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For other uses, see Corrupted Shade.

Corrupted Shades are a type of undead creature.


Physical appearance[]

Corrupted Shades are similar to skeletons, but are entirely black with the exception of their eyes and mouth, which glow red. They emit a black mist from their body and have no lower body, but instead float.

There are three variants of shades. The shades that appear in Kilkreath Ruins appear to be the remains of Imperial Legionaires and Stormcloak soldiers, wearing Imperial and Stormcloak armor respectively. The shades in Vahlok's Tomb are bare and wear nothing whatsoever.

Unique Shade[]


  • Corrupted shades have leveled souls.
    • Level 1–10: Petty
    • Level 11–20: Lesser
    • Level 21–30: Common
    • Level 31–40: Greater
    • Level 41+: Grand
  • The shades of Kilkreath Ruins were created by Malkoran from the souls of dead Legion and Stormcloak soldiers.
  • If the Imperial Legion or Stormcloaks are joined, shades of the respective faction may not be hostile in Kilkreath Ruins.
  • Their remains yield bone meal rather than ectoplasm.
  • When Malkoran is killed, his own shade will appear and attack the Dragonborn.
  • Although Shades float, they still make the same sounds as a skeleton when it moves around.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   A shade may spawn without a weapon. It will not attack, but is still marked as hostile by followers.
  •  PC   If a Shade attacks the Dragonborn with a bow, when the Dragonborn gets into melee range, the Shade will equip a melee weapon if they have one, but it won't use it.