"The Count went missing about ten years ago. No one knows what happened to him. Lady Millona rules County Anvil."

Corvus Umbranox was the Count of Anvil before he went missing ten years ago, due to the curse of the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. Corvus Umbranox is the last known Gray Fox, Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. He is also known as The Stranger when not wearing the cowl. Once the Thieves Guild questline is complete, he becomes Count of Anvil again.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The cowl of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal is the reason for his alleged disappearance. The magic within the cloth hid his identity from everyone, including his own wife, Countess Millona Umbranox.

The cowl became cursed when Emer Dareloth stole it from Nocturnal, becoming the first Gray Fox. As a result, whoever wears the cowl will have their name stricken from history.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Taking Care of Lex[edit | edit source]

He forges a list of candidates for the new guard captain of Anvil, giving Hieronymus Lex a glowing recommendation, causing Lex to leave the Imperial City.

Turning a Blind Eye[edit | edit source]

The Gray Fox needs the Savilla's Stone from the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. He asks that no one outside the temple be killed, but those guarding the artifact inside are permitted to be killed, if necessary.

Arrow of Extrication[edit | edit source]

The Gray Fox wants the Hero to steal the Arrow of Extrication from Fathis Aren's room in Castle Bravil.

Boots of Springheel Jak[edit | edit source]

The Gray Fox wants the Hero to steal the boots of Springheel Jak from a former thief who died 300 years ago. He knows that a descendant of Springheel Jak, Jakben, Earl of Imbel, lives in the Imperial City.

The Ultimate Heist[edit | edit source]

Corvus convinces the Hero to steal an Elder Scroll from the library in the Imperial City Palace. After this is done, he gives the Hero a ring and tells them to take it to Countess of Anvil. He then reveals himself in Anvil Castle as the Gray Fox. He says that the curse of the cowl has been lifted and people will be able to recognize him again. Renouncing his life of crime and becoming the Count of Anvil once more, he bestows the Cowl upon the Hero.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Taking Care of Lex
Inside the Abandoned House:

"Do I know you?"

About the Thieves Guild "I don't have time to gossip about the guild right now."
Forge this letter "Hmm. Yes, it can be done. I can change it to give Lex the highest recommendation. I'll need a full day to properly forge this letter. Return then. And of course I will expect payment in full at that time."
Forged letter "Why are you bothering me? It isn't done yet. Now get out of here and let me finish."
Gray Fox "Everyone wants to know about the Gray Fox. Gray Fox this, Gray Fox that. He's just a man, not a Daedric lord. I've heard it all. They say he's immortal because he's led the Thieves Guild for over 300 years. No-one has ever seen his face because he always wears that gray cowl. Oh, and speaking of the Gray Cowl, did you know he stole it from Nocturnal herself? You'd think he was Saint Nerevar the way they talk about him."
Who are you? "I am The Stranger. That is all you need to know. That, and I am no-one to be trifled with."


After a day has passed:

"Don't interrupt me."
"You're bothering me."

Forged letter "Do you have my fee?"
Here is your fee. "Here is the new list of Candidates. Hieronymus Lex has a glowing recommendation."
I'm short on coin right now. "Then what are you doing here? Come back when you have the money."
Show: Turning a Blind Eye
Inside Helvius Cecia's House:

"Come. We must talk."
"I see you got my message."

It is an honor to finally meet you. "I have need of your special gifts. There is an item, hidden away in a remote monastery. I need you to go get it for me. The monastery is extensive and well guarded, so you should make sure to be well prepared. Should you succeed, I will pay you well for your services."
I would be honored to help. "Capital! The monastery is called the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. It is where retired, blind Moth priests go to wait out the rest of their days. I will mark the location on your map. Look for it in the far northeast of Cyrodiil, beyond Cheydinhal. I need you to acquire Savilla's Stone. It is a large crystal with special properties that I need to gain... advantage. Remember, do not shed innocent blood. However, there is no bloodprice for slaying the stone's guardians, human or inhuman. When I receive word that Savilla's Stone is missing, I will be here waiting for you."
I am not adequately prepared. "Preparation is the key to success. Come back to me when you are better prepared."
About the Thieves Guild "What do you want to know?"
Who is Nocturnal? "You're kidding. Everybody knows Nocturnal. She is the daedra lord of shadows. The Mistress of Mystery. The Saint of Suspicion. Thieves Guild members revere and respect her power and influence. We give her blessing with the phrase 'may shadow hide you.'"
Gray Fox "I don't answer questions about myself. Particularly when they come from a Shadowfoot."
You're lucky I wasn't busy. "Curb your tongue, Shadowfoot! I am the Gray Fox. If you ever want to become a Master Thief in the guild, you had better learn respect."

"Shadow hide you."

If approached again:

"Don't you have something to do?"

