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The charts below represent the default control schemes for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Control Xbox 360 PS3 PC
Look Stick right Stick right Mouse
Move Stick left Stick left W, A, S, D
Jump Button y PS3 Triangle E
Dodge Trigger left+Button y PS3 L1+PS3 Triangle Right Click+E
Crouch/Sneak Stick left Stick left CTRL
Stick left
Pushed Up
Stick left
Pushed Up
Toggle Run (PC Only) (PC Only) Caps Lock
Auto Move (PC Only) (PC Only) Q

Control Xbox 360 PS3 PC
Use/Attack Trigger right PS3 R1 Left Click
Cast Bumper right PS3 R2 C
Ready Weapon Button x PS3 Square F
Block Trigger left PS3 L1 Right Click (Hold) or Alt (Hold)
Yield Trigger left+Button a PS3 L1+PS3 Cross Right Click+Space

Control Xbox 360 PS3 PC
Use/Activate Button a PS3 Cross Space
Grab Bumper left PS3 L2 Z
Change View Stick right Stick right R or Middle Click
Vanity View Stick right (Hold) Stick right (Hold) R (Hold) or Middle Click (Hold)
Open Journal
Button b
PS3 Circle TAB
Open Journal (PC Only) (PC Only) F1-F4
Hotkeys All D-Pad Directions All D-Pad Directions 1–8
Button back
PS3 select T
Button start
Button start Esc
Quick Save (PC Only) (PC Only) F5
Quick Load (PC Only) (PC Only) F9

Visual mapEdit


Visual map of Oblivion key bindings. Click for a clearer view.

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