingxx01aae2

Thieves Guild potionsEdit

Carrying Capacity + Stamina (Plunder)
Name ID
Potion of Plunder000F84C1
Draught of Plunder000F84C2
Philter of Plunder000F84C3
Elixir of Plunder000F84C4
Grand Elixir of Plunder000F84C5
Prime Elixir of Plunder000F84C6
Fortify Light Armor + One-Handed (Conflict)
Name ID
Potion of Conflict000F84B5
Draught of Conflict000F84B6
Philter of Conflict000F84B7
Elixir of Conflict000F84B8
Grand Elixir of Conflict000F84B9
Prime Elixir of Conflict000F84BA
Fortify Lockpicking + Pickpocketing (Larceny)
Name ID
Potion of Larceny000F84A7
Draught of Larceny000F84A8
Philter of Larceny000F84A9
Elixir of Larceny000F84AA
Grand Elixir of Larceny000F84AB
Prime Elixir of Larceny000F84AC
Fortify Marksman + Stamina Regeneration (Keenshot)
Name ID
Potion of Keenshot000F84BB
Draught of Keenshot000F84BC
Philter of Keenshot000F84BD
Elixir of Keenshot000F84BE
Grand Elixir of Keenshot000F84BF
Prime Elixir of Keenshot000F84C0
Invisibility + Restore Health (Escape)
Name ID
Potion of Escape000F84AE
Draught of Escape000F84AF
Philter of Escape000F84B0
Elixir of Escape000F84B1
Grand Elixir of Escape000F84B2
Prime Elixir of Escape000F84B3

Unique and non-leveled potionsEdit

Name ID
Esbern's Potion000E6DF5
Falmer Blood Elixir00076F17
Ice Wraith Essence000F9642
Philter of the Phantom000663E1
Potion of Blood DGxx018ef3
Soul Husk Extract DGxx015a1e
Vaermina's Torpor0005F6DF
White Phial0002C25A


Regular PoisonsEdit

Damage Health
Name ID
Weak Poison0003A5A4
Potent Poison00073F32
Virulent Poison00073F33
Deadly Poison00073F34
Damage Magicka
Name ID
Weak Magicka Poison00065A65
Magicka Poison00073F39
Potent Magicka Poison00073F3A
Malign Magicka Poison00073F3B
Deadly Magicka Poison00073F3C
Damage Magicka Regen
Name ID
Weak Recovery Poison00073F90
Magicka Recovery Poison00073F91
Potent Recovery Poison00073F92
Malign Recovery Poison00073F93
Deadly Recovery Poison00073F94
Damage Stamina
Name ID
Weak Stamina Poison00065A66
Stamina Poison00073F41
Potent Stamina Poison00073F42
Virulent Stamina Poison00073F43
Deadly Stamina Poison00073F44
Damage Stamina Regen
Name ID
Weak Vigor Poison00073F8B
Vigor Poison00073F8C
Potent Vigor Poison00073F8D
Malign Vigor Poison00073F8E
Name ID
Weak Fear Poison00065A68
Fear Poison00073F5E
Potent Fear Poison00073F5F
Virulent Fear Poison00073F60
Deadly Fear Poison00073F61
Name ID
Weak Frenzy Poison00065A69
Frenzy Poison00073F5A
Potent Frenzy Poison00073F5B
Virulent Frenzy Poison00073F5C
Deadly Frenzy Poison00073F5D
Lingering Damage Health
Name ID
Weak Lingering Poison00065A6F
Lingering Poison00073F35
Potent Lingering Poison00073F36
Malign Lingering Poison00073F37
Deadly Lingering Poison00073F38
Lingering Damage Magicka
Name ID
Lingering Magicka Poison00065A70
Enduring Magicka Poison00073F3D
Lasting Magicka Poison00073F3E
Persisting Magicka Poison00073F3F
Unceasing Magicka Poison00073F40
Lingering Damage Stamina
Name ID
Lingering Stamina Poison00065A71
Enduring Stamina Poison00073F45
Lasting Stamina Poison00073F46
Persisting Stamina Poison00073F47
Unceasing Stamina Poison00073F48
Name ID
Weak Paralysis Poison00065A6A
Paralysis Poison00074A38
Potent Paralysis Poison00074A39
Virulent Paralysis Poison00074A3A
Deadly Paralysis Poison00074A3B
Weakness to Fire
Name ID
Weak Aversion to Fire00065A6B
Aversion to Fire00073F49
Potent Aversion to Fire00073F4A
Malign Aversion to Fire00073F4B
Deadly Aversion to Fire00073F4C
Weakness to Frost
Name ID
Weak Aversion to Frost00065A6C
Aversion to Frost00073F4D
Potent Aversion to Frost00073F4E
Malign Aversion to Frost00073F4F
Deadly Aversion to Frost00073F50
Weakness to Magic
Name ID
Weak Aversion to Magic00065A6E
Aversion to Magic00073F56
Potent Aversion to Magic00073F57
Malign Aversion to Magic00073F58
Deadly Aversion to Magic00073F59
Weakness to Shock
Name ID
Weak Aversion to Shock00073F52
Aversion to Shock00065A6D
Potent Aversion to Shock00073F53
Malign Aversion to Shock00073F54
Deadly Aversion to Shock00073F55

Unique and non-leveled poisonsEdit

Name ID
Frostbite Venom000E41B8
Ice Wraith Bane000E2D3D
Lotus Extract00058CFB
Nightshade Extract000CD883

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