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Containers are objects capable of storing other objects. Containers are found throughout Tamriel and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Backpacks can often be found at small campsites and inside dungeons. They usually contain a style material and/or a recipe.


Barrels are most frequently found inside dungeons and aboard ships. They almost always contain Provisioning ingredients.


Baskets are woven containers that may or may not have a lid, and can be found everywhere. Smaller than barrels, baskets always have Provisioning ingredients.


Chests can be found everywhere in the game. However, they are usually located in places slightly out of first sight. The contents of chests depends on the place where the chest was opened. Chests in main regions contain loot levelled to the area of that region. Chests in levelled instances contain loot of that same level.

Chests will usually give gold, soul gems and a piece of armor or a weapon.


Crates are large wooden boxes often found in groups of two to five, in or near the entrance to dungeons. Crates almost always contain Provisioning ingredients.




Nightstands are usually found beside beds inside houses, but can be found elsewhere.


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