This page lists all potions. The specialization(s) of potions are listed on a separate page, and are not listed here. To receive the potions you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ID> <#>

"<ID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.


Name ID
Blacksmith's Elixir 00039967
Enchanter's Draught 00039D02
Enchanter's Elixir 00039D12
Enchanter's Philter 00039D0A
Enchanter's Potion 00039CFB
Esbern's Potion 000E6DF5
Falmer Blood Elixir 00076F17
Philter of True Shot 0003994B
Philter of the Phantom 000663E1
Potion of Alteration 0003EB36
Potion of Blood xx018ef3
Potion of Brief Invisibility 0003EB3E
Potion of Cure Disease 000AE723
Potion of Cure Poison 00065A64
Potion of Extreme Healing 00039BE4
Potion of Extreme Magicka 00039BE6
Potion of Extreme Stamina 0003EAE6
Potion of Healing 0003EADE
Potion of Health 0003EAF2
Potion of Invisibility 0003EB3F
Potion of Magicka 0003EAE1
Potion of Minor Healing 0003EADD
Potion of Minor Magicka 0003EAE0
Potion of Minor Stamina 0003EAE5
Potion of Minor Well-being DR xx01aadd
Potion of Prolonged Invisibility 0003EB41
Potion of Stamina 00039BE8
Potion of Ultimate Healing 00039BE5
Potion of Ultimate Magicka 00039BE7
Potion of Ultimate Stamina 00039CF3
Potion of Vigorous Healing 0003EAE3
Prime Elixir of Escape 000F84B3
Vaermina's Torpor 0005F6DF
White Phial 0002C25A
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