The following is a list of Faction ID's in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, for completed faction ID list it can be viewed on Creation Kit: Object Window -> Character -> Faction.

Factions with bountiesEdit

Faction ID Faction ID
000267E3 Falkreath Hold (Falkreath) 00028170
Haafingar (Solitude) 00029DB0 Hjaalmarch (Morthal) 0002816D
The Pale (Dawnstar) 0002816E The Reach (Markarth) 0002816C
The Rift (Riften) 0002816B Whiterun Hold (Whiterun) 000267EA
Winterhold Hold (Winterhold) 0002816F

Other joinable factionsEdit

Faction ID Faction ID
Bards College Blades 72834
College of Winterhold 1F259 The Companions 00048362
The Circle The Coven of Namira
Dark Brotherhood Forsworn 43599
Imperial Legion 2BF9A Nightingales
Stormcloaks 28849 Thieves Guild 10A794
Dawnguard 02014217 Volkihar Clan 02003376

Non-joinable factionsEdit

Faction ID Faction ID
Alik'r Coterie Blackblood Marauders
Black-Briars East Empire Company
Mythic Dawn Penitus Oculatus
Psijic Order Summerset Shadows
The Silver-Bloods Silver Hand
The Synod Thalmor 00039F26
Vigilants of Stendarr 000B3292 Greybeards

Console Commands Dedicated FactionsEdit

Faction ID Faction ID
Marriage Faction 19809 Player Ally faction 5A1​A4
Bandit Ally Faction E0CD9 Warlock Ally Faction E0CDA
Draugr Ally Faction E0CDB Potential Follower Faction 5C84D
Allows the player to get a dog to follow them 43596 or 9B2AF or 9F84A Player Marriage Lock C6472
Merchant Faction 51596 Neutrality to Whiterun Guard D5EB3
Current Follower Faction 5C84E Dismissed Follower Faction 5C84C
Marriage Asked Faction FF7F3 Marriage Courting Faction 7431A
Spouse Service Faction C6458-C6468 Necromancer Faction 34B74
Breezehome Faction 93B18 Whiterun Housecarl 10336E
Whiterun Guard 2BE39 Bandit Faction 1BCC0
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