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The following page is dedicated to creating custom followers via console commands, as well as a list of potential characters for the conversion.


Most NPCs can be converted into followers if one has their factions and relationship rank altered, since their AI is tied to the factions they are. This allows you to convert character with special service (e.g. blacksmith, spellcasters, unique NPCs) into your followers. Alternatively, you can create your own follower and spouse via Creation Kit if you have a matching character voice set with follower option.

Creating Follower Via Console CommandsEdit

 PC   By placing character, alternating relationship rank and modifying factions via console commands, some Characters can be converted into followers by force.

  • Step 1: Searching for NPCs, can be town NPC or character with race as the names: Dealer, Hroki, Wood Elf, High Elf, etc. - help "Wood Elf" 0
  • Step 2: Place the NPC at your desired location, it'll set as their homes: player.placeatme <BaseID> 1
  • Step 3: modify their relationship rank: setrelationshiprank <TargetedID> 3 (optional: 4 for spouse)
  • Step 4: modify player's relationship rank: player.setrelationshiprank <TargetedID> 3
  • Step 5: add to player ally faction: addfac 5a1a4 4
    • Step 5a: add to potential Marriage Faction (spouse): addfac 19809 4
  • Step 6: add to potential follower faction: addfac 5c84d 4 (Player Ally Faction is required for some hostile characters, you may add Marriage Factions also)
  • Step 6: remove hostile factions: removefac <HostileFactionID> (Bandit Ally Faction and Warlock Ally Faction, mostly)
  • Step 7: remove aggression actor value: SetAV Aggression 0.
  • Step 8: set essential status: setessential # (0 is non-essential, 1 is essential)
  • Step 9: resurrect the NPC if they are killed due to the NPC being hostile before, by typing resurrect
  • Step 10: modify inventory by either using <equip/unequip/add/remove>item <BaseID> or recycling actor using recycleactor
  • Step 11: ask them to be your follower
  • Sometimes the follower option might be gone after marriage or death under this condition.
    • Solution: use setrelationshiprank <TargetID> 3 and player.setrelationshiprank <TargetID> 3 command to resolve this problem.

P.S. not guaranteed to work on all NPCs, it only works on NPC summoned via character model Base ID instead of radiant ID.


Tutorial of converting hostile NPC into follower (tested on Dealer):

setrelationshiprank refID 3

player.setrelationshiprank refID 3

addfac 5c84d 4

addfac 5a1a4 4

addfac 19809 4

removefac e0cd9

removefac e0cda

removefac e0cdb

setav aggression 0

setessential BaseID 1

resurrect or recycleactor

This only works on NPCs summoned via Base ID, but not Reference ID.

Pacifying Characters Via Console CommandsEdit

addfac 5a1a4

setrelationshiprank refID 3

player.setrelationshiprank refID 3

setav aggression 0

resurrect or recycleactor

Character Model Generation MechanicsEdit

Characters IDs are identified via specified number and letter formation to distinguish between Character Model ID and Radiant ID, the following is an example:

  • Bandits are generated with radiant character Base ID or Ref ID, while their base ID can be uncovered in console commands by typing help.
  • The first two number determines their character type (Bandit Rank), the third letter determines character type (D: class, D: design, E: encounter/radiant).
  • The fourth number determines the variant's race (e.g. 6 is always Bosmer) while the fifth one determines facial variants. e.g. 39D67 will always spawn bosmer female.
  • While radiant characters' fourth number can be letter as well, this avoids using the same Base ID so the AI won't be bugged.
  • All bandits models are generated within the same BaseIDs, therefore their facial features are not entirely generated randomly.
  • With the exception of TreasCorpseBanditWoodElfFemale, her Base ID does not follow this rule, although she can still be generated with radiant characters.

