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You can add shouts to your character using the console command addshout or player.teachword. After learning a word you will need to unlock it in your skills menu using a dragon soul. Alternatively, you can use the player.unlockword command. This command is normally used in the case of a malfunctioning word wall, or if using setstage does not advance the appropriate quest to the requirement of learning the shout.

If you need dragon souls, you can set the amount you have with the command player.forceav dragonsouls #, with # being the amount you'll have afterwards. Alternatively, you could put the command player.modav dragonsouls #, with # being the number of dragon souls you gain.

Skyrim shout codes[]

Command Word Shout
player.teachword 13E22 FUS = Force Unrelenting Force
player.teachword 13E23 RO = Balance Unrelenting Force
player.teachword 13E24 DAH (D4) = Push Unrelenting Force
player.teachword 60294 LAAS (L1s) = Life Aura Whisper
player.teachword 60295 YAH (Y4) = Seek Aura Whisper
player.teachword 60296 NIR (N7) = Hunt Aura Whisper
player.teachword 602A3 IIZ (3Z) = Ice Ice Form
player.teachword 602A4 SLEN = Flesh Ice Form
player.teachword 602A5 NUS = Statue Ice Form
player.teachword 6029A STRUN = Storm Storm Call
player.teachword 6029B BAH (B4) = Wrath Storm Call
player.teachword 6029C QO = Lightning Storm Call
player.teachword 20E17 YOL = Fire Fire Breath
player.teachword 20E18 TOOR (T8R) = Inferno Fire Breath
player.teachword 20E19 KREIN (SHUL) = Sun Fire Breath
player.teachword 48ACA TIID = Time Slow Time
player.teachword 48ACB KLO = Sand Slow Time
player.teachword 48ACC UL = Eternity Slow Time
player.teachword 2F7BB WULD = Whirlwind Whirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 2F7BC NAH = Fury Whirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 2F7BD KEST = Tempest Whirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 60291 RAAN = Animal Animal Allegiance
player.teachword 60292 MIR = Allegiance Animal Allegiance
player.teachword 60293 TAH = Pack Animal Allegiance
player.teachword 3291D SU = Air Elemental Fury
player.teachword 3291E GRAH = Battle Elemental Fury
player.teachword 3291F DUN = Fury Elemental Fury
player.teachword 32917 FEIM = Fade Become Ethereal
player.teachword 32918 ZI = Spirit Become Ethereal
player.teachword 32919 GRON = Bind Become Ethereal
player.teachword 5D16C FO = Frost Frost Breath
player.teachword 5D16D KRAH = Cold Frost Breath
player.teachword 5D16E DIIN = Freeze Frost Breath
player.teachword 602A0 ZUL = Voice Throw Voice
player.teachword 602A1 MEY = Fool Throw Voice
player.teachword 602A2 GUT = Far Throw Voice
player.teachword 5FB95 ZUN = Weapon Disarm
player.teachword 5FB96 HAAL = Hand Disarm
player.teachword 5FB97 VIIK = Defeat Disarm
player.teachword 3CD31 LOK = Sky Clear Skies
player.teachword 3CD32 VAH = Spring Clear Skies
player.teachword 3CD33 KOOR = Summer Clear Skies
player.teachword 51960 HUN = Hero Call of Valor
player.teachword 51961 KAAR = Champion Call of Valor
player.teachword 51962 ZOOL = Legend Call of Valor
player.teachword 44251 JOOR = Mortal Dragonrend
player.teachword 44252 ZAH = Finite Dragonrend
player.teachword 44253 FRUL = Temporary Dragonrend
player.teachword 60297 KRII = Kill Marked for Death
player.teachword 60298 LUN = Leech Marked for Death
player.teachword 60299 AUS = Suffer Marked for Death
player.teachword 46B89 OD = Snow Call Dragon
player.teachword 46B8A AH (4) = Hunter Call Dragon
player.teachword 46B8B VIING = Wing Call Dragon
player.teachword 6029D KAAN = Kyne Kyne's Peace
player.teachword 6029E DREM = Peace Kyne's Peace
player.teachword 6029F OV = Trust Kyne's Peace
player.teachword 3291A FAAS = Fear Dismay
player.teachword 3291B RU = Run Dismay
player.teachword 3291C MAAR = Terror Dismay

Dawnguard shout codes[]

Command Word Shout
player.teachword xx007cb7 Rii = Essence Soul Tear
player.teachword xx007cb8 Vaaz = Tear Soul Tear
player.teachword xx007cb9 Zol = Zombie Soul Tear
player.teachword xx0030d4 Dur (D6) = Curse Summon Durnehviir
player.teachword xx0030d6 Neh = Never Summon Durnehviir
player.teachword xx0030d7 Viir (V3r) = Dying Summon Durnehviir
player.teachword xx008a65 Gaan (G1n) = Stamina Drain Vitality
player.teachword xx008a64 Lah (L4) = Magicka Drain Vitality
player.teachword xx008a63 Haas (H1s) = Health Drain Vitality
player.teachword xx01a162 Diil (D3l) = Undead Soul Cairn Summon
player.teachword xx01a163 Qoth = Tomb Soul Cairn Summon
player.teachword xx01a164 Zaam (Z1m) = Slave Soul Cairn Summon

For the above shouts XX represents the Load Order of your Dawnguard DLC. For instance, if Skyrim.esm is 00, Update.esm is 01, and your Dawnguard.esm was loaded next then it would be 02. So you would replace XX with 02.

Dragonborn shout codes[]

Command Word Shout
player.teachword xx0200e4 Mid = Loyal Battle Fury
player.teachword xx0200e5 Vur (V6) = Valor Battle Fury
player.teachword xx0200e6 Shaan (Sh1n) = Inspire Battle Fury
player.teachword xx0179d9 Gol = Earth Bend Will
player.teachword xx0179da Ha (H4) = Mind Bend Will
player.teachword xx0179db Dov = Dragon Bend Will
player.teachword xx0200c2 Ven = Wind Cyclone
player.teachword xx0200c3 Gar (G1r) = Unleash Cyclone
player.teachword xx0200c4 Nos = Strike Cyclone
player.teachword xx01df93 Mul = Strength Dragon Aspect
player.teachword xx01df94 Qah (Q4) = Armor Dragon Aspect
player.teachword xx01df95 Diiv (D3v) = Wyrm Dragon Aspect

For the above shouts XX represents the Load Order of your Dragonborn DLC. So you may for instance replace XX with 04 if you have Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLC's with Dragonborn loading last. If you have a mod manager it will likely list the load order for you.

Summon Spectral Clone[]

Command Word Shout
player.teachword 2F2CC Fiik - Mirror Summon Spectral Clone
player.teachword 2F2CD Lo - Deceive Summon Spectral Clone
player.teachword 2F2CE Sah - Phantom Summon Spectral Clone

Though it is normally unobtainable in-game for the player, the Dragonborn can use this shout and even has their own voice file.

Note: This shout is not very useful. Take care not to harm the Spectral Clone in view of any guards or citizens, as this will cause a bounty to be imposed as if you had assaulted a normal NPC.

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