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Corda was a former assassin of the Morag Tong at the end of the first era. Corda was responsible for the death of Reman Cyrodiil III, for the execution of her sister, Rijja.confirmation needed Corda's actions had led to the end of the Reman Dynasty and the First Era.


First Era[]

By the 29th of First Seed, 1E 2920, Corda was an initiate of the Morwha Conservatorium, a religious school within the city-state of Hegathe. For quite some time, her sister, Rijja, was a consort of Reman III, who had been very paranoid with the times of war with the Four Score War in Morrowind. By the time the Merchant's Festival had rolled by, Rijja had been imprisoned at the Thurzo Fortress in Cyrodiil, with Reman believing she was a spy. Reman III had taken an interest to Corda, much to the dismay of Rijja, who had scratched his eye out when proposing the idea. Corda arrived in the Imperial City on the 21st of Frostfall, a month after Rijja's execution, which Corda learned not long after arriving. As time went on, Corda joined the Morag Tong, planning her execution of Reman III with Savirien Chorak. On the 6th of Sun's Dusk, Corda had slit the Emperor's throat with razor-sharp parchment with the symbol of the Morag Tong. Corda had taken a writ from the late Empress Tavia, who was originally imprisoned in Gideon. With a vast bounty on her head, Corda met the Night Mother in Tel Aruhn, where she would take a voyage to Vounoura, where all Morag Tong agents go to retire. From then on, Corda has never seen again.[1][2][3][4]