This is a complete list of every enchantment effect available within Skyrim, and its corresponding console identification code, to be used with the playerenchantobject command. Provided by aerionop.

Obviously this list needs to be properly organized, and not all of them are guaranteed to work, however the ones in the brackets that, for example, say EnchFortifySneakConstantSelf supposedly work 100% of the time, as they are used by the game's enchanting process itself.

To enchant an object via the console, a series of ID codes must be entered:

playerenchantobject <ObjectID> <Enchantment ID> <Enchantment ID>

Only one actual Enchantment ID needs to be used for the command to work. The enchantments will be applied based on the value of the player's enchanting skill. A skill of 85 would apply a sneaking skill of 85%, and so on. This also means that any fortify enchanting effects of potions or apparel will affect the strength of the enchantments. Some Enchantments can only be used by themselves such as the Ebony Blade Absorb Health. In order to see what Enchantment must be by itself look for the Only Enchantment Section. If the Enchantment has to be used by itself you will see a Y if not you will see a N.

Complete list of EnchantmentsEdit

Weapon EnchantmentsEdit

Ench. ID Enchantment Variable Tested (y/n) Only Enchantment Effect
000AA155Absorb HealthEnchAbsorbHealthFFContactyy
000AA156Absorb MagickaEnchAbsorbMagickaFFContactyy
000AA157Absorb StaminaEnchAbsorbStaminaFFContactyy
00101BDCAnimal DamagedunClearspringTarnDmgFFContactyn
000173DCBanish - Damage HealthBanishDmgHealthFFTargetActoryy
0006F6FCChaurus PoisoncrChaurusBiteFFContactyn
0010582CDamage Health BleedingdunTargeOfTheBloodedMEyn
00091F7ADrain HealthAbsorbHealthConstantyn
00091F7EDrain MagickaAbsorbMagickaConstantyn
00091F7DDrain StaminaAbsorbStaminaConstantyn
000FF9F7Dragon DamageMQ203ExtraDamageFFContactyn
000F1AC2Dragon DamageIIMQ203DragonDamageFFContactyy
0010FAF1Ebony Blade Absorb HealthDA08EnchAbsorbHealthFFContactyy
000F23F9Elf SlayerC06BladeOfYsgramorEnchEffectyn
0010582EExtra Damage NorddunLostValleyDamageFFContactyn
00109D7CFalmer PoisoncrFalmerFFContactyn
0004605AFire DamageEnchFireDamageFFContactyn
00050CF6Fire Damage(High)crAtronachFireDamageFFContactyn
000FEFBCFire Damage + Undead ExplosionDA09EnchDawnbreakerEnchFireDamageFFContactyn
0002ACD4Fire hazard(High)HazardFireDamageFFContactyn
0007A0FEFortify ArcheryEnchFortifyArcheryConstantSelfyn+56% Bow Damage.
0004605BFrost DamageEnchFrostDamageFFContactyn
00078C11Frost Damage(High)crAtronachFrostDamageFFContactyn
00106617Frost DamageIIChillrendEnchFrostDamageFFContactyn
000FB409Hag's End Drain HealthdunHagsEndEnchAbsorbHealthFFContactyn
000FB407Hag's End Soul TrapdunHagsEndSoulTrapFFContactyn
00105831Huntsman’s ProwessdunHaltedStreamDamageFFContactyn
0003E07BIce Hazard(High)HazardFrostDamageFFContactyn
000A26F5Ice Wraith BitecrIceWraithBiteFFContactyn
00105834Ignore Armor DamagedunAnsilvundDamageFFContactyn100 points of extra damage which ignores armor.
00091AE5Instant KillDA07MehrunesRazorMagicEffectyn
0005B44FMagicka DamageEnchMagickaDamageFFContactyn
0003B0B1Moonlight DamagedunSilentMoonsEnchFFContactynWhen the moon is out, burn the target for 150 points.
001019AFNotched PickaxedunVolunruudPickaxeEquipEffectyn
001019D6Notched PickaxeIIdunVolunruudPickaxeEffectyn
000FB405Red Eagle Fire DamagedunRedEagleFireDamageFFContactyn
000FB408Red Eagle Turn UndeaddunRedEagleTurnUndeadFFContactyn
0010CB93Restore HealthdunFrostflowAbyssBoonExplosionEffectyn
0004605CShock DamageEnchShockDamageFFContactyn
00050CF9Shock Damage(High)crAtronachStormDamageFFContactynTarget takes 150 point of damage, and twice as much of magicka damage.
00045D5AShock Hazard(High)HazardShockDamageFFContactyn+150 Shock Hazard.
000549B4 Dragon breath VoiceDragonFrostBreathEffect1 y n 87 dragon damage at ench. lvl 60
0005B452Soul TrapEnchSoulTrapFFContactyn
00053473Spider BitecrSpiderBiteFFContactyn
000F23D3Spriggan Poison DamagecrSprigganClawFFContactyn
0005B450Stamina DamageEnchStaminaDamageFFContactyn
0005B46BTurn UndeadEnchTurnUndeadFFContactyn
000F5D15Trolls Bane/Fire DamageEnchTrollsbaneFireDamageFFContactyn
00016D46Unrelenting Force StrongDragonVoiceUnrelentingForceEffectynOn weapon, has effect similar to Unrelenting Force level 3.
0010FC23Venomfang PoisondunHonningbrewSkeeverBiteyn
00105A01Windshear Bash EffectdunKatariahScimitarEffectyn
001092A0TransmogrifydunTransmogrifyFFAimedynTurn a low-level enemy to a harmless creature for 30 seconds or until attacked.

Staff Enchantments (Spells)Edit

Ench. ID Enchantment Variable Tested (y/n) Only Enchantment Effect
0010F7F0Icy SpearFrostDamageFFAimed75n
0010EE49Conjure Storm AtronachSummonStormAtronachNPCn
0010EE48Conjure Frost AtronachSummonFrostAtronachNPCn

Armor EnchantmentsEdit

Ench. ID Enchantment Variable Tested (y/n) Only Enchantment Effect
000FF15CBackstabDBEnchBackstabyShrouded Hand Wraps Enchant
0010FC13Flame Cloak DragonPriestMaskFireCloakFFSelf y n Adds a Dragon Priest Flame Cloak. Does no damage, purely aesthetic.
00017120Fortify Armor RatingEnchFortifyArmorRatingSelfyn
0007A104Fortify BarterEnchFortifySpeechcraftConstantSelfyn(enchant level)% Better Prices
0010CED9Fortify Carry WeightAbFortifyCarryWeightyn +(enchant level) Carry Weight
0010962FFortify ConjurationEnchRobesFortifyConjurationConstantSelfy
0010F814Fortify HealthDA11AbFortifyHealthy
0007A0FCFortify LockpickingEnchFortifyLockpickingConstantSelfyn(enchant level)% Easier Lockpicking
0003EAF8Fortify MagickaAlchFortifyMagickayn +(enchant level) Magicka
00049504Fortify MagickaEnchFortifyMagickaConstantSelfyn +(enchant level) Magicka
0003EB28Fortify RestorationAlchFortifyRestorationyn +(enchant level)% Stronger Effect
0007A103Fortify SneakEnchFortifySneakConstantSelfyn(enchant level)% Better Sneaking
00109634Fortify RestorationEnchRobesFortifyRestorationConstantSelfy(enchant level)% Less Cost
000946F3Health RegenerationAbRestoreHealthynNone on headgear
0010FC14Konahrik's PrivilegeEnchDragonPriestUltraMaskEffecty
0010F812Regenerate HealthDA11AbFortifyHealRatey
00109630Regenerate MagickaEnchRobesFortifyMagickaRateConstantSelfy
0003EB08Regenerate StaminaAlchFortifyStaminaRateyn (enchant level)% Stamina Regen
0007A105Regenerate StaminaEnchFortifyStaminaRateConstantSelfyn (enchant level)% Stamina Regen
000FF15EResist PoisonEnchResistPoisonConstantSelfy(enchant level)% Poison Resist
00017121Shadowcloak of Nocturnal TGNightingaleShadowFFSelf y n Adds Shadowcloak of Nocturnal spell as a passive. Effect is permanent.
00092A48WaterbreathingEnchWaterbreathingConstantSelfyyWorks on headgear


(Some are Armor & some are Weapons) ("Only Enchantment" abbreviated to save space for this section)

Ench. ID Enchantment Variable Tested (y/n) O.E. (y/n) Effect
00017331shieldChargeDamageStamina shieldChargeDamageStamina y constant drain stamina on self
0001729DDamage Stamina Regeneration AbDamageStaminaRateVisible y damage stamina regen
0001729BDamage Health Regeneration AbDamageHealRateVisible y damage health regen
00017192 VoiceDragonrendBlankHostile y no visible effect
0010FF0CMQ201SelfPacify y no visible effect
0010FDD7Ancient Knowledge MS04RewardEffectNoDisplay n

Increases your armour rating plus 1000(ignoring your enchantment level)

