"I have no idea how you got this far, but go no farther. Soon, we battle to retake the Palace in the name of the Empress Regent."
―Cordius Pontifio[src]

Cordius Pontifio is an Imperial and one of the three members of Empress Regent Clivia Tharn's Elite Guard.

Him and his companions first appear friendly but laters turns hostile in the main library of the White-Gold Tower.


Planemeld ObserveEdit



"I don't care how great the Moth Priest says you are. The Palace should be reclaimed under the banner of the Empress Regent. Don't make a mess of this."

What's going on here? "That you agreed to a task you don't understand fills me with unease. Clivia Tharn is mounting an offensive to retake the Tower. It was to be a glorious day before you appeared. It should be the Empress Regent who retakes White-Gold for the Empire."


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