For other uses, see Console Commands (Skyrim)/Armor.

The following is a list of Light Armor IDs. To receive the armor you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>

"<ItemID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.

Craftable Armor setsEdit

Hide ArmorEdit

Name ID
Hide Armor00013911
Hide Boots00013910
Hide Bracers00013912
Hide Helmet00013913
Hide Shield00013914

Scaled ArmorEdit

Name ID
Scaled Armor0001B3A3
Scaled Boots0001B39F
Scaled Bracers0001B3A0
Scaled Helmet0001B3A1
Studded Armor0001B3A2

Elven ArmorEdit

Name ID
Elven Armor000896A3
Elven Boots0001391A
Elven Gauntlets0001391C
Elven Gilded Armor0001392A
Elven Helmet0001391D
Elven Shield0001391E

Glass ArmorEdit

Name ID
Glass Armor00013939
Glass Boots00013938
Glass Gauntlets0001393A
Glass Helmet0001393B
Glass Shield0001393C

Non-craftable Armor setsEdit

Fur ArmorEdit

Name ID
Fur Armor0006F393
Fur Boots000A6D7F
Fur Shoes0006F398
Fur Gauntlets000A6D7D
Fur Bracers0006F39B
Fur Helmet0006F39E

Nightingale ArmorEdit

Name ID
Nightingale Armor0005DB86 (1–18)
000FCC0E (19–31)
000FCC0F (32+)
Nightingale Boots000FCC0C (1–18)
0005DB85 (19–31)
000FCC0D (32+)
Nightingale Gloves0005DB87 (1–18)
000FCC10 (19–31)
000FCC11 (32+)
Nightingale Hood0005DB88 (1–18)
000FCC13 (19–31)
000FCC12 (32+)

Shrouded ArmorEdit

Name ID
Shrouded Armor00D2844
Shrouded Boots000D2845
Shrouded Cowl Maskless0005ABC4
Shrouded Cowl000D2842
Shrouded Gloves000D2843

Dawnguard Armor DGEdit

Name ID
Dawnguard Armorxx00f3fb (Red)
xx00f402 (Grey)
xx00f404 (Brown)
Dawnguard Bootsxx00f400
Dawnguard Gauntletsxx00f3fe
Dawnguard Helmetxx01989e

Vampire Armor DGEdit

Name ID
Vampire Armorxx0142c7 (Black)
xx0191f2 (Grey)
xx0191f3 (Red)
Vampire Bootsxx00b5de
Vampire Gauntletsxx01a51f
Vampire Royal Armorxx00b5db


Dragon Priest MasksEdit

Name ID
Krosis Mask00061CB9
Morokei Mask00061C8B
Volsung Mask00061CAB
Wooden Mask00061CCA
Miraak Mask DRxx039d2b (1–44)
xx039d2e (45–59)
xx039d2f (60+)

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