Corprus Weepings is an alchemical ingredient in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Corprus Weepings is a form of solidified secretions found on Corprus victims, named in reference to the fact that the secretions eventually fall from the victim's body.

Corprus weepings are hardened secretions that fall from the fleshy sores of corprus victims.[1]


The Path of the IncarnateEdit

Following the Second Trial, Sul-Matuul tasks the Nerevarine with acquiring Corprus Weepings and other items from Kogoruhn as evidence of immunity to the disease. When provided with items he requests, Sul-Matuul deems the Nerevarine worthy of attempting the Third Trial.


Corprus Weepings can be acquired from humanoid creatures infected with Corprus disease, including Lame Corprus and Corprus Stalkers that are found in the Red Mountain Region and in areas controlled by the Sixth House.


Corpus Weepings can be purchased from the following merchants:

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This item can be found in the following locations:

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Alchemical effectsEdit

As an ingredient, the weepings have the ability to drain an individual's Fatigue and Willpower, yet increase their Luck and restore their Health.

Drain Fatigue Fortify Luck Drain Willpower Restore Health

*Multiple effects in common.
There are 7 varieties of corprusmeat and all of them have the same alchemical properties.


  • Despite the in-game description as a solid secretion, its appearance is that of a liquid, identical to Poison.



  1. Dialogue with either Tendris Vedran or Anarenen.
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