The following is a list of Bow IDs. To receive the desired bow, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>

"<ItemID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item.


Name ID Name ID
Ancient Nord Bow 000302CA Angi's Bow 000CC392
Auriel's Bow xx000800 Bow of the Hunt 000AE087
Daedric Bow 000139B5 Dragonbone Bow xx0176f1
Drainspell Bow 000F82FC Dravin's Bow 0006B9AD
Dwarven Bow 00013995 Ebony Bow 000139AD
Elven Bow 0001399D Falmer Bow 00038340
Falmer Supple Bow 00083167 Firiniel's End 00017059
Forsworn Bow 000CEE9B Froki's Bow 000C0186
Gauldur Blackbow 000A5DF0 Glass Bow 000139A5
Hunting Bow 0010E2DD Imperial Bow 00013841
Karliah's Bow 000DEED8 Long Bow 0003B562
Nord Hero Bow 00068C57 Orcish Bow 0001398D
Supple Ancient Nord Bow 0005D179 Nightingale Bow 000F652C
Zephyr xx00cfb6 Spectral Bow 0E0068EB

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