This page lists all Leather and Hides. To receive the leather and hides you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ID> <#>

"<ID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.

Leather and hidesEdit

Name ID
Bear Pelt 0003AD52
Cave Bear Pelt 0003AD53
Chaurus Chitin 0003AD57
Cow Hide 0003AD8F
Deer Hide 000D284D
Deer Hide 0003AD90
Fox Pelt 000D4B35
Goat Hide 0003AD8E
Horse Hide 0003AD93
Ice Wolf Pelt 0003AD75
Leather 000DB5D2
Leather Strips 000800E4
Sabre Cat Pelt 0003AD6D
Sabre Cat Snow Pelt 0003AD6E
Snow Bear Pelt 0003AD54
Snow Fox Pelt 000D4BE7
Wolf Pelt 0003AD74
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