"First Tower Dictate: render the mutant bound where he may do no more harm. As God of the Mundus, alike shall be his progeny, split from their divine sparks. We are Eight time eight Exarchs. Let the home of Padomay see us as sole exit."
Mankar Camoran[src]
Not to be confused with Covenant.

The Convention was an event during the Dawn Era that took place on the Adamantine Tower. Also known as the Zero Stone, Convention also serves as the Stone for said tower.[UL 1]

Upon the departure of the Magna-Ge after the creation on Mundus, Akatosh arranged a meeting of the remaining Aedra outside aurbic time.[1] The purpose of this meeting was to decide Lorkhan's punishment for tricking them into creating the mortal realm.[UL 2]

The outcome of the Convention was to separate Lorkhan from his divine heart. Trinimac tore out Lorkhan's heart and Auri-El fastened it to an arrow and shot it into the sea where Red Mountain eventually formed.[2]

The Heart of Lorkhan granted Mundus with a special kind of divinity and allowed Auri-El and the remaining et'Ada to leave without it becoming unraveled. The Aedra who remained either gave themselves to Mundus and became the laws of nature known as the Earthbones, the planets that surround Nirn, or became the Ehlnofey, the progenitors of man and mer.[1]

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