After obtaining the Stone:

"I hear the monks were most... hospitable."

Savilla's Stone "My sources tell me that Savilla's Stone has gone missing. Do you have it with you?"
Here is the Stone. "Capital! Now I can see past the palace defenses. It's a good thing the Emperor didn't know they had this stone. He would have had it destroyed or taken it from them and kept it under lock and key in the palace. When I have learned what I need to know, I will call for you again. Let us leave Helvius' house now. He has served me well and deserves his peace."
Um...Let me go get it. "I had hoped you would have it with you. Go get the stone and return at once."

"Shadow hide you."

Show: Arrow of Extrication
Inside Malintus Ancrus' House:

"Welcome. Let's talk."
"I have need of your services once more."

I'm listening. "My work with Savilla's Stone has revealed that I need something special for my plans. It's a small item in the possession of a powerful court wizard. Will you do this for me? I will pay you well."
Sounds lucrative. I'll do it. "Capital! Bring me the Arrow of Extrication. It has a key shaped head. Bravil's court wizard, Fathis Aren, recently acquired this unique item. You may kill Fathis if necessary, but not in the castle. My spy network will tell me when you have it. Return here with the arrow when you do. Now we should get out of Malintus' house before we wear out our welcome."
I'm not ready yet. "Then make your preparations. I will expect you to return soon."
I resent being summoned here. "Whelp of a Shadowfoot! You had better learn respect if you want to advance in the Thieves Guild."

"Shadow hide you."

After obtaining the arrowhead:

"I have been waiting."

Arrow of Extrication "Do you have the Arrow of Extrication?"
I only have the arrow's head. "Hmmm. I had hoped for the whole arrow, but that is not your fault. I will have to have it repaired. This arrowhead advances my plan to... nevermind. I may have need of you again in the near future, if my plans hold. Here is your reward. I am also promoting you to Master Thief in the Thieves Guild. Fathis Ules of the Imperial City will be your new fence."
Not really. "Well go get it!"

"Shadow hide you."

Show: Boots of Springheel Jak
Inside Ganredhel's House:

"Have a seat. Please."
"Come. We have much to discuss."

I am eager to hear your plan. "Further use of Savilla's Stone has revealed that I need another special item to move forward with my plans. I need the boots of Springheel Jak. He is a famous thief that died some 300 years ago. Legend has it that he was buried with his boots on. Find out where Springheel Jak is buried and bring me back those boots. Will you do this for me? It pays well."
I am ready. "Capital! The Earl of Imbel is the only descendant of his line that I have been able to locate. His name is Jakben, and he lives somewhere in the Imperial City. There might be a clue in the Earl's house."
I need more time to prepare. "This task can wait, at least for a little while. Return when you are ready."
I hate being summoned like this. "I have no patience for impertinence. Maybe I should reconsider what I was about to offer you."

"Shadow hide you."

If approached again:

"Not now. I need to think."

After obtaining the boots:

"Have a seat. Please."
"I assume you found Springheel Jak's tomb."

Boots of Springheel Jak. "Do you have the boots?"
Here are the boots. "Capital! This may be the last piece of the puzzle. I need to spend more time with Savilla's Stone first. I am truly indebted to you. If all goes well, I may call upon you for one last task. The danger will be great, but the reward will be greater. For now, here is your reward. Let us leave Ganredhel's house and go our separate ways. We have overstayed our welcome."
Um...no. I don't. "Don't waste my time. Not in the mood for it."
Contemporary of Springheel Jak "Did I know him personally? Of course not. He lived 300 years ago."
Jak's diary mentions you. "Ah. It seems you have stumbled over a bit of history that few in the Thieves Guild ever discover. I am not the first Gray Fox. That master himself died sometime shortly after stealing the Gray Cowl and receiving Nocturnal's curse. However, another thief in the guild picked up the cowl and assumed his identity and the curse. No-one in the guild knew it was a different person. Over the centuries there have been dozens of Gray Foxes. To the rest of the world he seems immortal and unchanging. I am hoping to be the last."
Show: The Ultimate Heist
Inside Othrelos' House:

"I've been waiting for you. Have a seat."
"Are you ready for one last great heist?"

