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This page lists all characters in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


To place a new copy of an NPC at your current location, type the following in the console:

player.placeatme <BaseID> <#>

To move to an NPC, type the following in the console:

player.moveto <refID>

To move an NPC to you, type the following in the console:

Prid <refID>

Followed by:

moveto player

"<BaseID>" is the NPCs Base ID, "<refID>" is the NPCs Reference ID and "<#>" refers to how many you want.


Base IDEdit

Base ID, or Form ID, is the ID given to NPCs before they are placed in the game.

Finding base IDs in-gameEdit

To see the Base ID of an NPC, type in "help <NPC's name> 4." If the NPC's name contains a space, it must be placed between quotes. Examples:

help hadvar 4
help "proventus avenicci" 4

This will show a variety of ID's, under the category "other forms." There are several identifications of the type of object or NPC the ID refers to. For example, there is a Thalmor dossier of Ulfric Stormcloak. The line representing its ID starts with "BOOK:" which means this ID is not representing Ulfric Stormcloak himself. Lines starting with "NPC_:" represent an NPC ID. However, there can be multiple lines starting with "NPC_:". These are all Base ID's, however they differ and contain variants of an NPC.

Reference IDEdit

Reference ID is the ID given to NPCs that appear in the game, it is used to disambiguate between multiple copies of the same base NPC. It allows for multiple copies of the same NPC to be placed throughout the world without having to create individual copies (Bandit001; Bandit002, etc.)

Finding reference IDs in-gameEdit

With the console open, click on an NPC, and their reference ID will appear.