0010FDD4Frenzy AlchInfluenceAggUpComboCOPY0000 y Causes 0 second frenzy effect
0010FC12Conjure Dragon Priest SummonDragonPriest n Unknown
0010F9B8Rally Secondary InfluenceConfUpFFSelfAreaSecondary n Unknown
0010F84CSinderion's Serendipity NN01PerkEffect n Unknown
0010E38ESummon Dremora DA14SummonDremora n Unknown
0010DDEDConjure Dremora Lord SummonDremoraLord n Unknown
0010F99EFeed Blood WereFXFeedBloodHolder n Unknown
0010F7A4RitualReanimateBodyArtHolder FXRitualReanimateBodyHolder n Unknown
0010F5A6AbOnFire y Purely visual, lights character on fire.
0010F221Absorb Magicka DraugrMagicBowStreak y absorb magicka
0010F220Absorb Health DraugrMagicAxeStreak y absorb health
0010F21FAbsorb Stamina DraugrMagicSwordStreak y absorb stamina
0010F20ERecover Magicka doomMagickaRecoveryAbility n Unknown
0010F1E6Nightstalker's Footsteps VampireAbSkills02 n Unknown
0010F15ADamage Health AbVampireDamageHealth n Unknown
0010F159Damage Stamina AbVampireDamageStamina n Unknown
0010F158Damage Magicka AbVampireDamageMagicka n Unknown
0010EE4BPotency: Conjure Storm Atronach PerkSummonStormAtronachNPCPotent n Unknown
0010EE44Potency: Conjure Storm Atronach PerkSummonStormAtronachPCPotent n Unknown
0010EE40Conjure Potent Frost Atronach PerkSummonFrostAtronachPCPotent n Unknown
0010EBCBFriendly Fire DA08EbonyBladeMagicEffect3 n Unknown
0010EBCAFriendly Fire DA08EbonyBladeMagicEffect2 n Unknown
0010EB61Ancient Knowledge MS04RewardEffect n Increases your armor rating by 1000, ignoring the enchantment level
0010EAD9Reanimate Secondary Effects ReanimateSecondayTargetActor n Unknown
0010EAD0Imperial Luck RaceImperialLuckEffect y n No effect on console spawned chests. Needs non-console testing
0010E949Cure Disease dunHallOfTheVigilantCureDiseaseEffect n Unknown
0010E8AFFortify Sneak FortifySneakFFSelf y n (Enchant Level)% Harder to detect
0010E834Restore Magicka dunLabyRestoreMagickaConcSelf n Unknown
0010E833Restore Magicka RestoreMagickaConcSelf n Unknown
0010E80FFortify Restoration MG02FortifyRestoration n Restoration spells cost 3% less to cast. "Power of Saarthal" enchantment on Saarthal Amulet.
0010E80EFortify Illusion MG02FortifyIllusion n Illusion spells cost 3% less to cast. "Power of Saarthal" enchantment on Saarthal Amulet.
0010E80DFortify Destruction MG02FortifyDestruction n Destruction spells cost 3% less to cast. "Power of Saarthal" enchantment on Saarthal Amulet.
0010E80CFortify Conjuration MG02FortifyConjuration n Conjuration spells cost 3% less to cast. "Power of Saarthal" enchantment on Saarthal Amulet.
0010E80AFortify Spells MG02FortifyAlteration n Alteration spells cost 3% less to cast. "Power of Saarthal" enchantment on Saarthal Amulet.
0010E809Fortify Alteration EnchMG02FortifyAlteration n Unknown
0010E731Regenerate Magicka MarriageAlchFortifyMagickaRate n Unknown
0010E730Regenerate Stamina MarriageAlchFortifyStaminaRate n Unknown
0010E72FHomecooked Meal MarriageAlchFortifyHealRate n Unknown
0010E4FDAura Whisper VoiceAuraWhisperDescription y n* Enchantment has 0 second duration at level 100.

*Text is only visible when only enchantment.

0010E4FCResist Shock PerkElementalProtectionResistShock n Unknown
0010E4FBResist Frost PerkElementalProtectionResistFrost n Unknown
0010E4FAResist Fire PerkElementalProtectionResistFire n Unknown
0010E4F8Kyne's Peace VoiceKynesPeaceDetectLife3 n Unknown
0010E4F7Kyne's Peace VoiceKynesPeaceDetectLife2 n Unknown
0010E4F6Kyne's Peace VoiceKynesPeaceDetectLife1 n Unknown
0010E4B2Lingering Fire Damage dunCGTrapFireEffectLIGHT n Unknown
0010E4B0Heavy Fire Damage dunCGTrapFireTriggerBoxHEAVY n Unknown
0010E3CFShieldRitualCastBodyFX FXShieldMassBodyHolder n Unknown
0010DE5FLingering Damage Magicka AlchDamageMagickaDuration n Unknown
0010DE5ELingering Damage Stamina AlchDamageStaminaDuration n Unknown
0010DE1DCold as the Dead AbVampireFrostFire n Unknown
0010DE1CWeakness to Fire VampireAbWeaknessFireConstant n Unknown
0010DE1BDamage Magicka Regeneration VampireAbDamageMagickaRate n Unknown
0010DE1ADamage Health Regeneration VampireAbDamageHealRate n Unknown
0010DE19Resist Frost VampireAbResistFrost n Unknown
0010DE18Damage Stamina Regeneration VampireAbDamageStaminaRate n Unknown
0010DE17Vampiric Strength VampireAbFortifyUnarmedDamage n Unknown
0010D96CLover's Comfort RestedMarriageSkillEffect n Unknown
0010D96BWell Rested RestedWellSkillEffect n Unknown
0010D968Rested RestedSkillEffect n Unknown
0010D4BDBlank AbAlduinInvulnerabilityEffect n Unknown
0010CDCCRitualHealBodyArtHolder FXRitualHealBodyHolder n Unknown
0010CBDFSparks ShockDamageConcAimedPerk n Unknown
0010CBDEFrostbite FrostDamageConcAimedCloak n Unknown
0010CBDDFlames FireDamageConcAimedCloak n Unknown
0010CAADShield Charge Knockback shieldChargeKnockbackConcAimed y Knockback on hit
0010CAABShield Charge Cloak Effect shieldChargeCloakEffect n Unknown
0010CAAAWerewolf Knockback Effect werewolfKnockbackEffect n Unknown
0010C645Damage Stamina Regeneration FoodDamageStaminaRate n Unknown
0010C4EBBriarheart Lifeforce AbForswornBriarheartEffect n Unknown
0010C4E7Claws RaceKhajiitUnarmedDamage n Unknown
0010C4E6Fortify Unarmed Damage PerkFistsOfSteelUnarmedDamage n Unknown
0010C1BCSummonMassBodyArtHolder DA16SkullofCorruptionDestructionBodyFXHolder n Unknown
0010BF17Staff of Magnus Effect MG07StaffEffect02 n Unknown
0010B2DASovengarde effect AbFXSovengarde y Purely visual. Golden glow around player. Persists after removing item.
0010AB4AStagger Push StaggerPushFFSelfArea n Unknown
0010AA4ALingering Damage Health AlchDamageHealthDuration n Unknown
0010A2DBVoice of the Sky MQpathToHHShrineEffect n Unknown
0010A285Burning TrapFlamePillarMagicEffect01 n Unknown
0010A284Shock Rune TrapRuneLightningFFLocation06 n Unknown
0010A283Shock Rune TrapRuneLightningFFLocation05 n Unknown
0010A282Shock Rune TrapRuneLightningFFLocation04 n Unknown
0010A281Shock Rune TrapRuneLightningFFLocation03 n Unknown
0010A280Shock Rune TrapRuneLightningFFLocation02 n Unknown
0010A27DFrost Rune TrapRuneFrostFFLocation06 n Unknown
0010A27CFrost Rune TrapRuneFrostFFLocation05 n Unknown
0010A27BFrost Rune TrapRuneFrostFFLocation04 n Unknown
0010A27AFrost Rune TrapRuneFrostFFLocation03 n Unknown
0010A279Frost Rune TrapRuneFrostFFLocation02 n Unknown
0010A278Fire Rune TrapRuneFireFFLocation06 n Unknown
0010A277Fire Rune TrapRuneFireFFLocation05 n Unknown
0010A276Fire Rune TrapRuneFireFFLocation04 n Unknown
0010A275Fire Rune TrapRuneFireFFLocation03 n Unknown
0010A274Fire Rune TrapRuneFireFFLocation02 n Unknown
0010A273Fire Damage TrapExplGasEnchFireDamageFFContact06 n Unknown
0010A272Fire Damage TrapExplGasEnchFireDamageFFContact05 n Unknown
0010A271Fire Damage TrapExplGasEnchFireDamageFFContact04 n Unknown
0010A270Fire Damage TrapExplGasEnchFireDamageFFContact03 n Unknown
0010A26FFire Damage TrapExplGasEnchFireDamageFFContact02 n Unknown
0010A26EFire Damage TrapExplGasEnchFireDamageFFContact01 n Unknown
0010A255Reduced Stamina Regen TrapDisDamageStaminaRegen n Unknown
0010A254Reduced Stamina TrapDisDamageStamina n Unknown
0010A253Reduced Weapon skills TrapDisDamageOnehandedTwohanded n Unknown
0010A252Reduced Magicka Regen TrapDisDamageMagickaRegen n Unknown
0010A251Reduced Magicka TrapDisDamageMagicka n Unknown
0010A24BReduced Lockpick & Pickpocket TrapDisDamagePickpocketLockpick n Unknown
00109E7AFire hazard TrapOilHazardFireDamageFFContact06 n Unknown
00109E79Fire hazard TrapOilHazardFireDamageFFContact05 n Unknown
00109E78Fire hazard TrapOilHazardFireDamageFFContact04 n Unknown
00109E77Fire hazard TrapOilHazardFireDamageFFContact03 n Unknown
00109E76Fire hazard TrapOilHazardFireDamageFFContact02 n Unknown
00109E75Fire hazard TrapOilHazardFireDamageFFContact01 n Unknown
00109ADDCure Poison AlchCurePoison n Unknown
00109638Resist Shock EnchRobesResistShocktConstantSelf n Unknown
00109637Resist Magic EnchRobesResistMagicConstantSelf y n (Enchant Level)% Magic resistance.
00109636Resist Frost EnchRobesResistFrostConstantSelf n Unknown
00109635Resist Fire EnchRobesResistFireConstantSelf n Unknown
00109633Fortify Illusion EnchRobesFortifyIllusionConstantSelf n Unknown
00109632Fortify Enchanting EnchRobesFortifyEnchantingConstantSelf n Increases Enchanting level by (Enchant level at time of object enchantment)
00109631Fortify Destruction EnchRobesFortifyDestructionConstantSelf y n (Enchant Level)% less to cast.
00109630Regenerate Magicka EnchRobesFortifyMagickaRateConstantSelf y n Magicka regenerates (Enchant Level)% faster.
0010962FFortify Conjuration EnchRobesFortifyConjurationConstantSelf n Unknown
0010962EFortify Alteration EnchRobesFortifyAlterationConstantSelf n Unknown
00109110Transmute Mineral Ore TransmuteOreMineralEffect n Unknown
001090F9Spriggan Matron Swarm Spray SprigganMatronBugDamageConcAimed y n Weapon text claims to create "a swarm that does 100 poison damage" but has a 0-second duration at level 100.
001090F6SprigganMatronFX Ability AbFXSprigganMatron y n Enchanted armor adds flying bug effects.

Enchanted weapon adds subtle yellow glow.