The last heist? "This is the big one. This is the heist that will be written about and talked about for decades to come. We are going to steal one of the Elder Scrolls from the Imperial Palace. Are you ready for this challenge?"
How much is the buyer paying? "There is no buyer. This is for glory, not for money. Our names will become legend. I also have a personal need for this particular scroll. As for your compensation. I ask you to trust me. If my plan works, you will get a reward worth far more than mere money. Will you do it?"
Glorious! When do we start? "Capital! I have worked for eleven years planning this heist. Savilla's Stone provided the last bit of information I needed."
What is the plan? "The Elder Scrolls are kept in the Imperial Palace behind a door that cannot be breached. Savilla's Stone has revealed a path around this door. You will have to travel the Old Way. Once used as an escape route for Imperial Emperors, it has been forgotten for centuries. To unseal the entrance you must sneak into the basement of the palace and activate the Glass of Time, whatever that is."
Where is the actual entrance? "In the Imperial Sewers. Here is the key for the gate to that section of the sewers. I picked the pocket of Ocato himself to get it."
What is this "Old Way?" "My scrying with Savilla's Stone has provided clues, but not the details. I know the tools you will need there, but not the obstacles themselves. The boots of Springheel Jak will allow you to leap to an unreachable place. They will also protect you from a long fall. The Arrow of Extrication is the only way to unlock the final door. Take them both."
Is that all you know? "Once you are inside the palace itself, you need to find the reading room. The blind priests will deliver a scroll to you there."
How did you manage that? "I arranged for the notable Celia Camoran to want to read a particular Elder Scroll. Don't ask how. However, she will be... unavoidably detained. You will take her place. Do not speak to the priests. They are blindfolded and will not realize it isn't her unless you speak. As the guildmaster, I am waiving bloodprice for anyone you kill during this heist. However, I can't stop the Watch from putting a price on your head."
I can't remember all of this! "I have written it down for you in this book. I've chosen you because you are the best. Good luck."
That is too tough for me. "I understand. I don't want anyone taking on this job unless they feel up to it. Return to me when you are more confident."

"Take your time."

If approached again after choosing to take time:

"Have you decided?"

Glorious! When do we start?
That is too tough for me.

After accepting the quest:

"You should be on your way by now."
"Good luck."

After obtaining the Scroll:

"You're back! Have a seat and tell me everything."
"You have the scroll? I can hardly believe it! The odds were clearly against you. Capital job! Capital! I have spent seven years learning how to translate this scroll. Even so, I will need a while to decipher what I have sought so desperately."

So what happens now? "Ah! Still thinking about your reward, eh? I have not forgotten you or your loyal service to the Thieves Guild. You'll just have to trust me. Give this ring to Countess Umbranox in Anvil. Say nothing about me to her. I need to know how she reacts to it. It may provoke anger or tears. If she asks, just tell her a stranger wanted her to have it. Then report back to me on her reaction."

If approached again:

"You should be on your way by now."
"Shadow hide you."

After speaking with Millona Umbranox:

"The Gray Cowl is now yours. You are the new guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. You will find that history has been altered tonight. Such is the power of Nocturnal's curse that lifting it can alter time itself."

What is different? "If Emer Dareloth had not stolen Nocturnal's Cowl, the Thieves Guild would never have fallen on such hard times. Because of the curse, he was unable to operate in the normal world of business and society. He could only act as the guild's figurehead. That has been undone. If you go to the Imperial City, you will find that the Thieves Guild has a new guild hall on the site of the ruins of Dareloth."

If approached while wearing the Gray Cowl:

"The new Gray Fox. The cowl suits you. Me? I am much happier without it."

Conversations[edit | edit source]

The Ultimate Heist

Millona Umbranox: "He looks familiar..."
Corvus Umbranox: "By the power of the Elder Scrolls I name Emer Dareloth as the true thief of Nocturnal's Cowl."
Millona Umbranox: "You're the Gray Fox! I've been betrayed!"
Corvus Umbranox: "I am the Gray Fox, but you have not been betrayed."
Millona Umbranox: "But..."
Corvus Umbranox: "I am also your missing husband, Corvus."
Millona Umbranox: "Corvus! Is it really you? Ten years I've waited for word from you. Why did you hide from me?"
Corvus Umbranox: "Ten years ago I inherited this cowl from the former guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. I became the new guildmaster, but I also received it's curse. "Whoever wears Nocturnal's cowl shall have his name stricken from history." Once I donned the cowl, no-one in all of Tamriel could recognize me. With the cowl I became the Gray Fox. Without it, I was a stranger, even to you."
Millona Umbranox: "You mean you were unable to return?"
Corvus Umbranox: "I've stood right next to you, and you didn't even know it. I cried out to you "Here I am! It's me, Corvus!" but you just looked at me, confused."
Millona Umbranox: "You have broken my heart for a second time. I cannot let the infamous criminal mastermind, the Gray Fox become the Count of Anvil. If you try to announce yourself as Corvus, I will deny you. I will deny you before the Emperor himself if I have to."
Corvus Umbranox: "I guessed you would say these terrible things to me. That is why I brought my friend along. From this moment forward, I renounce my life of crime forever. I am passing the Gray Cowl of the Thieves Guild to it's new guildmaster."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Corvus can be killed once his true identity is revealed.
  • 'Corvus Umbranox' translates to 'Raven Shadow Night' in Latin, an indication of his stealthy background.

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