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Copper Dariah is a Redguard and the leader of the Ring of Daggers, the secret intelligence network of the Daggerfall Covenant.


Messages Across Tamriel[]

Copper Dariah is encountered before speaking to Vanus Galerion.


Messages Across Tamriel

"About time you got here."

I don't believe we've met? "Name's Dariah, but my friends call me Copper. I head up the Ring of Daggers, the King's espionage agency. You're looking for Vanus, right?"
I was told to report to you. "I'll eat sand before I give orders to the King's right hand. You want to help Vanus with his crazy plan, be my guest."
I'll help Vanus if I can. "Really? Zeht's tears, you're as crazy as he is! I better get to work, then. There are a lot of preparations to make. Vanus should be here shortly. I'll let him give you the details. Also, you owe me ten gold. I'll collect later."