00108A41Reflect Blows PerkReflectBlows n Unknown
00108A3EDualFlurry PerkDualFlurryWeaponSpeed n Unknown
0010815DMG08 Fireball MG08FireDamageFFAimedArea y n Adds harmless fire\burning effect.
00107E2FKyne's Blessing dunHunterQSTAmuletEffect n Unknown
001076FFModify Illusion MGR21IllusionEffect n Unknown
001076F6Modify Destruction MGR21DesrtuctionEffect n Unknown
001076EFModify Conjuration MGR21ConjurationEffect n Unknown
001076EEModify Alteration MGR21AlterationEffect n Unknown
001076EDModify Restoration MGR21RestorationEffect n Unknown
0010757FUnrelenting Force Strong MQ101DragonVoiceUnrelentingForceEffect n Unknown
001074FCShock Damage Area crAtronachStormDamageFFArea n Unknown
00106E35Conjure Flaming Familiar dunHighGateSummonFlamingThrallFFAimed n Unknown
00106E1DSeptimus Vanish DA04SeptimusDisappearEffect y n On Armor: Player disintegrates when equipped.

On Weapon: Adds subtle purple glow to player, glow appears briefly on targets when hit. Seems to instantly kill on hit.

00106B11Brelyna's Practice Spell MGRAppBSpell02Effect n Unknown
00106AEBFortified Healing PerkArgonianFortifyHealRateNonCombat n Unknown
00106395Werewolf Victim Effect PlayerWerewolfVictimEffect n Unknown
00106255Knockdown Effect PerkWarmasterEffect n Unknown
00105F21Regenerate Stamina AbFortifyStaminaRate n Unknown
00105F1BTrick Shot Disarm PerkTrickShotDisarm n Unknown
00105F17Quick Shot PerkQuickShot n Unknown
001058A9Nightingale Shadow Ability TGNightingaleShadowPerkEffect n Unknown
001058A8Fortify Magicka FoodFortifyMagicka n Unknown
001058A7Restore Magicka FoodRestoreMagickaDuration n Unknown
001058A6Regenerate Magicka FoodFortifyMagickaRate n Unknown
001058A5Fortify Health FoodFortifyHealth n Unknown
001058A4Fortify Stamina FoodFortifyStamina n Unknown
001058A3Restore Stamina FoodRestoreStaminaDuration n Unknown
001058A2Restore Health FoodRestoreHealthDuration n Unknown
00104D4AAtronachFrost fx AbFXAtronachFrost y Purely visual. Adds frost aura and trail around player.
00104D45Stagger Area Attack crStaggerAttackAreaEffectGiantSlam y nUnknown
00104D44Stagger Area Attack crStaggerAttackAreaEffectGiantStomp n Unknown
00104D41Stagger Area Attack Frost Atronach StaggerAttackAreaFrostAtronachEffect n Unknown
00104ABAArmor 50 Perk bonus PerkArmorFFSelf50 n Unknown
00104AB9Armor 70 Perk bonus PerkArmorFFSelf70 n Unknown
00104AB5Armor 30 Perk bonus PerkArmorFFSelf30 n Unknown
00103B04Oppressive Cloud MQClearSkyFogEffectSecondary n Unknown
00103AD7Time Slowdown PerkSteadyHandTimeSlowdown n Unknown
00103964Graybeard Teach FX GraybeardTeachFXeffect n Unknown
0010387BOppressive Cloud MQClearSkyFogEffect n Unknown
00103647Ghostveil AbGhostPotionEffect n Unknown
001034CBGhost Visuals AbGhosttViolet n Unknown
001034C0Wall of Storms MS06PotemaBarrierShockConcAimed n Unknown
001031D5Restore Stamina GrandHealingRestoreStamina n Unknown
0010319EAura Whisper - Exterior VoiceAuraWhisperExterior y n No visible effect.
0010319DMarked for Death - Armor VoiceMarkedForDeathArmorEffect01 y n Reduces Armor Rating by (Enchant Level) points.
0010319CMarked for Death - Health VoiceMarkedForDeathHealthEffect01 y n Drains Health by (Enchant Level) points per second.
001019DBDetect Life Friend Interior DetectLifeFriendInteriorSelfFF n n Adds a Friendly Life Detect aura to player.
001019DADetect Life Friend Exterior DetectLifeFriendExteriorSelfFF n n None.
001019D9Detect Life Enemy Interior DetectLifeEnemyInteriorSelfFF y n Adds an Enemy Life Detect aura to player.
001019D8Detect Life Enemy Exterior DetectLifeEnemyExteriorSelfFF n n None.
00101931Poison Damage TrapPoisonFFContactEffect y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Poison Damage.
00101930Frostbite TrapFrostDamageConcAimed y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Frost Damage.
0010192FIce Spike TrapFrostDamageFFAimed y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Frost Damage.
0010192EIce Storm TrapFrostDamageFFAimedArea y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Frost Damage.
0010192DSparks TrapShockDamageConcAimed y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Shock Damage.
0010192CLightning Bolt TrapShockDamageFFAimed y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Shock Damage.
0010192BChain Lightning TrapShockDamageFFAimedArea y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Shock Damage.
0010192AFirebolt TrapFireDamageFFAimed y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Fire Damage.
00101929Fireball TrapFireDamageFFAimedArea y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Fire Damage.
00101928Flames TrapFireDamageConcAimed y n Does (Enchanting Level) points of Fire Damage.
00101063Fortified Healing crSummonThrallFortifyHealRateNPC y n Fortifies Healing Rate by (Enchanting Level)%.
00101061Dark Souls Revenant PerkDarkSoulsRevenantEffectNPC n Unknown
00100E60Resist Disease EnchResistDiseaseConstantSelf n Resist Desease by %
000FFCDFConstant Damage Health AbDamageHealthConstant y None.
000FFA05Restore Stamina AlchRestoreStaminaAll n Unknown
000FFA04Restore Magicka AlchRestoreMagickaAll n Unknown
000FFA03Restore Health AlchRestoreHealthAll n Unknown
000FF9F8Frenzy AlchInfluenceAggUpCombo n Unknown
000FF8D9Unrelenting Force Strong MQAlduinResurrectEffect n Unknown
000FF15EResist Poison EnchResistPoisonConstantSelf n Resist Poison by %
000FEE39Bane of the Undead DA09EncDawnbreakerFireDamageFFSelfAreaUndead n Unknown
000FEE38Meridia's Retribution DA09EncDawnbreakeScriptEffect n Unknown
000FEE37Turn Greater Undead DA09EncDawnbreakerTurnUndeadFFMassSelfArea n Unknown
000FEE35Stagger Area Attack DA09EncDawnbreakerStaggerAttackAreaEffectUndead80 n Unknown
000FEAD1Call Dragon Effect VoiceCallDragonEffectEmpty n Unknown
000FEAAAFortified Combat Healing AbFortifyHealRateCombat n Unknown
000FDBC8Nightingale Strife Mercer TGNightingaleStrifeEffectMercer n Unknown
000FDBC5Nightingale Subterfuge TG08BSubterfugeExplosionEffect n Unknown
000FDBC2Invisibility TG08BInvisibillityFFContact n Unknown
000FDBBFNightingale Shadow Mercer TGNightingaleShadowEffectMercer n Unknown
000FDBB8Shockwave TG08BShockwaveEffect n Unknown
000FD80BWeakness to Sunlight AbVampireSunDamage04 n Unknown
000FD80AWeakness to Sunlight AbVampireSunDamage03 n Unknown
000FD806Weakness to Sunlight AbVampireSunDamage02 n Unknown
000FCF03Combat Vigor CWAbRegenEffect n Unknown
000FCC62Shield - Lesser ShieldConcSelf n Unknown
000FCC27Nightingale Subterfuge TGNightingaleSubterfugeEffectMercer n Unknown
000FBFF5Cure Disease CureDiseaseEffect n Unknown
000FBFECLingering Fire Damage DB10TrapFireEffectLIGHT n Unknown
000FBFEAHeavy Fire Damage DB10TrapFireTriggerBoxHEAVY n Unknown
000FB993Fortify Barter FortifySpeechcraftFFSelf n Unknown
000FB992Fortify Shouts FortifyShoutTimerFFSelf n Unknown
000FB991Fortify Blocking FortifyBlockFFSelf n Unknown
000FB990Fortify Restoration FortifyRestorationFFSelf n healing spells restore 100% more
000FB98FFortify Stamina FortifyStaminaFFSelf n Unknown
000FB98EFortify Magicka FortifyMagickaFFSelf n Unknown
000FB98DFortify Health FortifyHealthFFSelf n Unknown
000FB98BRegenerate Stamina FortifyStaminaRateFFSelf n Unknown
000FB98AFortify Persuasion FortifyPersuasionFFSelf n Unknown
000FB989Regenerate Magicka FortifyMagickaRateFFSelf n magicka regenerates 100% faster
000FB8D4Waterbreathing TG08AbWaterbreathing n Unknown
000FB406Halldir's Pacify dunHalldirAggDownFFAimedArea n Unknown
000FB404Halldir's Soul Trap dunHalldirEnchSoulTrapFFAimedArea n Unknown
000F9066Magic Draugr FX AbFXMG07Dog y No visible effect
000F8753Damage Lockpicking AbDamageLockpicking n Unknown
000F871BFortify Speechcraft FavorFortifySpeechcraft n Unknown
000F8475Bromjunaar's Mystery EnchDragonPriestWoodMaskEffect n Unknown
000F8300Random Werewolf Transformations DA05HircinesRingCursedMagicEffect n Unknown
000F82FFAdditional Werewolf Transformation DA05HircinesRingMagicEffect n Unknown
000F82E2Damage Health DunLabyDamageHealthConcSelf n Unknown
000F82B5Channeling Beam MG07LabyrinthianChannelEffect n Unknown
000F8209Beast Form WerewolfChangeFXEffect y causes werewolf transformation when equipped. Will automatically reequip when transformation ends, starting transformation anew.
000F81E5Vampire Fortify Magicka EnchFortifyMagickaVampire y n +(Enchant Level) magicka, If wearer is undead.
000F81E2Vampire Fortify Dmg Resist EnchFortifyDmgResistVampire y n +(Enchant Level) damage resistance, If wearer is undead.
000F80FCFireball VoiceDragonFireballEffect1 n Unknown
000F71D2Magic Draugr FX AbFXDraugrMagic y Makes player's eyes glow ice blue.
000F6906Articulation EnchFortifyArticulation n Unknown
000F6516Lurker's Cloak TGAbMasterOutfitEffect n Unknown
000F6515Lurker's Shadow TGAbStandardOutfitEffect n Unknown
000F6507Dreamsteal DA16Skull01GateSpellBase n Unknown
000F5FFBDragon Infusion BladesAbDragon n Unknown
000F5FF6Apply Perk MarriageFoodMagicEffect n Unknown
000F5D24Soul Trap EnchSoulTrapFFAimedArea n Unknown
000F5B57Drain Health PlayerVampireAbsorbHealthConcAimed n Unknown
000F5B55Champion of the Night VampireAbSkills n Unknown
000F52ABReanimate Secondary Effects ReanimateSecondayFFAimed n Unknown
000F4996Restore Magicka RestoreMagickaFFSelf n Unknown
000F4995Damage Health DamageHealthConcSelf n Unknown
000F4578Bleeding FXBleedMagicMedium n Unknown
000F3F10Disintegrate PerkDisintegrateConcAimedArea100 n Unknown
000F3F0FDisintegrate PerkDisintegrateFFAimedArea n Unknown
000F3F0DDisintegrate PerkDisintegrateFFAimed n Unknown
000F3F0CDisintegrate PerkDisintegrateConcAimed n Unknown
000F3936On Ice Paralyze PerkDeepFreezeParalysisFFSelfArea40 n Unknown
000F3935Deep Freeze Paralyze PerkDeepFreezeParalysisFFAimedArea15 n Unknown
000F3934Deep Freeze Paralyze PerkDeepFreezeParalysisConcAimed n Unknown
000F3932Deep Freeze Paralyze PerkDeepFreezeParalysisFFAimed n Unknown
