This page lists all Precious Gems. To receive the precious gems you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ID> <#>

"<ID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.

Precious gems[edit | edit source]

Name ID
Amethyst 00063B46
Diamond 00063B47
Emerald 00063B43
Flawless Amethyst 0006851E
Flawless Diamond 0006851F
Flawless Emerald 00068520
Flawless Garnet 00068521
Flawless Ruby 00068522
Flawless Sapphire 00068523
Garnet 00063B45
Ruby 00063B42
Sapphire 00063B44
Stone of Barenziah 0009DFBB
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