Data TableEdit

Name RefID BaseID
Abelone (Female) (Civilian) 00087750 0008774F
Acolyte Jenssen (Male) (Priest) 000D3E7A 000D3E79
Adara (Female) (Child) 0001F306 00013385
Addvar (Male) (Food Vendor) 000198D4 00013255
Addvild (Male) (Farmer) 00019E01 00019DC7
Adeber (Male) (Miner) 000661AE 000661AD
Adelaisa Vendicci (Female) (Citizen) 0001B13E 0001411D
Adisla (Female) (Farmer) 00029970 0001411E
Adonato Leotelli (Male) (Bard) 0001B119 0001413C
Adrianne Avenicci (Female) (Blacksmith) Random 0001A67C 00013BB9
Aduri Sarethi (Female) (Farmer) 00019E12 00019BFF
Aela the Huntress (Female) (Archer / Companion / Marksman trainer) 0001A697 0001A696
Aeri (Female) (Lumberjack) 0001A6D2 0001360B
Aerin (Male) (Warrior) 00019DF8 00013346
Affable Gent* (Male) (Warrior) - 000FC198
Agent Lorcalin (Male) (Thalmor Wizard) 000DD99D 000DD99E
Agna (Female) (Bandit) 000A737F 000A9599
Agni (Female) (Child) 0001AA5F 000135E5
Agnis (Female) (Citizen) 00020045 00020044
Agrius (Male) (Bandit) 00083B18 00083B19
Ahjisi (Female) (Warrior) 000CD09C 000CE086
Ahkari (Female) (Pawnbroker) 0007434A 0001B1D6
Ahlam (Female) (Priest) 0001A6A5 00013BBE
Ahtar (Male) (Warrior) 000198B0 0001325F
Aia Arria (Female) (Bard) 000198D0 0001325C
Aicantar (Male) (Conjurer) 00019909 0001402E
Ainethach (Male) (Miner) 00019931 00013B69
Alain Dufont (Male) (Prisoner) 000D2AFF 0001B074
Alchemist (Male) (Conjurer) - 00099805
Alding (Male) (Warrior) 0005226A 00052268
Alduin - 0008E4F1
Alduin 00032DA0 00032D9D
Alduin - 0004424A
Alduin - 0004377F
Alduin - 0004E9BC
Alduin 00032DB7 00032B94
Alea Quintus (Female) (Warrior) 0002E3F2 0002E3EF
Alessandra (Female) (Priest) 00019DD9 00013347
Alethius (Male) (Citizen) 000C370B 000C370C
Alexia Vici (Female) (Citizen) 00060B2A 00060B29
Alfarinn (Male) (Warrior) 0009B7C8 0009B7AB
Alfhild Battle-Born (Female) (Farmer) 0001A68B 00013BB0
Alik'r Prisoner (Male) (Scout) - 000215F5
Alik'r Warrior (Male) (Scout) - 00055FB2
Alva (Female) (Vampire) 0001AA5C 000135E6
Alvor (Male) (Blacksmith) 00013482 00013475
Amaund Motierre (Male) (Bard) 0003B43B 0003B43A
Ambarys Rendar (Male) (Food Vendor) 0001B128 0001413E
Amren (Male) (Warrior) 0001A66A 00013BAA
Ancano (Male) (Fire/Frost/Shock Mage) 0001E7D8 0001E7D7
Andurs (Male) (Priest of Arkay) 0001A68D 00013BA8
Angeline Morrard (Female) (Apothecary) 000198D2 00013260
Anger (Male) (Guard) - 0009F851
Angi (Female) (Ranger) 000CAB2E 000CAB2F
Angrenor Once-Honored (Male) (Beggar) 0001B138 00014137
Angvid (Male) (Warrior) 000AE77F 000AE77D
Anise (Female) (Conjurer) 000DDF87 000DDF86
Annekke Crag-Jumper (Female) (Ranger) 0001B092 00013666
Anoriath (Male) (Scout) 0001A680 00013B97
Anska (Female) (Bandit Wizard) 000443F2 000443F3
Anton Virane (Male) (Citizen) 0001990A 00013387
Anuriel(Female) (Monk) 00019DEE 00013349
Anwen (Female) (Priest) 00019902 00013386
Apprentice Conjurer (Male) (Conjurer) - 0006D22F
Apprentice Fire Mage (Male) (Fire/Frost/Shock Mage) - 00045C5F
Apprentice Ice Mage (Male) (Fire/Frost/Shock Mage) - 00045C60
Apprentice Necromancer (Male) (Conjurer) - 000548FF
Apprentice Storm Mage (Fire/Frost/Shock Mage) - 00045C61
Aquillius Aeresius (Male) (Citizen) 000D6AD9 000D6AD8