000F3931It Burns Hysteria PerkIntenseFlamesConfDownFFSelfArea100 n Unknown
000F3930Intense Flames Rout PerkIntenseFlamesConfDownFFAimedArea n Unknown
000F392FIntense Flames Fear PerkIntenseFlamesConfDownConcAimed n Unknown
000F392DIntense Flames Fear PerkIntenseFlamesConfDownFFAimed n Unknown
000F33CCRestore Stamina FoodRestoreStamina n Unknown
000F33CBRestore Health FoodRestoreHealth n Unknown
000F23FCEbony Bladed Friendship DA08FactionSwap n Unknown
000F23CAEbony Mail Muffle DA02MuffleConstantSelf n Unknown
000F23C7Ebony Mail Poison Damage DA02PoisonDamageFFContact n Unknown
000EBEA8DA08 necro priest fx AbFXSkeletonNecroPriest n Unknown
000EB86EDA08 necro skeleton fx AbFXSkeletonNecro n Unknown
000F1D01Drain Stamina AbsorbStaminaConcAimed n Unknown
000F1CFEDrain Magicka AbsorbMagickaConcAimed n Unknown
000F198BNightingale Subterfuge TGNightingaleSubterfugeEffect n Unknown
000F198ANightingale Strife TGNightingaleStrifeEffect n Unknown
000F1989Shadowcloak Invisibility TGNightingaleShadowEffect n Unknown
000F1188Wisp's Kiss WispDrainAttackEffect n Unknown
000F117FFrostbite WispFrostConcShortRange n Unknown
000F0EA7Weakness to Magic AbWeaknessMagicConstant n Unknown
000EFC62Speed Burst WispSpeedBuff n Unknown
000EFC60Ice Volley WispIceVolleyEffect n Unknown
000EF962My test effect for Self Effects MGTimeFreezeEffect n Unknown
000EF95ETeleport Out Effect MGTimeTeleportOutEffect n Unknown
000EF95DTeleport In Effect MGTimeTeleportInEffect n Unknown
000EEF59Fortify Speechcraft AbFortifySpeechcraft n Unknown
000EE5C4Fortify Stamina DA11NamiraBlessingEffect n Unknown
000ED600Ghost Visuals dunSaarthalFrostFX n Unknown
000ED5FFGhost Visuals dunSaarthalFlameFX n Unknown
000ED5F2Familiar Visuals AbFamiliarVisuals n Unknown
000ED397Frost Barrier IceWraith BarrierFrostConcAimedIceWraith n Unknown
000ED09FMelee Damage AbFortifyMeleeDamage n Unknown
000ED098Night Stalker's Footsteps AbVampireMuffle n Unknown
000ED096Weakness to Sunlight AbVampireSunDamage01 n Unknown
000ECFFDTurn Greater Undead dunReachwaterRockReforgeSpell n Unknown
000ECEB5Script Effect for AI use of Storm Call VoiceStormCallEmptyAIScriptEffect n Unknown
000EC356Werewolf Feed Health Restore WerewolfFeedRestoreHealth n Unknown
000EBB78Dragon breath newVoiceDragonFireEffect1 n Unknown
000EB7EABlank AbBlank n Unknown
000EA65AFrostbite Venom FrostbiteVenomFFSelf n Unknown
000EA5EBBrelyna's Practice Spell MGRAppBSpell01Effect n Unknown
000EA290Self Pacify DA08InfluenceAggDownFFSelf n Unknown
000EA28EEbony Blade Alert DA08EbonyBladeAlert n Unknown
000EA28DFriendly Fire DA08EbonyBladeMagicEffect n Unknown
000EA076Generic Frost Damage FrostDamageFFAimedSilent n Unknown
000EA075Generic Damage UnspecifiedDamageFFAimed n Unknown
000E9AC7Firebolt Storm Spell FireDamageStormNoDamageAimed n Unknown
000E152AReanimate dunReanimateSelfEffect n Unknown
000E0CD4Guardian Circle HazardGuardianCircleFFContact n Unknown
000E0CD2Guardian Circle Restore Health GuardianCircleRestoreHealthFFContact n Unknown
000E0CD0Guardian Circle GuardianCircleFFSelf n Unknown
000DD642Restore Health Blank RestoreHealthFFSelfBlank n Unknown
000DD605Ice Storm VoiceDragonFrostIceStormEffect n Unknown
000D9DAFNight Eye Dispel NightEyeEffectDispel n Unknown
000D6947Fortify Persuasion AlchFortifyPersuasion n Unknown
000D6933Fortify Persuasion EnchFortifyPersuasionConstantSelf n Unknown
000D4FF1Ice Form POI_IceFormEffect n Unknown
000CDB75Armor - Dragonhide ArmorFFSelf100 n Unknown
000CDA4BFortify Magicka AbFortifyMagickaHighElf n Unknown
000CDA1FLover's Comfort MarriageSleepAb n Unknown
000CD82FWaterbreathing WaterbreathingConstantSelf n Unknown
000CC798Agent of Mara PerkT02Mara n Unknown
000C3EBFDestroy Skull of Corruption DA16PortalSummon n Unknown
000C28F4Ancano's Sparks MG08AncanoDamageConcAimed n Unknown
000C1A01Spider Control dunMarkarthWizard_SpiderControlEffectFake n Unknown
000BA30FBound Sword BoundSwordRightHandFFSelf n Unknown
000BA1EAFake Lightning Bolt DA16FakeShockDamageFFAimed n Unknown
000B8F30Ancestor's Wrath PowerDarkElfFireCloakFFSelf n Unknown
000B238ACG Dragon Storm Call Self dunCGDragonVoiceStormCallEffectSelf n Unknown
000B2389CG Dragon Storm Call dunCGDragonVoiceStormCallEffect n Unknown
0001BAC8The Steed: Remove Encumbered Penalty doomSteedEncumberEffect n Unknown
00016D44Storm Call Fire Effect Self 3 DragonVoiceStormCallEffectSelf n Unknown
00016D41Storm Call Fire Effect 3 DragonVoiceStormCallEffect n Unknown
00016CF3Disarm 3 DragonVoiceDisarmEffect n Unknown
00016C3DReanimate ReanimateFFTargetActor75 n Unknown
00016C3BReanimate ReanimateFFTargetActor50 n Unknown
00016C0FReanimate ReanimateFFTargetActor25 n Unknown
00016B4BReanimate ReanimateFFTargetActor0 n Unknown
00083589Dragon Grounding abDragonFlightless n Unknown
00081182Boethiah's Embrace DA02ArmorPoisonCloak n Unknown
00081181Boethiah's Shadow DA02AbArmorShadow n Unknown
00078BA1Clear Skies VoiceClearSkies3Self n Unknown
00078B9FClear Skies VoiceClearSkies2Self n Unknown
00078B9DClear Skies VoiceClearSkies1Self n Unknown
000728BFAgent of Dibella PerkT01Dibella n Unknown
0006E1DDSkeever Polymorph TestPolymorphSkeeverEffect n Unknown
0006E0C1Faction - Kyne's Peace VoiceKynesPeaceFactionEffect n Unknown
00044F55SummonMassBodyArtHolder FXSummonMassBodyHolder n Unknown
000369C9The Ritual Stone doomRitualEffect n Unknown
00026D7ECourage Secondary InfluenceConfUpFFAimedSecondary n Unknown
00026D7CRally Secondary InfluenceConfUpFFAimedAreaSecondary n Unknown
00026D7AShadow Warrior Invisibility PerkShadowWarriorInvisibillityFFContact n Unknown
0002113FClairvoyance ClairvoyanceEffect n Unknown
000153D3Perk Impact Stagger PerkImpactStaggerPushFFAimed n Unknown
000E8280The Fire Within GreybeardsAbYol n Unknown
000E827FForce Without Effort GreybeardsAbFus n Unknown
000E827EEternal Spirit GreybeardsAbFeim n Unknown
000E826DTurn Raised Undead PerkTurnUndeadFFContact n Unknown
000E826ADetect Undead Friend Interior DetectUndeadFriendInteriorConcSelf n Unknown
000E8269Detect Undead Friend Exterior DetectUndeadFriendExteriorConcSelf n Unknown
000E771FFirebolt Storm Alduin Death FireDamageStormFFAimedAlduinDeath n Unknown
000E771DStorm Call Effect Self AlduinDeath VoiceStormCallEffectAlduinDeathSelf n Unknown
000E771BStorm Call Effect AlduinDeath VoiceStormCallEffectAlduinDeath n Unknown
000E76E0Dragonslayer's Blessing BladesAbBlessing n Unknown
000E755ABaneUndeadBodyArtHolder FXBaneUndeadBodyHolder n Unknown
000E732BThe Shadow Stone doomShadowEffect n Unknown
000E7327The Tower Stone doomTowerEffect n Unknown
000E6DF4Esbern's Potion BladesAlchPotion n Unknown
000E6060Burning TrapGenericFireMagicEffect01 n Unknown
000E5F6BCall Of The Wild 1 HowlWerewolfCallOfTheWildEffect1 n Unknown
000E5F6ACall Of The Wild 2 HowlWerewolfCallOfTheWildEffect2 n Unknown
000E5F69Call Of The Wild 3 HowlWerewolfCallOfTheWildEffect3 n Unknown
000E5F63Full Moon Rising werewolfFullMoonRisingEffect n Unknown
000E5F5DThe Steed Stone doomSteedEffect y y Same as Stone
000E5F5CSerpent's Venom doomSerpentDoTEffect n Unknown
000E5F5BSerpent's Spit doomSerpentParalyzeEffect n Unknown
000E5F59The Lover Stone doomLoverEffect n Unknown
000E5F56The Lord: Magic Resist doomLordMagicEffect n Unknown
000E5F55The Lord: Damage Resist doomLordDamageEffect n Unknown
000E5F53The Lady: Recover Health doomHealthRecoveryEffect n Unknown
000E5F52The Lady: Recover Stamina doomStaminaRecoveryEffect n Unknown
000E5F50The Atronach Stone doomAtronachEffect n Unknown
000E5F4BThe Warrior Stone doomWarriorEffect n Unknown
000E5F48The Mage Stone doomMageEffect n Unknown
000E5F44The Thief Stone doomThiefEffect n Unknown
000E5F41Increased Magicka dunSaarthalJyrikStaff n Unknown
000E57F4Spider Control dunMarkarthWizard_SpiderControlEffect n Unknown
000E4CB6Lightning Bolt Call Storm ShockDamageBoltStormAimed n Unknown
000E4907Dragon breath dunCGVoiceDragonFireEffect1 n Unknown
000E4830Unseal Door dunDeadMensRespiteUnsealDoorSpellEffect n Unknown
000E40D6Regenerate Health RaceArgonianFortifyHealthRate n Unknown
000E40D3Resist Disease AbResistDisease n Unknown
000E40D0Command Animal RaceWoodElfCommandAnimal n Unknown
000E40CDRegenerate Stamina RaceRedguardFortifyStaminaRate n Unknown
000E40C9Pacify RaceImperialPacify n Unknown
000E40C7Regenerate Magicka RaceHighElfFortifyMagickaRate n Unknown
000E40C6Spell Absorption RaceBretonAbsorbSpellChance n Unknown
000E40C2Battle Cry RaceNordBattleCryEffect n Unknown
000E40BFBerserk RaceOrcBerserkEffect n Doubles the attack damage, bisects the damage taken
000E3F0ACall Storm VoiceStormCallEffect1Self n Unknown
000E3F09Call Storm VoiceStormCallEffect2Self n Unknown
000E3CBBDrugged dunSleepingTreeDruggedAlch n Unknown
000E3CBASlow dunSleepingTreeSlowAlch n Unknown
000E1FEFDrain Magicka MGR2DrainMagickaEffect n Unknown
000E1FECFortify Magicka MGR2FortifyMagickaEffect n Unknown
000DD026Reanimate DA10ReanimateEffect y Equipping causes crash.
000D8C32Slow Time Effect PerkQuickReflexesEffect y Causes everything to go faster but the player character (when on armor)
000D7D55Dragon Ability giving them all damage bllod fx AbFXDragonBloodDamage n Unknown
000D799FSoul Trap PerkSoulStealerFFContact n Unknown
000D799DBanish Summoned PerkOblivionBindingFFContact n Unknown
000D61E2Karliah's Invisibility TG05KarliahInvisibility n Unknown
000D5F1BThrow Voice Effect VoiceThrowVoiceEnchantment n Unknown
000D5E81Call Storm VoiceStormCallEffect3Self n Unknown
000D561ALight Beam DA09LightBeamEffect n Unknown
000D4889Firebolt Storm Spell FireDamageStormFFAimed n Unknown
000D397ESailor's Repose dunFrostflowAbyssBoonEffect n Unknown
000D339EGhost Visuals Storm AbGhostStorm n Unknown
000D339AGhost Visuals AbGhostFrost n Unknown
000D22FALightning Storm ShockDamageMassConcAimed n Unknown
000D2063Ghost Visuals Fire AbGhostFire n Unknown
000D205CGhost Extra Damage Effect ghostHalfDamageEffect n Unknown
