"Ever since Ulric Leland took over the Captain of the Guard post, this city's gone downhill. It's getting almost scary to walk the streets. The guards have imposed new, ridiculously heavy fines for every infraction under the sun. They almost seem to make up laws just for charging fines. If you can't pay the fine, they can take your property away or toss you in the castle dungeons. Nothing we can do about it really. If you're interested, go talk to Llevana Nedaren. She seems the most outspoken against Ulrich and his new fines."
―Citizens of Cheydinhal[src]

Corruption and Conscience is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. After asking around in Cheydinhal, the Hero will discover that the Captain of the Guard Ulrich Leland has been imposing excessive and inappropriate fines all over town. One of the citizens, Llevana Nedaren, is upset and plans to do something about it.


Speak to Llevana Nedaren, who is upset with the inappropriate fines imposed by Captain of the Guard Ulrich Leland. Llevana talks about Aldos Othran, a citizen of Cheydinhal that had his home seized because he could not pay his fines for drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

Corruption and Conscience

Aldos killed by the Guard

She recommends that the Hero talks with Garrus Darelliun, the Ulrich's second in command. Raise his disposition to at least 60. Garrus says that he needs Aldos to testify against Ulrich in order to have real evidence on Ulrich. Speak to Aldos, who will take the Hero to his house. He confronts the guard standing in front of the door, trying to reclaim his house. He ends up dying in the fight. Talk to Llevana again and from here two paths can be taken.

Method OneEdit

Talk with Garrus again and use the key that he gives to break into Ulrich's quarters. However, he will explain that if you get caught in the process, there will be nothing that he can do to help you out. The best time to break in to Ulrich's room is at night, as Ulrich is asleep in the upper floor with the other guards, thus avoiding getting caught. On a dresser will be an incriminating letter that states the high fines are being pocketed to finance Ulrich's new estate outside Cyrodiil. The letter should be on top of a book on the dresser, but the letter may have dropped from the dresser, so if the Hero does not immediately find it, search carefully.

Corruption and Conscience Letter

Letter on the dresser

Take the letter to Garrus, who uses it to oust Ulrich, and is promoted to Captain of the Guard. Garrus will ask that the Hero of Kvatch meets him in the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in two hours. Meet him there and get a leveled gold reward.

"Did you hear the news? Ulrich Leland was thrown in the dungeons for stealing money from the city coffers. Haha! Justice for the little guy!"
―Citizens of Cheydinhal[src]

After the quest, Llevana says that although she is happy Ulrich was removed from his post, she is still saddened that there was not true retribution for Aldos. She believes in the code of an-eye-for-an-eye and it is hard for her not to see that through. However, she and everyone else appreciates what the Hero has done for them.

Method TwoEdit

Talk with Llevana again, and she says she will 'take care of' Ulrich. Talk with Ulrich and prompt him to go to Llevana's house. Once inside, Llevana paralyzes Ulrich and summons giant rats to kill him. Llevana says she has no regrets.

Afterward, talk with Garrus. He will arrest Llevana, but will do his best to lighten her prison sentence. He will ask that the Hero of Kvatch meets him in the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in two hours. Meet him there and get a gold reward depending on the Hero's level. However, it will be less than if using method one.

Method ThreeEdit

If they are to Kill Ulrich, the quest will still be considered complete once Garrus has been spoken with. However, killing him is considered a crime and will incur a bounty that must be paid. Completing the quest this way will result in no reward other than the loot from Ulrich's body.

Method FourEdit

Use detect life. Go swimming in the canal near the Nibeny Basin gate. One will find Ulrich underwater near a bridge. He refuses to speak with the hero. Kill him, which will result in an invitation to the Dark Brotherhood. Upon speaking to Garrus again, he does not approve of the Hero's methods, but agrees something needed done. He will then ask for a reduced sentence.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon hearing of rumors in Cheydinhal:

I was told by one of the townspeople in Cheydinhal that the guards have been imposing heavy and unfair fines lately. This seemed to being ever since the new Captain of the Guard, Ulrich Leland, took office. I was referred to Llevana Nedaren, who lives in the south end of town, as she is the most vocal about her dislike of the new commander.