Aranea Ienith (Female) (Fire/Frost/Shock Mage) 00028AD1 00028AD0
Arcadia (Female) (Apothecary) 0001A66D 00013BA4
Arch Conjurer (Male) (Conjurer) - 0001091A
Arch Cryomancer (Male) (Fire/Frost/Shock Mage) - 001091AA
Arch Electromancer (Male) (Fire/Frost/Shock Mage) - 001091AC
Arch Necromancer (Male) (Conjurer) - 001091AB
Arch Pyromancer (Male) (Fire/Frost/Shock Mage) - 001091A9
Arcturus (Male) (Radiant) 0004D6CF 0004D6CA
Ardwen (Female) (Fire/Frost/Shock Mage) - 000BED8A
Argi Farseer* (Female) (Mystic) - 00013602
Argis the Bulwark (Male) (Warrior) 000A2C92 000A2C8C
Argonian (Female) (Civilian) - 000457FB
Argonian (Male) (Civilian) - 000457FE
Ari (Female) (Bandit) 000411CD 000411CF
Aringoth (Male) (Ranger) 00019E13 0001334A
Arivanya (Female) (Bard) 0001B144 00014127
Arnbjorn (Male) (Assassin) 0001BDE7 0001BDB0
Arngeir (Male) (Monk/ Greybeard) 000886B3 0002C6C7
Arniel Gane (Male) (Conjurer) 0001C1AB 0001C19D
Arniel's Shade (Male) (Sorcerer) - 0006A152
Arnskar Ember-Master (Male) (Blacksmith) 000AC9E9 00029DAD
Arob (Female) (Orc Warrior) 0001992A 00013B7B
Arondil (Male) (Conjurer) 00037D81 00037D80
Arrald Frozen-Heart (Male) (Warrior) - 00084552
Arvel the Swift (Male) (Thief) 00039655 00039646
Asbjorn Fire-Tamer (Male) (Blacksmith) 00019DF3 00019DF2
Ascendant Conjurer (Male) (Conjurer) - 0006D232
Ascendant Necromancer (Male) (Conjurer) - 000551AE
Asgeir Snow-Shod (Male) (Warrior) 00019DCD 0001334B
Aslfur (Male) (Ranger) 0001AA68 000135E7
Aspiring Mage (Male) (Warrior) - 000753CB
Assassin (Male) (Assassin) - 001051FB
Assassin (Male/Female) (Assassin) - 001051FC
Assur (Male) (Child) 0001C1B7 0001C18A
Asta (Female) (Bandit) 00015CC5 00015D2B
Astrid (Female) (Assassin) 0001BDE8 0001BDB4
Ataf (Male) (Bard) 0001F14D 00013295
Atahbah (Female) (Pawnbroker) 00074341 0001B1DA
Atar (Male) (Warrior) 000622E7 000622E5
Athis (Male) (Companion) 0001A6D6 0001A6D5
Atmah (Female) (Sorcerer) 000BBDBF 000B8786
Atub (Female) (Sorcerer/ Illusion training) 00019E19 00019E18
Augur of Dunlain (Male) (Warrior) - 0002BCE8
Aval Atheron (Male) (Pawnbroker) 0001B124 00014140
Aventus Aretino (Male) (Child) 0001B121 00014132
Avrusa Sarethi (Female) (Apothecary) 00019E11 00019BFE
Avulstein Gray-Mane (Male) (Warrior) 0001A686 00013B9A
Azura (Female) (Warrior) 00028AEA 00028AE9
Azzada Lylvieve (Male) (Farmer) 00019A2B 00019A2A
Azzadal (Male) (Alik'r Warrior) 000B3C82 000B3C81
Babette (Female) (Assassin) 0001D4BC 0001D4B7
Badnir (Male) (Warrior) 000AE77A 000AE779
Bagrak (Female) (Orc Warrior) 0005B689 00019955
Balagog gro-Nolob (Male) (Rogue) 00038C6F 00038C6E
Balbus (Male) (Warrior) - 000B5D42
Balgruuf the Greater (Male) (Warrior) 0001A677 00013BBD
Balimund (Male) (Blacksmith) 00019DF1 0001334C
Bandit - 001068FE
Bandit Chief - 000E1646
Bandit Highwayman (Male) (Archer) - 00037C35
Bandit Marauder (Male) (Archer, Mage, Berserker) - 00037C43
Bandit Outlaw (Male) (Archer) - 00037C2D
Bandit Plunderer (Male) (Archer) - 00037C3C
Bandit Thug (Male) (Archer) - 00037C2E
Bandit Wizard (Male) - 000860C3
Banning (Male) (Ranger) 0009A7A9 0009A7A8
Baral Sendu (Male) (Farmer) 000E799C 000E799D
Barkeep (Male) (Bandit) 000D81F8 000D823D
Barknar (Male) (Ranger) xx0198b5 000BC079
Bashnag (Male) (Conjurer) 0002B99D 000A33EA