000D205AGhost Extra Damage Effect ghostExtraDamageEffect n Unknown
000D2053Ghost Visuals AbGhostNew n Unknown
000CF7A4Summon Wolves 3 HowlWerewolfSummonWolvesEffect3 n Unknown
000CF7A3Summon Wolves 2 HowlWerewolfSummonWolvesEffect2 n Unknown
000CF79CSummon Wolves 1 HowlWerewolfSummonWolvesEffect1 n Unknown
000CF798Werewolf Fear Howl 3 HowlWerewolfFearEffect3 n Unknown
000CF797Werewolf Fear Howl 2 HowlWerewolfFearEffect2 n Unknown
000CF796Werewolf Fear Howl 1 HowlWerewolfFearEffect1 n Unknown
000CF78BDetect Life HowlWerewolfDetectLifeEffect3 n Unknown
000CF78ADetect Life HowlWerewolfDetectLifeEffect2 n Unknown
000CF789Detect Life HowlWerewolfDetectLifeEffect1 n Unknown
000CEE00Detect Life Enemy Interior DetectLifeEnemyInteriorConcSelf n Unknown
000CEDFFDetect Life Enemy Exterior DetectLifeEnemyExteriorConcSelf n Unknown
000CE215Detect Life DetectLifeWerewolfVision n Unknown
000CDED1Conjure Potent Storm Thrall SummonStormThrallPotent n Unknown
000CDED0Conjure Potent Frost Thrall SummonFrostThrallPotent n Unknown
000CDECFConjure Potent Flame Thrall SummonFlameThrallPotent n Unknown
000CD089Disarm 3 VoiceDisarmEffect03 n Unknown
000CD088Disarm 2 VoiceDisarmEffect02 n Unknown
000CB12CCall of the Wild SprigganCallEffect n Unknown
000CAF7FIce Wraith FX Ability AbFXIceWraith n Unknown
000CAB90Resist Damage AbResistDamage n Unknown
000CAB64Dark Souls Dread Zombie PerkDarkSoulsDreadZombieEffect n Unknown
000CAB63Dark Souls Reanimate Corpse PerkDarkSoulsReanimateEffect n Unknown
000CAB62Dark Souls Revenant PerkDarkSoulsRevenantEffect n Unknown
000CAB61Dark SoulsDead Thrall PerkDarkSoulsDeadThrallEffect n Unknown
000C7909Ghost Visuals Nightingale AbGhostNightingaleCorrupt n Unknown
000C5EF6Ghost Visuals Nightingale AbGhostNightingale n Unknown
000C5C0BStagger Area Attack StaggerAttackAreaEffectUndead80 n Unknown
000C5C0ABane of the Undead FireDamageFFSelfAreaUndead n Unknown
000C5BE1Bound Bow FX EnchBoundBowFX n Unknown
000C5BE0Bound Battleaxe FX EnchBoundBattleaxeFX n Unknown
000C5A9EChaurus effect AbFXChaurus n Unknown
000C4DDEBlood Thirst VampireChangeEffect n Unknown
000C367ABleeding Damage PerkBleedingDamage n Unknown
000C1E9AParalyze PerkGrandmaster2HParalysisFFSelf n Unknown
000C1E98Paralyze PerkGrandmaster1HParalysisFFSelf n Unknown
000C1E8EDamage Health AbDamageHealth n Unknown
000C1E8DDamage Stamina Regeneration AbDamageStaminaRate n Unknown
000C1E8CDamage Health Regeneration AbDamageHealRate n Unknown
000A1A5CStorm Call Effect 2 VoiceStormCallEffect2 n Unknown
000A1A5BStorm Call Effect 3 VoiceStormCallEffect3 n Unknown
000A1A58Storm Call Effect 1 VoiceStormCallEffect1 n Unknown
000A1A45Damage Magicka Regeneration AbDamageMagickaRate n Unknown
000A1A3FFortify Health AbFortifyHealth n Unknown
0001B9A7Unknown Effect AlchUnknown n Unknown
00055CE6Lightning Bolt MG02AmuletSpellEffect n Unknown
0003EA30Dragonrend Effect - Prevent Flying VoiceDragonrendEffectScript n Unknown
00099F35Summon Unbound Dremora MGRSummonDremoraEffect n Unknown
00092C45Beast Form WerewolfChangeEffect n Unknown
00090042Weakness to Poison AlchWeaknessPoison n Unknown
00090041Resist Poison AlchResistPoison n Unknown
0008CAC9Waterwalking AbWaterwalking n Allows Player/Npc with enchantment to walk on water.
0008C1AATurn Greater Undead TurnUndeadFFMassSelfArea n Unknown
0008B65CFortify Alchemy EnchFortifyAlchemyConstantSelf n Unknown
00086248Drain Health dunFolgunthurMikrulAbsorbHealth n Unknown
000592D5LigningStormBodyArtHolder FXLightningStormBodyHolder n Unknown
00050CF5Fortify Stamina - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAreaFortifyStamina100 n Unknown
00050CF4Fortify Health - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAreaFortifyHealth100 n Unknown
00050CF3Fortify Stamina CallToArmsFortifyStamina100 n Unknown
00050CF2Fortify Health CallToArmsFortifyHealth100 n Unknown
00050CF1Fortify Stamina - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAreaFortifyStamina50 n Unknown
00050CF0Fortify Health - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAreaFortifyHealth50 n Unknown
00050CEFFortify Stamina ConfUpAreaFortifyStamina50 n Unknown
00050CEEFortify Health ConfUpAreaFortifyHealth50 n Unknown
00050CEDFortify Stamina - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindFortifyStamina00 n Unknown
00050CECFortify Health - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindFortifyHealth00 n Unknown
00050CEBFortify Stamina ConfUpFortifyStamina00 n Unknown
00050CEAFortify Health ConfUpFortifyHealth00 n Unknown
0004EFDELightning Bolt ShockDamageFFAimedDwarvenSpider n Unknown
0004EFC6Dwarven Spider FX AbFXDwarvenSpider n Unknown
0004BB4CDwarven Sphere FX AbFXDwarvenSphere n Unknown
0003104BParalyzeMassBodyArtHolder FXParalyzeMassBodyHolder n Unknown
00030B3CDwarven Centurion FX AbFXDwarvenCenturion n Unknown
000225BAIllusionGreenBodyArtHolder FXIllusionMassGreenBodyHolder n Unknown
00022477IllusionBodyArtHolder FXIllusionMassRedBodyHolder n Unknown
000BF742Nightmare Visuals AbNightmare n Unknown
000BB96FWall of Storms BarrierShockConcAimed n Unknown
000B92CDBlizzardBodyArtHolder FXBlizzardBodyHolder n Unknown
000B8F52Stagger Area Attack StaggerAttackAreaEffect40 n Unknown
000B877BReduced Magicka Regen DisDamageMagickaRegen n Unknown
000B877AReduced Weapon skills DisDamageOnehandedTwohanded n Unknown
000B8779Reduced Stamina Regen DisDamageStaminaRegen n Unknown
000B8778Reduced Health DisDamageHealthVampire n Unknown
000B8777Damage Magicka DisDamageMagicka n Unknown
000B8776Reduced Stamina DisDamageStamina n Unknown
000B8775Reduced Lockpick & Pickpocket DisDamagePickpocketLockpick n Unknown
000B7A35Resist Magic EnchResistMagicConstantSelf n Unknown
000B79FEBlizzard FrostDamageHazardArea40 n Unknown
000B79FDBlizzard Hazard 30 FrostDamageHazardArea30 n Unknown
000B79FCBlizzard Hazard 20 FrostDamageHazardArea20 n Unknown
000B79E8Detect Undead Enemy Exterior DetectUndeadEnemyExteriorConcSelf n Unknown
000B79E7Detect Life Friend Exterior DetectLifeFriendExteriorConcSelf n Unknown
000B72A1Slow FrostSlowFFSelfArea100 n Unknown
000B72A0Slow FrostSlowFFContact n Unknown
000B729FSlow FrostSlowFFAimed n Unknown
000B729DSlow FrostSlowConcAimed n Unknown
000B62F2Restore Stamina Area PerkRestoreStaminaFFSelfArea n Unknown
000B62F0Restore Health RestoreHealthFFSelf50 n Unknown
000B62EDRestore Health Area RestoreHealthFFSelfArea n Unknown
000B62E9Circle of Vitality CircleVitalityFFSelf n Unknown
000B62E5Paralyze ParalysisFFSelfArea n Unknown
000B3CA2Bound Sword SpellTomeBoundSwordFFSelf n Unknown
000B3CA0Reanimate SpellTomeReanimateFFAimed0 n Unknown
000B3C9EArmor - Oak SpellTomeArmorFFSelf0 n Unknown
000B3C9CCandlelight SpellTomeLightFFSelf n Unknown
000B3C9AFirebolt SpellTomeFireDamageFFAimed n Unknown
000B323FVision of the Tenth Eye MGRitual02Effect n Unknown
000AF669Merchant PerkMerchantEffect n Unknown
000AF667Fence PerkFenceEffect n Unknown
000AE782Stagger Circle Protection StaggeCircleProtection n Unknown
000AE722Cure Disease AlchCureDisease n Unknown
000AB23CdunTrevas Spectral Arrow dunTrevasSpectralArrowDamageFFAimed n Unknown
000AA024Resist Poison AbResistPoison n Unknown
000AA01CWaterbreathing AbWaterbreathing n Unknown
000A88C8Summon Subjugated Ghost dunRannveigSummonGhost n Unknown
000A852BDraugr Glow Eyes AbFXDraugrEyes y Makes player's eyes glow blue. Does not work on vampire eyes.
000A8528Spriggan Swarm Spray SprigganBugDamageConcAimed n Unknown
000A6A3BRecover Magicka PerkMagickaRecovery n Unknown
000A44C0Stagger Push StaggerPushFFAimed n Unknown
000A3F62Avoid Death PerkAvoidDeath n Unknown
000A0D97Waking Nightmare DA16Skull04WakingMajor n Unknown
000A0D96Psychic Agony DA16Skull03WakingMinor n Unknown
000A0D94Dreamsteal DA16Skull01Dreamsteal n Unknown
000A05C8Torpor Effect DA16TorporMagicEffect n Unknown
000A0367Spectral Assassin DBSpectralAssassinEffect n Unknown
000A0366Ice Form VoiceIceFormEffect n Unknown
0009F28FPoison Gas TrapPoisonGasMagicEffect n Unknown
0009E0CBAnimal Allegiance 3 VoiceAnimalAllegianceEffect3 n Unknown
0009E0CAAnimal Allegiance 2 VoiceAnimalAllegianceEffect2 n Unknown
0009E0C8Animal Allegiance 1 VoiceAnimalAllegianceEffect1 n Unknown
0009E0C7Restore Stamina - Mystic PerkRestoreStaminaMysticConcActor n Unknown
0009E0C6Restore Stamina - Supernatural PerkRestoreStaminaSupernaturalFFActor n Unknown
0009E0C5Rally - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindConfUpFFAimedArea n Unknown
0009E0C4Courage - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindConfUpFFAimed n Unknown
0009E0C3Hysteria - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindConfDownFFSelfArea250 n Unknown
0009E0C2Rout - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindConfDownFFAimedArea n Unknown
0009E0C1Fear - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindConfDownFFAimed n Unknown
0009E0C0Mayhem - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAggUpFFSelfArea250 n Unknown
0009E0BFFrenzy - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAggUpFFAimedArea n Unknown
0009E0BEFury - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAggUpFFAimed n Unknown
0009E0BDBeloved - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAggDownFFSelfArea250 n Unknown
0009E0BCMass Charm - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAggDownFFAimedArea n Unknown
0009E0BBCharm - Master of the Mind PerkMasterMindAggDownFFAimed n Unknown
0009DD4EMS08Paralyze MS08ParalysisFFAimed n Unknown
0009CE2BFlaming Thrall Explosion SummonFlamingThrallFFSelf n Unknown
0009CD50Dark Souls Zombie PerkDarkSoulsZombieEffect n Unknown
0009CD4BDisarm PerkDisarmEffect n Unknown
0009BCCBDragon Priest FX AbDragonPriestScriptAttach n Unknown
0009B2B6Wabba Visuals dunBluePalaceABWabba n Unknown
0009B2B3Wabbajack Alt dunBluePalaceWabbajackFF n Unknown
0009B246Wabbajack DA15WabbajackFF y It makes weapons whenever they hit have an unpredictable


