The following is a list of Sword and Dagger IDs. To receive the weapon you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>

"<ItemID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.

Daggers[edit | edit source]

Name ID Name ID
Iron Dagger 0001397e Alessandra's Dagger 00043e1e
Shiv 000426c8 Steel Dagger 00013986
Bloodthorn 000a4dce Valdr's Lucky Dagger 000b994e
Skyforge Steel Dagger 0009f25d Orcish Dagger 0001398e
Dragon Priest Dagger 0001c1fe Kahvozein's Fang 000d0758
Dwarven Dagger 00013996 Elven Dagger 0001399e
Borvir's Dagger 000ecd54 Keening (Skyrim) 0006a13c
Glass Dagger 000139a6 Ebony Dagger 000139ae
Blade of Sacrifice 00079b1d Nettlebane 0001c492
Daedric Dagger 000139b6 Blade of Woe (Skyrim) 0009ccdc
Mehrunes' Razor (Skyrim) 000240d2 Dragonbone Dagger xx014fcb

One-handed swords[edit | edit source]

Name ID Name ID
Amren's Family Sword 000647AC Ancient Nord Sword 0002C66F
Blades Sword 0003AEB9 Bolar's Oathblade 000C1989
Ceremonial Sword 0008ADFC Chillrend 1–10: 000F8313
11–18: 000F8314
19–26: 000F8315
27–35: 000F8316
36–45: 000F8317
46+: 000F8318
Daedric Sword 000139B9 Dawnbreaker 0004E4EE
Dragonbane 1–18: 000F1AC1
19–26: 000F71CD
27–35: 000F71CE
36–45: 000F71CF
46+: 000F71D0
Dragonbone Sword xx014fce
Drainheart sword 000F71DD Dwarven Sword 00013999
Ebony Sword 000139B1 Eduj 0008FFDF
Elven Sword 000139A1 Falmer Sword 0002E6D1
Forsworn Sword 000CADE9 Gauldur Blackblade 1–11: 000AB702
12–18: 000F5D1A
19–26: 000F5D1B
27–35: 000F5D1C
36+: 000F5D1D
Ghostblade 00094A2B Glass Sword 000139A9
Grimsever 00053379 Harkon's Sword xx0067cf
Hjalti's Sword 00068976 Honed Ancient Nord Sword 0005BF14
Honed Falmer Sword 0006F6FF Imperial Sword 000135B8
Iron Sword 00012EB7 Lunar Iron Sword 2–3: 0003B0C2
4–5: 0003B0C3
6+: 0003B0C4
Lunar Steel Sword 4–5: 0003B0B7
6–7: 0003B0BA
8+: 0003B0BD
Nightingale Blade 1–18: 0007A917
19–26: 000F6524
27–35: 000F6525
36–45: 000F6526
46+: 000F6527
Nord Hero Sword 00068C7B Orcish Sword 00013991
Phantom Sword 000771B9 Queen Freydis's Sword 000AB85D
Red Eagle's Bane 000AB703 Red Eagle's Fury 0009FD50
Scimitar 0007A91A Silver Sword 0010AA19
Skyforge Steel Sword 0009F25C Steel Sword 000557F5
The Pale Blade 1–5: 000D37CE
6–11: 000F5D2A
12–18: 000F5D2B
19–26: 000F5D2C
27+: 000F5D2D
Windshear 0006EA8B

Two-handed swords[edit | edit source]

Name ID Name ID
Ancient Nord Greatsword 000236A5 Balgruuf's Greatsword 000946FC
Iron Greatsword 0001359D Dragonbone Greatsword xx014fcc
Dwarven Greatsword 00013997 Ebony Greatsword 000139AF
Ebony Blade 000EA29C* and 0004A38F Elven Greatsword 0001399F
Glass Greatsword 000139A7 Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword 0005BF13
Daedric Greatsword 000139B7 Nord Hero Greatsword 000A3115
Orcish Greatsword 0001398F Silver Greatsword 0010C6FB
Skyforge Steel Greatsword 0009F25E Steel Greatsword 00013987

*This code gives a different Ebony Blade. For the one obtainable through The Whispering Door, use the second code.

Rare Weapons[edit | edit source]

Daggers[edit | edit source]

Name ID Name ID
Iron Dagger of Sapping 896D5 Iron Dagger of Draining 896D6
Iron Dagger of Diminishing 896D7 Iron Dagger of Souls 896EA
Iron Dagger of Soul Snares 896EB Iron Dagger of Binding 896EC
Blessed Iron Dagger 896F3 Sanctified Iron Dagger 896F4
Reverent Iron Dagger 896F5 Iron Dagger of Fatigue 896FF
Iron Dagger of Weariness 89700 Iron Dagger of Torpor 89701
Iron Dagger of Dismay 8970B Iron Dagger of Cowardice 8970C
Iron Dagger of Fear 8970D BIade of Woe 964C9
Blade of Woe 9CCDC Skyforge Steel Dagger 9F25D
Bloodthorn A4DCE Daedric Dagger 139B6

One-Handed Swords[edit | edit source]

Name ID Name ID
Iron Sword of Soul Snares 896E0 Iron Sword of Binding 896E1
Iron Sword of Dismay 89714 Iron Sword of Cowardice 89715
Iron Sword of Fear 89716 Ghostblade 94A2B
Skyforge Steel Sword 9F25C Daedric Sword 139B9
Eduj 8FFDF Ceremonial Sword 8ADFC

Two-Handed Swords[edit | edit source]

Name ID Name ID
Iron Greatsword of Sapping 896D8 Iron Greatsword of Draining 896D9
Iron Greatsword of Diminishing 896DA Iron Greatsword of Souls 896ED
Iron Greatsword of Soul Snares 896EE Iron Greatsword of Binding 896EF
Blessed Iron Greatsword 896F6 Santified Iron Greatsword 896F7
Reverent Iron Greatsword 896F8 Iron Greatsword of Fatigue 89702
Iron Greatsword of Weariness 89703 Iron Greatsword of Torpor 89704
Iron Greatsword of Dismay 8970E Iron Greatsword of Cowardice 8970F
Iron Greatsword of Fear 89710 Balgruuf's Greatsword 946FC
Skyforge Steel Greatsword 9F25E Red Eagle's Fury 9FD50
Red Eagle's Bane AB703 Nord Hero Greatsword A3115
Steel Greatsword of Dismay A698A Steel Greatsword of Cowardice A698B
Steel Greatsword of Fear A698C Steel Greatsword of Embers A698D
Steel Greatsword of Burning A698E Steel Greatsword of Scorching A698F
Steel Greatsword of Chills A6990 Steel Greatsword of Frost A6991
Steel Greatsword of Ice A6992 Steel Greatsword of Sapping A6993
Steel Greatsword of Draining A6994 Steel Greatsword of Diminishing A6995
Steel Greatsword of Sparks A6996 Steel Greatsword of Arcing A6997
Steel Greatsword of Shocks A6998 Steel Greatsword of Souls A6999
Steel Greatsword of Soul Snares A699A Steel Greatsword of Binding A699B
Steel Greatsword of Soul-Ripping A699C Steel Greatsword of Weariness A699D
Steel Greatsword of Torpor A699E Blessed Steel Greatsword A699F
Sanctified Steel Greatsword A69A0 Reverent Steel Greatsword A69A1
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