This page lists all Food. The specializations of food are listed on a separate page, and are not listed here. You can access the page of the specialization(s), using the button at the top of this page.

To receive the food you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ID> <#>

"<ID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.


Name ID
Apple Cabbage Stew 000EBA01
Apple Pie 00064B43
Baked Potatoes 00064B3A
Beef Stew 000F4314
Boiled Creme Treat 00064B30
Bread 00065C97
Cabbage 00064B3F
Cabbage Potato Soup 000F431B
Cabbage Soup 000EBA02
Carrot 00064B40
Charred Skeever Meat 000E8448
Chicken Breast 000F2011
Clam Meat 000EBA03
Cooked Beef 000721E8
Dog Meat 000EDB2E
Eidar Cheese Wedge 00064B32
Eidar Cheese Wheel 00064B34
Eidar Cheese Wheel 00064B36
Elsweyr Fondue 000F4320
Goat Cheese Wedge 00064B31
Goat Cheese Wheel 00064B33
Gourd 0010D666
Green Apple 00064B2F
Grilled Chicken Breast 000E8947
Grilled Leeks 00064B3E
Homecooked Meal 000CD614
Honey 0010394D
Honey Nut Treat 00064B38
Horker Loaf 0007224E
Horker Meat 00065C9B
Horker Stew 000F4315
Horse Haunch 000722B0
Horse Meat 00065C9C
Leek 000669A5
Leg of Goat 00065C9A
Leg of Goat Roast 0007224C
Long Taffy Treat 00064B39
Mammoth Cheese Bowl 000669A3
Mammoth Snout 000669A4
Mammoth Steak 000722BB
Pheasant Breast 00065C9D
Pheasant Roast 000722C7
Potato 00064B41
Rabbit Haunch 000722C2
Raw Beef 00065C99
Raw Rabbit Leg 00065C9E
Red Apple 00064B2E
Salmon Meat 00065C9F
Salmon Steak 00064B3B
Seared Slaughterfish 00064B3C
Sliced Goat Cheese 00064B35
Spiced Beef 000CADFB
Sweetroll 00064B3D
Tomato 00064B42
Tomato Soup 000F431C
Vegetable Soup 000F431E
Venison 000669A2
Venison Chop 000722BD
Venison Stew 000F431D
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