What to convertEdit

The following are recommended to convert into followers:

  • Characters with its race as its names – their AI and inventory can be toggled freely without suffering any consequences
  • Citizens – some provides services which are handy, especially merchants and blacksmiths.
  • Spellcasters – they provide decent ranged attack or conjured creatures to assist you, a notable example includes Alva.
  • Bandits – Unlike most enemies, they do provide follower service after conversion.
  • Vampires – They also provide follower options as well, oddly, female vampires summoned via Vanilla Version Template Base ID often interact with other female NPCs nearby actively, except Alva.
  • Characters with "EvenTone," "Commoner," "Sultry" and "YoungEager" voice set can mostly be converted into followers.

What not to convertEdit

The following are not recommended to convert into followers:

  • Necromancers, they do not provide follower service, with the exception of one Breton female Arch Necromancer.
  • Thalmor agents, they do not provide follower service as well.
  • Hold Guard, they do not provide follower dialogues and they always respawn.
  • Characters with "ElfHaughty," "FemaleNord," "Commander," voice set do not contain follower option.
  • Unique NPCs without dialogues (Harkon, Miraak, etc.)
  • NPCs with unique voice actors (Ancano, Elenwen, etc.)
  • Character models made for projecting Daedric Prince voices (Voice of Namira, Molag Bal, Azura, etc.)
  • Randomly generated characters.
  • Characters involving quest prior to completion.
  • Creatures and undead.
  • Deceased characters.

List of potential character for custom follower conversionEdit


These characters provide shop services.

Name Location/Quest Level* Health-icon MagickaIcon Stamina Magic Resistance Service Notes
Dealer Redwater Den Redwater Skooma Supply
  • Becomes hostile if you drink Redwater Skooma or unlock the gate in the Redwater Den.
  • If made hostile, it requires one to aggro and kill her once and then alter the faction.
  • Comes with unique dialogues and sells Redwater Skooma
  • Available for both follower and marriage faction if modified
  • Requires a reset on relationship rank every time you reload the game
  • May disappear permanently if she's dismissed after having all of the NPCs in the Redwater Den become hostile.
  • If one wants to have her always available as a follower, refrain from drinking Redwater Skooma or open the gate.
Adrianne Avenicci Whiterun 6 Blacksmith, Weapon Merchant
  • Convenient location since Whiterun is a starting location
  • Served as both weapon merchant and blacksmith
  • Unavailable for marriage
Sybille Stentor Blue Palace
Wylandriah Mistveil Keep 15
  • She is a Court Wizard.
  • She sells spell tomes and soul gems.
  • Despite being a Court Wizard, she doesn't cast any spell.
  • Available for both follower and marriage faction if modified.


These characters served as spellcasters, decent on ranged attacks, while some are defaultly hostile and requires one to modify their factions first.

Name Location/Quest Level* Health-icon MagickaIcon Stamina Magic Resistance Enchantable Items Notes
Necromancer Wolfskull Cave Radiant
  • Base ID: (00028502) (00028503) (00096559) (0009655B)
  • Only these four are considered as unique NPCs.
  • 28502 is Nord Man
  • 28503 is Nord woman
  • 96559 is Dunmer woman
  • 9655b is Breton woman
  • Located at the tower near Ritual Master.
  • Does not have follower option dialogue
Alva Alva's House 5–15
  • Only available after "Laid to Rest" is completed provided if she's alive.
  • Located at Alva's Celler during day.
  • Capable of casting Vampiric Drain and Reanimate Corpse, making her a good makeshift necromancer.
  • The only downside would be her low magicka and she only knows these two spells.
  • Her follower dialogue voice clip is glitched.
  • Despite being a vampire, she's not classified as "NordRaceVampire" race, but instead, the regular "NordRace".

Melee Class & ArchersEdit

These characters generally have good armor and use weapons effectively, while some are defaultly hostile and requires one to modify their factions first.

Name Location/Quest Level* Health-icon MagickaIcon Stamina Magic Resistance Enchantable Items Notes


These characters can be found at town and can be converted into followers, they do not have good stat, but easy to be modified.

Name Location/Quest Level* Health-icon MagickaIcon Stamina Magic Resistance Enchantable Items Notes

Unique CharactersEdit

Characters either having unique dialogue or unique voice actors.

Name Location/Quest Level* Health-icon MagickaIcon Stamina Magic Resistance Enchantable Items Notes

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