Bassianus Axius (Male) (Citizen) 00019E08 000136C1
Batum gra-Bar (Female) (Bandit) 000955C0 000CE09C
Bear - 000C70C2
Bear - 000C70C3
Bear - 000C70C4
Bear - 000B70F7
Bee (Active) - 000A9169
Belethor (Male) (Shopkeeper) 0001A672 00013BA1
Benor (Male, NPC, Follower) 0001AA65 000135E8
Benkum (Male, Console Command Only, Warrior) - 0001E94C
Bergritte Battle-Born (Female) (Citizen) 0001A688 00013BB3
Bjorlam (Male) (Carriage Rider) 00013698 00013669
Bodyguard (Male) (Warrior) - 0009F85E
Borgakh the Steel Heart 0005B688 0005B688
Bounty Collector - 000F812A
Bounty Hunter - 000BC09F
Brenuin (Male) (Beggar) 0002C90F 00013BA7
Breton (Male) (Citizen) - 000457F6
Breton (Female) (Citizen) - 000457FF
Brill (Male) (Companion) 0001A6A3 0001A6A2
Brond (Male, Console Command Only, Warrior - 00014144
Camilla Valerius (Female) (Citizen) 00013488 0001347B
Carlotta Valentia (Female) (Shopkeeper) 0001A675 00013B99
Champion of Boethiah 000834FF 000834FE
Chaurus - 000A5600
Chaurus - 000D0872
Chaurus Reaper - 00023A8F
Chicken - 000A91A0
Cow - 0009DA4B
Dagny (Female) (Child) 0001A67A 0001434B
Danica Pure-Spring (Female) (Priestess of Kynareth) 0001A69F 00013BA5
Dark Brotherhood Initiate - 00015CFE
Dark-Elf (Female) (Citizen) - 000457F7
Dark-elf (Male) (Citizen) - 00045800
Dawnstar Guard - 0002D794
Delphine (Female) (Citizen) 00013485 00013478
Dog (Evil) - 000CE60C
Dog (Good) - 00023A92
Dog (Stray(Friend)) - 00109487
Dragon (with soul) - 000EAFB4
Dragon Priest - 00023A93
Dragon Priest Ghost - 0003ED80
Ancient Dragon (with soul) - 000F811C
Blood Dragon (no soul) - 000F8118
Dragon, Blood (with soul) - 000F77F8
Elder Dragon (with soul) - 000F811A
Dragon, Elder (no soul) - 000FEA9B
Frost Dragon (with soul) - 0010FEEC
Draugr - 000387C0
Draugr - 000387C1
Draugr - 000387C2
Draugr - 000387C3
Draugr - 000387C4
Draugr - 000387C5
Draugr - 000387C6
Draugr - 000387C7
Draugr - 000387C8
Draugr - 000387C9
Draugr Death Overlord - 0004247E
Draugr Overlord - FF000BA5
Draugr Soldier - FF000E25
Drelas 000DFA75 000E76C9
Dremora - 0001F3AA
Dremora Caitiff - 00016EF6
Dremora Caitiff - 00016F04
Dremora Caitiff - 00016EF0
Dremora Churl - 00025D1D
Dremora Churl - FF00087C
Dremora Churl - FF000B3B
Dremora Churl - 00025D1D
Dremora Churl - 00025D1C
Dremora Churl - 00023A95
Dremora Kynreeve - 00016FF3
Dremora Kynreeve - 00016F6A
Dremora Kynreeve - 00016FE2
Dremora Kynval - 00016F69
Dremora Kynval - 00016F46
Dremora Kynval - 00016F40
Dremora Lord - 0010DDEE
Dremora Markynaz - 00016FF4
Dremora Markynaz - 00016FF6
Dremora Markynaz - 00016FF7
Dremora Messanger - 00017ED7
Dremora Valkynaz - 00016FFA
Dremora Valkynaz - 00016FF9
Dremora Valkynaz - 00016FF8
Dwarven Centurion - 00087102
Dwarven Centurion - 0010f9b9
Dwarven Centurion Guardian - 0010e753
Dwarven Centurion Master - 00023a96
Dwarven Sphere - 0010ec89
Dwarven Sphere Guardian - 00023a97
Dwarven Sphere Master - 0010ec8e
Dwarven Spider - 00023a98
Dwarven Spider Guardian - 0010ec87
Dwarven Spider Worker - 0010ec86
Edorfin (Male, Console Command, Warrior) - 0001E957
Eimar (Male) (Citizen) 000B2978 000B2977
Elk - 00023A91
Elrindir (Male) (Shopkeeper) 0001A681 00013B9E
Eltrys (Male) (Citizen) 000198FD 00013394
