Lleril Morvayn

Councilor Lleril Morvayn, of Raven Rock.

Each of the Holdings of a Great House is governed by a Councilor. The Councilors are largely independent, but they swear fealty to their Great House and the King of Morrowind. The Councilor is the official in charge of the Holding, controlling the local House Guard and regulating trade.[1]


The position of Councilor given to someone who has proven their worth to the great house, the position is also hereditary, passing from parent to their first-born child, daughters apparently equal in the line of succession.[2]


A Hortator is a position given to a leader of a Great House, who leads them in times of crisis. This position is only granted in times of extreme danger, and so it is very rare for there to be a Hortator in Morrowind. In order for the position to be given, the leaders of the House must first be convinced of the need for the position.[2]

Grand CouncilEdit

All of the Great Houses have seats on the Grand Council, these seats are given to all of the house leaders, of each Great House. The Lord High Councilor is the leader of the Grand Council.[3] This council rules alongside the King of Morrowind in governing the province.[4]

Lord High CouncilorEdit

Lord High Councilor was a title used in reference to the head of a council. It was used by House Dagoth of Morrowind to refer to the House's head, Dagoth Ur. It seems that the title was also used by Morrowind's Grand Council.[3]

Elder CouncilEdit

The Council Leaders of the Great Houses of Morrowind may be part of the Elder Council of Tamriel. As part of the Elder Council they have the power to legislate for the entire Empire. In the absence for a legitimate heir of the Emperor, the Elder Council rules in the Emperor's stead.


Each Councilor elects a cabinet of officials to assist them with governing their Holding:

  • Second Councilors control public relations and are often approached about business, civil disputes, and the purchasing of property, instead of approaching the Councilor directly.[5]
  • Stewards are more like servants, in the councilors court, but also share there the same responsibilities as there Skyrim and Cyrodiil counterparts.[5]
  • Mouths or Council Representatives are people that convey the Councilors policies to the house council in the Councilors stead.[2] These are mainly used by House Telvanni probably due to the fact that the Telvanni wizards are isolationists.[6]
  • House Guard Captains are men put in command of the House Guard, they are charged with upholding the law and defending the Holding from attack.[5]

Residence and apparelEdit

Councilors reside in lavish palaces in the main cities of the holdings in which they govern, they convene council meetings in council houses in the house capitals.[2] There, they sit upon the throne, surrounded by their subjects. They wear lavish clothing or the armor of their house.[5][2]

Form of addressEdit

As a title, Councilors are addressed to as Councilor (Surname) i.e. "What do you say on this matter, Councilor Morvayn?" The full name is not required when addressing to a Councilor.[5]


Great House Holding Councilor
House Redoran Raven Rock Lleril Morvayn
House Redoran Ald'ruhn Bolvyn Venim
House Redoran North Gash Miner Arobar
House Redoran West Gash Hlaren Ramoran
House Redoran Maar Gan Brara Morvayn
House Redoran South Gash Athyn Sarethi
House Redoran Northern Ashlands Garisa Llethri
House Hlaalu Elmas Island Velanda Omani
House Hlaalu N/A Dram Bero
House Hlaalu N/A Crassius Curio
House Hlaalu Canton of St. Olms Yngling Half-Troll
House Hlaalu Ascadian Isles Nevena Ules
House Telvanni East Molag Amur Gothren
House Telvanni Vos Aryon
House Telvanni Sadrith Mora Neloth
House Telvanni The Grazelands Dratha
House Telvanni Azura's Coast Therana
House Dagoth N/A Dagoth Ur

Other CouncilorsEdit


  • A Council is the closest form of government to a democracy in The Elder Scrolls.
  • Alternative names for the Councilor rank in the nobility structure are used in other parts of Tamriel, such as Counts in the province of Cyrodiil or the Jarls from Skyrim.
  • Councilors do not have to be Dunmer, or even Elven, as one of them is Imperial and another is a Nord.[2]

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