0009AA45Spriggan Swarm AbSprigganSwarmScriptAttach n Unknown
0009AA37SprigganFX Ability AbFXSpriggan n Unknown
00097EE2J'zargo's Flame Cloak MGRJZargoFireCloakFFSelf n Unknown
00097EE1Jzargo Flames MGRJzargoFireDamageConcAimed n Unknown
00096D0DReanimate ReanimateFFAimed75 n Unknown
00096D0CReanimate ReanimateFFAimed50 n Unknown
00096D0BReanimate ReanimateFFAimed25 n Unknown
00096591Extra Pockets PerkExtraPocketsConstantSelf n Unknown
000954D6Absorb Magicka PertAtronachEffect n Unknown
000954D4Restore Stamina PerkPoisonerConstantSelf n Unknown
0009379BMuffle PerkMuffleConstantSelf n Unknown
00091F77Fortify Stamina AbFortifyStamina n Unknown
0009152EFirebolt MG01FireDamageFFAimed n Unknown
00090354Steam breath crDwarvenSteamBreath n Unknown
0008F3F7Frost Barrier BarrierFrostConcAimed n Unknown
0008F3F2Fire hazard HazardFireBarrierFFContact n Unknown
0008F3EDFire Barrier BarrierFireConcAimed n Unknown
0008F3EAMuffle MuffleFFSelf n Unknown
0008F3E9Muffle MuffleFFActor n Unknown
0008D5C6Drain Magicka crVampireAbsorbMagickaConcAimed n Unknown
0008D5C5Drain Health crVampireAbsorbHealthConcAimed n Unknown
0008D5C4Drain Stamina crVampireAbsorbStaminaConcAimed n Unknown
0008D5BEDrain Health AbsorbHealthConcAimed n Unknown
0008CDD0Wisp FX AbWitchlightScriptAttach n Unknown
0008CC8BWisp FX AbWispScriptAttach n Unknown
0008BB2DFortify Marksman CallToARmsFortifyMarksman100 n Unknown
0008BB2CFortify Two-handed CallToArmsFortifyTwoHanded100 n Unknown
0008BB2BFortify One-handed CallToArmsFortifyOneHanded100 n Unknown
0008BB2AFortified Healing crSummonThrallFortifyHealRate n Unknown
0008BB26Disarm 1 VoiceDisarmEffect01 n Unknown
0008AFCBAura Whisper - Interior VoiceAuraWhisperInterior n Unknown
0008971FTeleportation AbTeleportationScriptEffect n Unknown
0008850DFortify Shouts EnchFortifyShoutTimerConstantSelf n Unknown
00080E33FirestormBodyArtHolder FXFireStormBodyHolder n Unknown
0007F423AtronachStormFX AbFXAtronachStorm n Unknown
0007DCDBWard - Deflection DA13SpellbreakerwardEffect n Unknown
00072878Reduced Health DisDamageHealthWerewolf n Unknown
0006D51EShock Cloak AbAtronachCloakShock n Unknown
0006A156Ghost Visuals MGAbGhost n Unknown
0006A154Summon Arniel's Shade MGRSummonArnielEffect n Unknown
0006A10BFlames MGRArniel03FireDamageConcAimed n Unknown
00066335Blizzard 25 FrostDamageFFSelfArea25 n Unknown
00066334Blizzard 65 FrostDamageFFSelfArea65 n Unknown
00060DA1AtronachFlameTrail AbFXAtronachFlame n Unknown
0004E947Potency: Conjure Storm Atronach PerkSummonStormAtronachPotent n Unknown
0004E946Conjure Potent Frost Atronach PerkSummonFrostAtronachPotent n Unknown
0004E945Conjure Potent Flame Atronach PerkSummonFlameAtronachPotent n Unknown
0004E93FRestore Stamina PerkRestoreStaminaFFActor n Unknown
0004E93ERestore Stamina PerkRestoreStaminaConcActor n Unknown
0004250ERestore Stamina PerkRestoreStaminaFFSelf n Unknown
0004250DRestore Stamina PerkRestoreStaminaConcSelf n Unknown
00042500Mystic Bow BoundBowMysticFFSelf n Unknown
000424FFMystic Axe BoundBattleAxeMysticFFSelf n Unknown
000424FAMystic Sword BoundSwordMysticFFSelf n Unknown
000424E2Fortify Unarmed Damage AbFortifyUnarmedDamage n Unknown
000877E9Set Alpha To Zero SetAlphaToZero n Unknown
00082A52Special Paralyze MG08ParalysisAbilityEffect n Unknown
00082A50Special Paralyze MG08ParalysisSpellEffect n Unknown
00082A38Kyne's Peace 3 VoiceKynesPeaceEffect3 n Unknown
00082A37Kyne's Peace 1 VoiceKynesPeaceEffect1 n Unknown
00082A36Kyne's Peace 2 VoiceKynesPeaceEffect2 n Unknown
00082A33Fire Storm 65 FireDamageFFSelfArea65 n Unknown
00082A32Fire Storm 25 FireDamageFFSelfArea25 n Unknown
0007F82FUnrelenting Force Strong VoiceUnrelentingForceEffect03 n Unknown
0007F82EUnrelenting Force Middle VoiceUnrelentingForceEffect02 n Unknown
0007E8E2Blizzard 100 FrostDamageFFSelfArea100 n Unknown
0007E8E0Reanimate Thrall ReanimateThrallFFAimed n Unknown
0007E8DCHarmony InfluenceAggDownFFSelfArea250 n Unknown
0007E8D8Hysteria InfluenceConfDownFFSelfArea250 n Unknown
0007E8D6Mayhem InfluenceAggUpFFSelfArea250 n Unknown
0007E5D4Conjure Storm Thrall SummonStormThrall n Unknown
0007E5D3Conjure Frost Thrall SummonFrostThrall n Unknown
0007E5D2Conjure Flame Thrall SummonFlameThrall n Unknown
0007B6BCPush Effect Strong VoiceDismayPushEffect03 n Unknown
0007B6BBPush Effect Middle VoiceDismayPushEffect02 n Unknown
0007B6BADismay Push Effect VoiceDismayPushEffect01 n Unknown
0007A82AFire Storm 100 FireDamageFFSelfArea100 n Unknown
0007A106Fortify Two-Handed EnchFortifyTwoHandedConstantSelf n Increase Two-Handed attack by (Two-Handed Skill Level) %
0007A102Fortify Smithing EnchFortifySmithingConstantSelf y Weapon and armor can be improved by (Smithing Skill Level) % better
0007A101Fortify Restoration EnchFortifyRestorationConstantSelf n Unknown
0007A100Fortify Pickpocket EnchFortifyPickpocketConstantSelf n Increase Pickpocket Chance by (Pickpocket Skill Level) %
0007A0FFFortify One-Handed EnchFortifyOneHandedConstantSelf y Increase One-Handed attack by (One-Handed Skill Level) %
0007A0FDRegenerate Magicka EnchFortifyMagickaRateConstantSelf n 100% faster magicka regenerate
0007A0FBFortify Light Armor EnchFortifyLightArmorConstantSelf n Unknown
0007A0FAFortify Illusion EnchFortifyIllusionConstantSelf n Unknown
0007A0F9Fortify Heavy Armor EnchFortifyHeavyArmorConstantSelf n Unknown
0007A0F8Regenerate Health EnchFortifyHealRateConstantSelf n 100% faster health regenerate
0007A0F6Fortify Destruction EnchFortifyDestructionConstantSelf n Unknown
0007A0F5Fortify Conjuration EnchFortifyConjurationConstantSelf n Unknown
0007A0F4Fortify Carry Weight EnchFortifyCarryConstantSelf n Unknown
0007A0F3Fortify Blocking EnchFortifyBlockConstantSelf n Unknown
0007A0F2Fortify Alteration EnchFortifyAlterationConstantSelf n Unknown
0007809BStagger Attack StaggerAttackFFContact n Unknown
000749B3MiddenTorch dunMiddenLightFFStatic n Unknown
00072313Phantom Visuals AbPhantom n Unknown
00072312Invisibility Phantom InvisibillityPhantom n Unknown
00049507Fortify Stamina EnchFortifyStaminaConstantSelf n Unknown
000493AAFortify Health EnchFortifyHealthConstantSelf n Unknown
00049295Resist Shock EnchResistShocktConstantSelf n Unknown
00048F45Resist Frost EnchResistFrostConstantSelf n Unknown
00048C8BResist Fire EnchResistFireConstantSelf n Unknown
0002FB1FDetect Life FX Visuals FXDetectLifeEffect n Unknown
0001A4CBTelekinesis Effect TelekinesisEffect n Unknown
0001A4C9Telekinesis Ability Effect AbTelekinesisEffect n Unknown
0001A1EFCall Of Valor Visual FX AbFXCallOfValorHeroEffect n Unknown
0007430DThrow Voice Effect VoiceThrowVoiceEffect n Unknown
00073F51Weakness to Magic AlchWeaknessMagic n Unknown
00073F30Paralysis AlchParalysis n Unknown
00073F2FWeakness to Shock AlchWeaknessShock n Unknown
00073F2EWeakness to Frost AlchWeaknessFrost n Unknown
00073F2DWeakness to Fire AlchWeaknessFire n Unknown
00073F2CDamage Stamina Regen AlchDamageStaminaRate n Unknown
00073F2BDamage Magicka Regen AlchDamageMagickaRate n Unknown
00073F29Frenzy AlchInfluenceAggUp n Unknown
00073F27Ravage Magicka AlchDamageMagickaRavage n Unknown
00073F26Ravage Health AlchDamageHealthRavage n Unknown
00073F25Slow AlchDamageSpeed n Unknown
00073F23Ravage Stamina AlchDamageStaminaRavage n Unknown
00073F20Fear AlchInfluenceConfDown n Unknown
00073325Shock Rune TrapRuneLightningFFLocation01 n Unknown
00073322Fire Rune TrapRuneFireFFLocation01 n Unknown
00073270Frost Rune TrapRuneFrostFFLocation01 n Unknown
0006F954Command CommandFFActor n Unknown
0006F951Banish BanishFFActor75 n Unknown
0006F6FDChaurus Spit crChaurusSpitFFAimed n Unknown
0006D22DBanish/Command Daedra Push DaedraPushFFActor n Unknown
0006D22BBanish BanishFFActor50 n Unknown
0006C0F3Fortify Bow Stagger AbFortifyBowStagger n Unknown
0006BBD0Fortify Armor Perks AbFortifyArmorPerks n Unknown
0006B10CNight Eye NightEyeEffect n Unknown
00069CE6Bound Sword FX EnchBoundSwordFX n Ethereal
0006796EShock Rune RuneShockFFLocation n Unknown
0006796DFrost Rune RuneFrostFFLocation n Unknown
00065BD6Reanimate ReanimateFFAimed0 n Unknown
00064D68Ethereal VoiceMakeEthereal n Unknown
00064459Flame Cloak AbAtronachCloakFire n Unknown
00064458Frost Cloak AbAtronachCloakFrost n Unknown
000640B4Conjure Familiar SummonFamiliar n Unknown
00057B49Fortified Healing AbFortifyHealRate n Unknown
0005030EGhost Visuals AbGhost n Unknown
000239A1Staff of Magnus Effect MG07StaffEffect n Unknown
