The following is a list of Arrow and Bolt IDs. To receive the arrow you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>

"<ItemID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.

Arrows (XX means # of load order for Dawnguard)

Name ID Name ID
Falmer Arrow38341 Ancient Nord Arrow34182
Daedric Arrow000139C0 Ebony Arrow139BF
Glass Arrow139BE Elven Arrow139BD
Dwarven Arrow139BC Orcish Arrow139BB
Steel Arrow1397F Iron Arrow1397D
Iron Arrow 1397D Nord Hero ArrowEAFDF
Rusty ArrowE738A Forsworn ArrowCEE9E
Practice ArrowCAB52 Dragonbone Arrowxx0176f4
Bloodcursed Elven Arrowxx0098a0 Sunhallowed Elven Arrowxx0098a1


Name ID Name ID
Steel Boltxx000bb3 Dwarven Boltxx00d099
Exploding Steel Bolt of Firexx00f1a0 Exploding Steel Bolt of Icexx00f1bb
Exploding Steel Bolt of Shockxx00f1bc Exploding Dwarven Bolt of Firexx00f1b1
Exploding Dwarven Bolt of Icexx00f1b7 Exploding Dwarven Bolt of Shockxx00f1b9

Other Ammunition

Name ID Name ID
Dart (Not in inventory)236DD Iron Arrow (Not in inventory)20F02
Iron Arrow (Not in inventory)20DDF Dwemer Bolt (Not in inventory)10EC8C
Bound Arrow (Not in inventory)10B0A7 Trap Balista Bolt (Not in inventory)109AB6
Trap Balista Bolt (Not in inventory)109AB5 Trap Balista Bolt (Not in inventory)109AB4
Trap Balista Bolt (Not in inventory)109AB3 Japhet's Folly Catapult Ammo (Not in inventory)961D6
Dwemer Bolt (Not in inventory)7B935 Dwarven Sphere Centurian Arrow (Not in inventory)7B932
Catapult Ammo Dwemer Bolt (Not in inventory)73FE6 Dwemer Ballista Ammo Dwemer Bolt (Not in inventory)6DA4F
Dummy Arrow Dwemer Bolt (Not in inventory)6A0BF Dust Drop Ammo Tiny (Not in inventory)52E99
Dust Drop Ammo Small (Not in inventory)52E97 Dust Drop Ammo Medium (Not in inventory)3BDF7
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