Embry (Male) (Citizen) 0003550C 0003550B
Eorlund Gray-Mane (Male) (Blacksmith) 0001A683 00013B9D
Etienne Rarnis (Male) (Thief) 0003A1D6 0003A1D3
Faendal (Male) (Archer) 0001348C 00013480
Falkreath Guard - 000EC6E7
Farengar Secret-Fire (Male) (Mage) 0001A67E 00013BBB
Farkas (Male) (Companion) 0001A693 0001A692
Farkas's Wolf Spirit 000F6088 000F6087
Fianna (Female) (Citizen) 000D16E2 000D16DD
Forest Troll - 00023ABA
Forsworn - 000442AA
Forsworn Briarheart - 000442DD
Forsworn Looter - 00044266
Forsworn Pillager - 00044277
Forsworn Ravager (Female; 1H/Archer) - 00044292
Forsworn Ravager (Male; DW) - 00044290
Forsworn Ravager (Male; DW) - 00044287
Forsworn Ravager (Female;Mage) - 00044289
Forsworn Ravager (Female; 1H/Archer) - 00044294
Forsworn Ravager (Female; 1H/Archer) - 00044293
Forsworn Ravager (Male; DW) - 00044291
Forsworn Ravager (Male;1H/Archer) - 00044288
Forsworn Ravager (Male;1H/Archer) - 00044295
Forsworn Ravager (Male;1H/Archer) - 00044296
Forsworn Ravager (Male;1H/Archer) - 00044297
Forsworn Ravager (Female;Mage) - 00044286
Forsworn Warlord - 00044299
Forsworn Warlord - 00044298
Fralia Gray-Mane (Female) (Citizen) 0001A684 00013B9C
Frodnar (Male) (Child) 0001348B 0001347E
Frost (Horse) 00097E1F 00097E1E
Frost Troll - 00023ABB
Frost creatures (including frost troll, ice wraith etc.) - 00042299
Frostbite Spider (Small/Large Size) - FF000E27
Frothar (Male) (Child) 0001A679 0001434C
Fultheim (Male) (Citizen) 000DB28B 000DA68A
Fultheim the Fearless (Male) 0002E3F1 0002E3E8
Gerda (Female) (Citizen) 000D16E1 000C247E
Gerdur (Female) (Citizen) 00013489 0001347C
Ghost - 00104B5F
Ghost - 00104B60
Ghost - 00104B5E
Ghost - 00104B5D
Ghost - 00104B5C
Ghost - 00104B5B
Ghost - 00104B61
Giant - FF000C08
Giant - FF000BFC
Giant - 00023AAE
Giant - 00030437
Giant - 00030438
Giant - 00069F7D
Giant - 000936D1
Giant - 000936D3
Giant - FF000BAB
Giant - 000C0BE5
Giant - 000C97D1
Giant - FF000902
Giant - FF000B6A
Gleda the Goat - 0001CB2C
Gloth (Male) (Citizen) 0002C929 00028DD6
Goat 0002EBE2
Grisvar the Unlucky 00019917 0001339B
Gunjar (Male) (Stormcloak) 000B1694 0009B0AD
Gunnar Stone-Eye (Male) (Citizen) 000AAF96 00013643
Gwendolyn (Female) (Citizen) 0002C931 0002C930
Hadring (Male) (Citizen) 0002005A 00013627
Hadvar (Male) (Imperial Soldier) 0002BFA2 0002BF9F
Haelga (Female) (Citizen) 00019DDA
Hamelyn (Male) (Mage) 0010A050 0010A04C
Haming (Male) (Child) 000C029E 000C029C
Headsman - 000BFB43
Headsman - 000BFB60
Headsman - 000AA7D6
Heimskr (Male) (Priest of Talos) 0001A682 00013BAC
High Elf (Female) (Citizen) - 000457F9
High elf (Male) (Citizen) - 00045801
Hilde (Female) (Citizen) 00035534 00035533
Hod (Male) (Citizen) 0001348A 0001347D
Hoddreid (Female) (Mage) 000955BB 000CE09D
Horker - 00023AB1
Horse (EncHorseSaddledBrown) - 00023AB2
Horse (MQ101Horse) - 000654E5
Horse (EncHorseSaddledBlack) - 00068CFA
Horse (EncHorseSaddledBlackAndWhite) - 00068D02
Horse (EncHorseSaddledGrey) - 00068D03
Horse (EncHorseSaddledPalomino) - 00068D04
Horse (EncHorseBlack) - 00068D07
Horse (EncHorseBrown) - 00068D5B
Horse (EncHorseBlackAndWhite) - 00068D6B
Horse (EncHorseGrey) - 00068D6D
Horse (EncHorsePalomino) - 00068D6E
Horse (HorseForCarriageNew) - 00072A08
