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"The reach of Thras has been felt far beyond its own land. The Thrassian Plague, which decimated Tamriel's population in the year 2260 of the First Era, was their most egregious attack against the mainland, but other, subtle predations have also been recorded."
―Corgrad Wastes Loading Screen[src]

Corgrad Wastes is a ruined town that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. It is located southwest from The Crystal Tower.


The city-state suffered from the Thrassian Plague which arrived to the city with a fleet of fishermen. The ruler of the city, Kinlord Nefarion, had the afflicted by the disease quarantined in his manor's crypts. Sometime later he issued a decree that none may enter or leave Corgrad until this plague has passed. After several months, because of unrest caused by the isolation, and the whole population being affected, Nefarion chose to break the western city wall and flood the city trying to prevent the disease from spreading.


  • Buried Catacombs
  • Corgrad Warrens
  • Manor
  • Narrow Passage
  • Saviors' Crypt
  • Sunken Corgrad


Wasting Away


Notable items

During "Wasting Away":

Quest items:

  • Arillas's Key
  • Karnhar's Journal
  • Karnhar's Letter
  • Please Respond, Your Beloved Aunt
  • Rultari's Journal



* These characters are quest-related and may only be present during said quest.





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