0002395DDismaying Shout VoiceDismayingEffect3 n Unknown
0002395CDismaying Shout VoiceDismayingEffect2 n Unknown
00023959Dismaying Shout VoiceDismayingEffect1 n Unknown
0005DD5FRepel Undead TurnUndeadFFAimedArea75 n Unknown
0005DD5CTurn Greater Undead TurnUndeadFFAimed75 n Unknown
0005DD5BTurn Undead TurnUndeadFFAimed50 n Unknown
0005DBAEChain Lightning ShockDamageFFAimedArea n Unknown
0005DB8FFire Rune RuneFireFFLocation n Unknown
0005D171Frost breath VoiceFrostBreathEffect3 n Unknown
0005D170Frost breath VoiceFrostBreathEffect2 n Unknown
0005D16FFrost breath VoiceFrostBreathEffect1 n Unknown
0005AD61Ward - Greater WardConcSelf50 n Unknown
0005AD60Ward - Steadfast WardConcSelf25 n Unknown
00059B7CArmor - Ebony ArmorFFSelf75 n Unknown
00059B7BArmor - Iron ArmorFFSelf50 n Unknown
00059B7AArmor - Stone ArmorFFSelf25 n Unknown
00059326Poison Spray DA13AfflictedSpray n Unknown
000562EBFire breath VoiceFireBreathEffect3 n Unknown
000562EAFire breath VoiceFireBreathEffect2 n Unknown
0005312CCircle of Protection CircleProtectionFFSelf n Unknown
0005312BRegenerate Magicka AbFortifyMagickaRate n Unknown
00053124Resist Magic AbResistMagic n Unknown
00052FF3Blind AbBlind n Unknown
0004DBA3Soul Trap SoulTrapFFActor n Unknown
0002C593Elemental Fury VoiceElementalFuryEnchantment n Unknown
0002C56FElemental Fury VoiceElementalFury n Unknown
00051B15Armor - Oak ArmorFFSelf0 n Unknown
00051966Summon Hero from Sovngarde VoiceCallofValor3 n Unknown
00051965Summon Hero from Sovngarde VoiceCallofValor2 n Unknown
00051963Summon Hero from Sovngarde VoiceCallofValor1 n Unknown
0004E80BCircle of Protection HazardCircleOfProtectionFFContact n Unknown
0004DEE7Calm InfluenceAggDownFFAimed n Unknown
0004DEE6Fury InfluenceAggUpFFAimed n Unknown
0004DEDFPacify InfluenceAggDownFFAimedArea n Unknown
0004D3F9Turn Undead Push TurnUndeadPushFFAimed n Unknown
0004D3F7Repel Lesser Undead TurnUndeadFFAimedArea50 n Unknown
0004B145Turn Lesser Undead TurnUndeadFFAimed25 n Unknown
0003AC2DWaterbreathing AlchWaterbreathing n Unknown
0003A2C6Damage Stamina AlchDamageStamina n Unknown
0003A2B6Damage Magicka AlchDamageMagicka n Unknown
00039E51Resist Magic AlchResistMagic n Unknown
00033975Vampiric Invisibility crVampireInvisibility n Unknown
0002E1C6Fortify Sneak AbFortifySneak n Unknown
0002E1C5Fortify Illusion AbFortifyIllusion n Unknown
0002E1C4Fortify Destruction AbFortifyDestruction n Unknown
00049454Call Dragon Effect VoiceCallDragonEffect n Unknown
00048ACDSlow Time Effect VoiceSlowTimeEffect n Unknown
00046005Spider Spit crSpiderSpitFFAimed n Unknown
00044C57Draugr Frost Cloak crDraugrFrostCloakFFSelf n Unknown
00044255Dragonrend Effect - Stagger VoiceDragonrendEffect n Unknown
00043730Sprint Effect 3 VoiceSprintEffect3 n Unknown
0004372FSprint Effect 2 VoiceSprintEffect2 n Unknown
0003F50AClear Skies Effect 3 VoiceClearSkiesEffect3 n Unknown
0003F509Clear Skies Effect 2 VoiceClearSkiesEffect2 n Unknown
0003F508Clear Skies Effect 1 VoiceClearSkiesEffect1 n Unknown
0003EB42Damage Health AlchDamageHealth n Unknown
0003EB3DInvisibility AlchInvisibility n Unknown
0003EB29Fortify Enchanting AlchFortifyEnchanting n Unknown
0003EB27Fortify Illusion AlchFortifyIllusion n Unknown
0003EB26Fortify Destruction AlchFortifyDestruction n Unknown
0003EB25Fortify Conjuration AlchFortifyConjuration n Unknown
0003EB24Fortify Alteration AlchFortifyAlteration n Unknown
0003EB23Fortify Barter AlchFortifyBarter n Unknown
0003EB22Fortify Sneak AlchFortifySneak n Unknown
0003EB21Fortify Lockpicking AlchFortifyLockpicking n Unknown
0003EB20Fortify Pickpocket AlchFortifyPickpocket n Unknown
0003EB1FFortify Light Armor AlchFortifyLightArmor n Unknown
0003EB1EFortify Heavy Armor AlchFortifyHeavyArmor n Unknown
0003EB1DFortify Smithing AlchFortifySmithing n Unknown
0003EB1CFortify Block AlchFortifyBlock n Unknown
0003EB1BFortify Marksman AlchFortifyMarksman n Unknown
0003EB1AFortify Two-handed AlchFortifyTwoHanded n Unknown
0003EB19Fortify One-handed AlchFortifyOneHanded n Unknown
0003EB18Fortify Alchemy AlchFortifyAlchemy n Unknown
0003EB17Restore Magicka AlchRestoreMagicka n Unknown
0003EB16Restore Stamina AlchRestoreStamina n Unknown
0003EB15Restore Health AlchRestoreHealth n Unknown
0003EB07Regenerate Magicka AlchFortifyMagickaRate n Unknown
0003EB06Regenerate Health AlchFortifyHealRate n Unknown
0003EB01Fortify Carry Weight AlchFortifyCarryWeight n Unknown
0003EAF9Fortify Stamina AlchFortifyStamina n Unknown
0003EAF3Fortify Health AlchFortifyHealth n Unknown
0003EAECResist Shock AlchResistShock n Unknown
0003EAEBResist Frost AlchResistFrost n Unknown
0003EAEAResist Fire AlchResistFire n Unknown
0003AEA1Shock Cloak ShockCloakFFSelf n Unknown
0003AEA0Frost Cloak FrostCloakFFSelf n Unknown
0003AE9EFlame Cloak FireCloakFFSelf n Unknown
00039D41Stagger Area Attack StaggerAttackAreaEffect n Unknown
0002F7B9Sprint Effect 1 VoiceSprintEffect1 n Unknown
0002F3BARestore Stamina RestoreStaminaFFSelf n Unknown
0002F3B9Restore Stamina RestoreStaminaConcSelf n Unknown
0002F2DDPhantom Form MQ105PhantomForm n Unknown
0002F2D2Phantom Form VoicePhantomForm n Unknown
00024324Weakness to Shock AbWeaknessShockConstant n Unknown
0002431FWeakness to Frost AbWeaknessFrostConstant n Unknown
0002431EWeakness to Fire AbWeaknessFireConstant n Unknown
00024318Resist Shock AbResistShock n Unknown
00024315Resist Frost AbResistFrost n Unknown
00024314Resist Fire AbResistFire n Unknown
000252C1Dragon breath VoiceDragonFireBreathEffect1 n Unknown
00020E16Fire breath VoiceFireBreathEffect1 n Unknown
0001EA7ARout InfluenceConfDownFFAimedArea n Unknown
0001EA79Courage InfluenceConfUpFFAimed n Unknown
0001EA78Frenzy InfluenceAggUpFFAimedArea n Unknown
0001EA77Fear InfluenceConfDownFFAimed n Unknown
0001EA76Rally InfluenceConfUpFFAimedArea n Unknown
0001EA75Detect Undead Enemy Interior DetectUndeadEnemyInteriorConcSelf n Unknown
0001EA74Detect Life Friend Interior DetectLifeFriendInteriorConcSelf n Unknown
0001EA73Waterbreathing WaterbreathingFFSelf n Unknown
0001EA6EParalyze ParalysisFFAimed n Unknown
0001EA6DMagelight LightFFAimed n Unknown
0001EA6CCandlelight LightFFSelf n Unknown
0001EA6BFade Other InvisibillityFFActor n Unknown
0001EA6AInvisibility InvisibillityFFSelf n Unknown
0001CEACConjure Storm Atronach SummonStormAtronach y Unknown
0001CEABConjure Frost Atronach SummonFrostAtronach y Unknown
0001CEAAConjure Flame Atronach SummonFlameAtronach y Unknown
0001CEA8Lightning Bolt ShockDamageFFAimed n Unknown
0001CEA7Restore Health RestoreHealthFFActor n Unknown
0001CEA6Restore Health RestoreHealthFFSelf n Unknown
0001CEA5Restore Health RestoreHealthConcActor n Unknown
0001CEA4Restore Health RestoreHealthConcSelf n Unknown
0001CEA3Ice Storm FrostDamageFFAimedArea n Unknown
0001CEA2Ice Spike FrostDamageFFAimed n Unknown
0001CEA1Fireball FireDamageFFAimedArea n Unknown
0001CEA0Bound Bow BoundBowFFSelf n Unknown
0001CE9FBound Sword BoundSwordFFSelf n Unknown
0001CE9EBound Axe BoundBattleAxeFFSelf n Unknown
00013E08Unrelenting Force Weak VoiceUnrelentingForceEffect01 n Unknown
00013CABSparks ShockDamageConcAimed n Unknown
00013CAAFrostbite FrostDamageConcAimed n Unknown
00013CA9Flames FireDamageConcAimed n Unknown
0000014AScript Effect ScriptEffect n Unknown
0000014CWard - Lesser WardConcSelf0 n Unknown
00012F03Firebolt FireDamageFFAimed n Unknown
  • Note – Enchanting an item with Fortify Shout makes it render the shout timer null. In other words, you will have unlimited shouts. The reason why it does that is because "enchantment power" is modified by the player skill. For the "fortify shout" enchantment, the value is set to 00.20 (20%). When the player uses this as an enchantment on any item, it modifies to power of it, giving a value greater than 1, or 100%; thus giving a shout cooldown timer of minus 100% from the original value and nullifying the timer. To fix this, you must use the Creation Kit.
  • Note – some of these effects have been tested and found to have no noticeable effect.
  • Note – some of these effects are purely visual.
  • Note – To remove effects listed as permanent, requires resurrecting your player through the console, and manually adding any permanent effects you had before. To do this; switch to 3rd person, select your player with the console, enter resurrect 1, then player.addspell <ID> to restore your Effects.


