"Please... I implore you, help me avenge my wife's death!"
―Corrick Northwode[src]

Corrick Northwode is a poor Breton farmer who has recently lost his wife. He lives on the farmstead of Harm's Folly.


Revenge Served Cold

A goblin boss killed Corrick's wife Kayleen and stole the amulet Corrick gave to her. The Hero helps him in getting it back.

Speaking to Corrick is one of the ways to activate the quest. Finding the amulet while exploring the mine also activates the quest without having to speak to Corrick.


Revenge Served Cold

"Please... I implore you, help me avenge my wife's death!"

Avenge "Barely a week ago, I left Harm's Folly to go buy supplies as I usually do once a month. What a fool I was to leave my wife alone. The Goblins must have been watching me, as they knew right when to strike. I could hear Kayleen's screams from far away. Those wretched beasts killed her! Filthy animals! Had I only been there to stop them!"
I'm sorry Corrick, how can I help? "I'll tell you how you can help. Kill those things. Every last one of them! They destroyed everything I hold dear! In their greed, the creatures grabbed a Jade Amulet off of Kayleen's... body. Bring me back that amulet, so I may use it to remember her by."

"Exhausted Mine is not far to the southeast. Be careful, its many twists and turns hides the Goblin hordes."

Upon returning with the amulet:

"What news do you bring me from Exhausted Mine?"

Avenge "Then it's finally done. The Goblins have paid with their blood, and my wife's brutal slaying is avenged. You risked life and limb for a cause that wasn't your own. For that, I'm grateful. Please, accept these gems as a token of my gratitude. They're all I have left of value, but you must have them. I insist."

"You will be included in my prayers forever. May the Divines smile upon you."

If approached again:

"Kayleen's grave it outside if you wish to pay your respects."


  • "Please, don't go. You may be my only hope."



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