Horse (HorseForCarrriageTemplate) - 00084785
Horse (DBCiceroHorse) - 0008B5D1
Horse (DB10PenitusOculatusHorse) - 000B076A
Horse (MQ101CartHorse) - 000B9E1D
Horse (CWCourierHorse) - 000C214E
Horse (dunPOISmugglerHorse) - 000D9806
Horse (CaravanAHorse) - 00102D71
Horse (CaravanBHorse) - 00102D72
Horse (CaravanCHorse) - 00102D73
Horse (WindhelmStablesHorseUnsaddled) - 00109823
Horse (SolitudeStablesHorseUnsaddled) - 00109827
Horse (RiftenStablesHorseUnsaddled) - 0010982A
Horse (MarkarthStablesHorseUnsaddled) - 0010982B
Horse (WindhelmPlayerHorse) - 00109AB1
Horse (WhiterunPlayerHorse) - 00109E3D
Horse (SolitudePlayerHorse) - 00109E3E
Horse (RiftenPlayerHorse) - 00109E40
Horse (MarkarthPlayerHorse) - 00109E41
Horse (WERoad12Horse) - 0010BF90
Horse (TG05KarliahHorse) - 0010F7FD
Horse (DLC1_WESC07_EncHorseSaddledGrey) - xx0113c1
Horse (BYOHPlayerHorseSaddledPalominoNoRespawn) - xx00f9a8
Horse (BYOHPlayerHorseSaddledGreyNoRespawn) - xx010fbb
Horse (BYOHPlayerHorseSaddledBlackNoRespawn) - xx010fbe
Hrongar (Male) (Warrior) 0001A678 00013BBC
Hulda (Female) (Barkeep) 0001A66E 00013BA3
Hunter Nord - 00073FBE
Ice Wolf - 0010F2A3
Ice Wraith - 00023AB3
Idolaf Battle-Born (Male) (Citizen) - 00013BB2
Imperial (Male) (Citizen) - 000457F8
Imperial (Female) (Citizen) - 00045802
Imperial Archer - 00045BE0
Imperial Captain - 000AAFAC
Imperial Field Legate - 000205C9
Imperial Fort Commander - 000EA329
Imperial General - 000559E0
Imperial Soldier (Varied) - 0001FC5B
Imperial Soldier (Medium armor) - 00047CBA
Imperial Wizard - 0004622A
Ingrid (Female) (Citizen) 000AAF9A 0001363F
Irileth (Female) (Housecarl) 0001A67F 00013BB8
Ivarstead Guard - 00021240
Jaree-Ra (Male, Rogue) 000198B9 0001328D
Jenassa (Female) (Mercenary) 000E1BA9 000B9982
Jervar (Male) (Citizen) 0001A69E 0001A69D
Jon Battle-Born (Male) (Citizen) 0001A68A 00013BB1
Jonna (Female) (Blacksmith) 0001AA62 000135ED
Khajiit (Female) (Citizen) - 000457FA
Khajiit (Male) (Citizen) - 00045803
Kodlak Whitemane (Male) (Companion) 0001A68F 0001A68E
Kodlak Whitemane's Ghost (Male) (Companion) 00058300 0001720B
Lars Battle-Born (Male) (Child) 0001A68C 00013BAF
Lillith Maiden-Loom (Female) (Citizen) 0010E2B6 00013BC0
Lokir (Male) (Thief) 000654FB 0004679A
Lucan Valerius (Male) (Shopkeeper) 00013487 0001347A
Lucky Lorenz (Male) (follower) 000ECF81 000ECF85
Lydia (Female) (Housecarl) 000A2C94 000A2C8E
Magic Anomaly - 00053F1D
M'aiq the Liar 000BA0CB 000954BF
Malborn (Male) (Citizen) 00033F46 00085300
Mallus Maccius (Male) (Citizen) 0002BA8F 0002BA8E
Mammoth - 00023AB4
Mammoth - 000B6234
Mammoth - 000DD641
Mammoth - 00101580
Mammoth - 00101581
Mammoth Guardian Spirit - 000E7EAF
Markarth Guard - 0009E47F
Mikael (Male) (Bard) 0001A671 0001A670
Mirmulnir 0005A6CA 0001CA05
Mjoll the Lioness 00019DF7 0001336B
Morthal Guard - 000604F4
Mudcrab - 00000EB2
Mudcrab - FF000E27
Mudcrab - 00E41011
Mudcrab - 000E4010
Mudcrab - 00021875
Nahagliiv 000FDBB0 000FE431
Nazeem (Male) (Citizen) 0001A6A4 00013BBF
Nelkir (Male) (Child) 0001A67B 0001434D
Njada Stonearm (Female) (Companion) 0001A6DA 0001A6D9
Nord (Male) (Citizen) - 00045804
Nord (Female) (Citizen) 000457F5
Nura Snow-Shod (Female) (Citizen) 00019DCC 00013372