If you want a permanent and immortal with 0 magica cost atronach, use the "summon <element> atronach" spell on a piece of armour. This will summon an atronach of your election permanently, being instantly re-summoned whenever it dies.

Note: This trick may work on familiars and other summoned beings, but it has not been proven. Also, the spell on weapons does not work because the spell its "summon <element> atronach for +0 seconds" so every time you hit it instantly disappears.

If you want to create some really crazy stuff, this command to give yourself a full set of apparel (head, arms, legs, body) all with the fortify enchanting enchantment (id code: 00109632) applied twice. Then equip all of these items and repeat the process of giving yourself the enchanted apparel. The second set of apparel will be exponentially stronger than the first and this process can be repeated until the game crashes (do not know exactly why this happens, it seems to happen when either the value of the item exceeds 1 trillion or when the enchantment is stronger than 1 billion) this game crashing level of awesome only took about 5 repeats of the process (which is very quick because pushing the up arrow key when in command prompt accesses the last command you typed). Seeing as only two or three repeats of this process can make you armor and weapons that have similar effect to toggling god mode on (that command is TGM) it is suggested that you stop there, because after that the game will crash often and it become difficult to predict when it crash after this point. Save after every step.

Note: You will not be able to learn enchantments from the items you receive using the playerenchantobject command.

Some sort of working and interesting enchantments to use on items are:

000EBB78 – Dragon breath
000CD82F – Waterbreathing
00092C45 – Beast Form
001090F6 – Spriggan Effect
00104D4A – Frost Atronach Effect
0007F423 – Storm Atronach Effect
00081182 – Ebony Mail Ability
000BF742 – Nightmare Effect
000FDBC2 – Invisibility
0006B10C – Night Eye Ability
00064D68 – Become Ethereal
0003AEA0 – Frost Cloak
0003AE9E – Flame Cloak
0003AEA1 – Shock Cloak
0001EA6C – Candlelight
000FF15E – Resist Poison
0007F82F – Level 3 Unrelenting Force
00042500 – Bound Bow (Not for weapons)
000424FF – Bound Axe (Not for weapons)
000424FA – Bound Sword (Not for weapons)
0005AD61 – Greater Ward (Not for weapons)
0007DCDB – Deflection Ward (Not for weapons)
0009E0CB – Level 3 Animal Allegiance
00097EE2 – J'zargo's Flame Cloak (Not for weapons)
00091AE5 – Small chance to Instant Kill
0010C4E7 – Kahjit x4 melee bonus (Claws)
0010FC14 – Konahrik's Privilege
000E1FEC – Regenerate Magicka while casting (from "Out of Balance" quest)

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