The following is a list of Staff IDs. To receive the staff you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>

"<ItemID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.



Name ID Name ID
Staff of Magelight000be121 Staff of Paralysis00029b73


Name ID Name ID
Sild's Staff000a88c9 Staff of Banishing00029b79
Staff of Daedric Command00029b7b Staff of Dread Zombies00029b7c
Staff of Expulsion00029b7e Staff of Reanimation00029b76
Staff of Revenants00029b7a Staff of Soul Trapping000be122
Staff of the Familiar00029b75 Staff of the Flame Atronach00029b78
Staff of the Frost Atronach000be120 Staff of the Storm Atronach00029b7d
Staff of Zombies00029b74 Aetherial Staffxx00575e


Name ID Name ID
Dragon Priest Staff (Wall of Lightning)0004de5b Dragon Priest Staff (Wall of Fire)0007e5bb
Eye of Melka000b3dfa Forsworn Staff000fa2c1 or 000cc826
Hevnoraak's Staff0010076d Staff of Fireballs00029b82
Staff of Firebolts0004c6ca Staff of Flames0004dee0
Staff of Frostbite0004dee1 Staff of Chain Lightning00029b84
Staff of Hag's Wrath0007a4fb Staff of Ice Spikes0004ded8
Staff of Ice Storms00029b83 Staff of Icy Spear0010fcf7
Staff of Incineration0010fcf2 Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson000e5f43
Staff of Lightning Bolts0004dee3 Staff of Sparks0004dee2
Staff of the Flame Wall00029b85 Staff of the Frost Wall00029b86
Staff of the Storm Wall00029b87 Staff of Thunderbolts0010fcf4
Staff of Magnus00035369


Name ID Name ID
Gadnor's Staff of Charming00046e0b Grand Staff of Charming00029b91
Halldir's Staff000ab704 Staff of Arcane Authority000940d8
Staff of Calm00029b8b Staff of Courage00029b88
Staff of Fear00029b8c Staff of Frenzy00029b8f
Staff of Fury00029b89 Staff of Inspiration00029b8e
Staff of Tandil0006a093 Staff of Vanquishment00029b92


Name ID Name ID
Grand Staff of Repulsion00029b9b Grand Staff of Turning00029b97
Minor Staff of Turning00029b94 Staff of Mending00029b99
Staff of Repulsion00029b9a Staff of the Healing Hand00029b93
Staff of Turning00029b95


Name ID Name ID
Alteration Staff0007e646 Broken Staff0001cb30
Conjuration Staff0007e647 Destruction Staff000be11f
Illusion Staff0007a91b Necromantic Staff000284f5
Restoration Staff00051b0c

Rare StavesEdit

Name ID Name ID
Sanguine Rose0001CB36 Skull of Corruption00035066
Staff of Arcane Authority940D8 Wabbajack9B2B2
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