  • Update: After speaking with Llevana:

Llevana Nedaren told me about the plight of a good friend of hers, Aldos Othran. She explained how he was evicted from his home for non-payment of fines and expressed her hatred of Ulrich. She mentioned that Ulrich's second in command, Garrus Darelliun, seemed sympathetic to the people's plight. I should speak to Garrus next about this matter.

  • Update: After speaking with Garrus:

Garrus Darelliun let me know his dislike of his commanding officer and took it a step further by letting me know he thinks Ulrich is pocketing much of the money from the inflated fines. He said I should speak to Aldos, as Garrus needs a witness to bring Ulrich to justice.

  • Update: After speaking with Aldos:

I found Aldus, drunk as usual. He begged me to follow him back to his old house where wanted [sic] me to witness something. I should follow.

  • Update: After Aldos is killed by the guard:

Aldos Othran has been slain by a Cheydinhal guard. He has led me to his old house, where he exchanged heated words with the guards. During the argument, Aldos pulled a knife and the guard put him down. I should tell Llevana the sad news.

  • Update: After speaking to Llevana about Aldos's death:

Llevana was furious after I told her of Aldos's fate. She wants me to go speak to Ulrich and somehow convince him to follow me back to her house, where she would "take care of him." This doesn't sound like the best method to deal with Ulrich. I think I should speak to Garrus first then decide how to handle this situation.

  • Update: After speaking to Garrus about Aldos's death and Llevana's plan:

Garrus was saddened by the news of Aldos's death. He vowed to bring Ulrich to justice by any means. He suggested the only way to incriminate the Captain would be by searching his quarters. He is suggesting that I sneak in there and look for such evidence. I'll have to decide if I want to do this Garrus's way or Llevana's way.

Garrus's plan:

  • Update: After searching Ulrich's quarters:

In Ulrich's quarters, I've discovered a letter he wrote to some relatives outside of Cyrodiil. In it, he talks about sending them a great deal of money and goods he purchased using the illicit funds. This is the evidence Garrus would need. I should take it to him.

Garrus's plan:

  • Update: After giving the evidence to Garrus:

I have given the evidence to Garrus he needs to remove Ulrich from office. He said he would take it directly to the Count of Cheydinhal. He told me to meet him at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in two hours.

Llevana's plan:

  • Update: After telling Ulrich to follow:

I have convinced Ulrich to follow me to Llevana's house. I should lead him there now.

Llevana's plan:

  • Update: After arriving at Llevana's house:

I have arrived at Llevana's house with Ulrich. I should see where he goes.

Llevana's plan:

  • Update: After Ulrich is killed by the rats:

Garrus was upset that I would resort to such a method to have Ulrich removed from his position, but he was glad it was over. He said he would report this to the Count of Cheydinhal, and told me to meet him at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in two hours.

  • Update: After two hours pass:

It's been about two hours, and Garrus Darelliun should be meeting me at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn.

  • Update: After speaking with Garrus at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn:

Garrus has informed me that he was made Captain of the Guard of Cheydinhal to replace Ulrich, and has rewarded me for helping him.

  • Quest complete


  • A low-level character doing this can follow Method 2 and loot Ulrich's body for his equipment, acquiring chainmail armor and a silver war axe with relative ease.
  • If the Wizard's Tower plugin is installed and have an Atronach Familiar, it will attack the summoned rats. The rats are marked as essential, and so can only be knocked unconscious. Eventually, the Atronach will die. The rats then turn on one another, and the quest cannot be completed.
  • Additionally, if one has not done the Main Quest: "Bruma Gate" and "Allies for Bruma," it is recommended that one does not start this quest yet, as Ulrich will be marked essential, as well as being one of the strongest fighters who will assist the Hero.
  • If the Hero has attained a high level (13+), most likely the guards would die in the "Defense of Bruma" quest, and there could be a journal entry saying that: "One of the persons involved in this quest has been killed."

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