Odahviing 00045921 00045920
Olava the Feeble (Female) (Citizen) 0001A699 00013BAE
Olfina Gray-Mane (Female) (Citizen) 0001A685 00013B9B
Olfrid Battle-Born (Male) (Citizen) 0001A687 00013BB4
Ongar (Male) (Barkeep) - 00013479
Onmund (Male) (Mage) 0001C1A2 0001C194
Orc (Male) (Citizen) - 000457FD
Orc (Female) (Citizen) - 00045806
Paarthurnax 0003C57D 0003C57C
Poor Fishwife: (Female) (Citizen) 000A0319 00087B9A
Proventus Avenicci (Male) (Advisor) 0001A67D 00013BBA
Ri'saad 00074340
Riften Guard - 000F62EF
Rolff Stone-Fist (Male) (Citizen) 0003EFED 0003EFE9
Saadia (Female) (Citizen) 000D7505 00013BA2
Sabjorn (Male) (Barkeep) 0002BA8D 0002BA8C
Sabre Cat - 000C96BF
Sahloknir - FF00188B
Sahloknir 00032D9F 00032D9B
Severio Pelagia (Male) (Citizen) 0002C927 0002C925
Shadowmere - 0009CCD7
Sickly Farmer (Female) (Farmer) 000D74FB 000D74F8
Sigrid (Female) (Citizen) 00013483 00013476
Sigurd (Male) (Citizen) 000CDD73 000CDD72
Silver Hand Warrior - 000B8669
Sinmir (Male) (Citizen/Warrior) 000813BA 000813B5
Skeever - 000EF610
Skeleton - 0002D1DE
Skeleton (Archer) - 0002D1DC
Skjor (Male) (Companion) 0001A691 0001A690
Skulvar Sable-Hilt (Male) (Stable Owner) 0001A69C 00013BB7
Slaughterfish - 00023AB8
Snowy Sabre Cat - 000C96C0
Solitude Guard - 0002E1F0
Stenvar 000b998c 000b9983
Stormcloak Archer - 00045BE3
Stormcloak Archer - 00045BE4
Stormcloak Field Commander - 000205C8
Stormcloak General - 000559DF
Stormcloak Mage - 0004622B
Stormcloak Soldier (2-Handed) - 000467BB
Stormcloak Soldier - 00046EFD
Stormcloak Soldier (1-Hand & shield) - 00045BE5
Stump (Dog) - 0001E62A
Sven (Male) (Bard) 00013491 0001347F
Thalmor Justiciar (Wizard) - 000B5E11
Thalmor Justiciar (Soldier) - 0010516E
Thalmor Justiciar (Soldier) (With Helmet) - 0010516F
Thalmor Soldier - 000728AC
Thalmor Wizard - 000728AD
Thorald Gray-Mane (Male) (Citizen/Prisoner) 00039C8D 0001C241
Tilma the Haggard (Female) (Citizen) 0003BDE9 00013BB6
Torolf (Male) (Citizen) 000AAF97 00013641
Torturer (Male) 000B79BA 000B9652
Torturer's Assistant (Male) 000B7EC0 000B9655
Torvar (Male) (Companion) 0001A6DC 0001A6DB
Ulfberth War-Bear  (Male) (Merchant) 000D15B0 00013B9F
Unbound Dremora - 00099F2F
Urog (Female) (Warrior) 0001B096 0001B078
Uthgerd the Unbroken (Female) (Warrior) 00091918 000918E2
Venomfang Skeever - 000490F2
Vignar Gray-Mane (Male) (Companion) 0001A6A1 00013BB5
Viinturuth - 000FE432
Vilkas (Male) (Companion) 0001A695 0001A694
Vilkas's Wolf Spirit 000F608A 000F6089
Vilod (Male) (Citizen) 000AAF9B 0001363E
Vuljotnaak 000FDBAF 000FE430
Vulthuryol 0007EAC5 0007EAC7
Vulwulf Snow-Shod (Male) (Warrior) 00019DCB 00013381
Werewolf - 00023ABC
Whiterun Guard - 00046EFC
Wilmuth (Male) (Citizen) 0009CCDA 0009CCD9
Windhelm Guard (2hand) - 0003EF2C
Windhelm Guard (female) - 000D3C2A
Windhelm Guard (normal) - 00045C31
Winterhold Guard - 00024B63
Wolf - 000753CE
Wood-Elf (Female) (Citizen) - 00045805
Wood-Elf (Male) (Citizen) - 000457FC
Wounded Soldier (Male) (Guard) - 000D74F5
Ysgramor (Dog) - 00023EED
Ysgramor (Male) (Warrior) 00098BD2 00098BD1
Ysolda (Female) (Citizen) 0001A69A 00013BAB
Zaria (Female) (Warrior) 0003A19B 0003A19A

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