Councilor Eris Releth is a male Dunmer located in Balmora, in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. He is a councilor of House Redoran, ruling out of the city-state of Balmora. Recently, Eris' daughter, Veya Releth has gone missing.


Fleeing the PastEdit

Eris is worried about his daughter, Veya Releth, and so he is willing to ask anyone to find here.

Of Faith and FamilyEdit

After meeting with Naryu Virian, Veya's mentor, Eris is willing to arrange a meeting with Veya, on her terms.

A Purposeful WritEdit

Family ReunionEdit


Show: Of Faith and Family

"When you next see her, tell my daughter that I want to talk to her. Veya can set the terms, but I expect her to stop running away when things don't go her way."

I'll convey the message, but I need to know exactly what you and Veya argued about. "Veya has always felt shackled by the rules of House Redoran, hobbled by the many duties and obligations it presses upon its subjects. After the situation involving her brother, she decided she wanted nothing more to do with the House. Or with me."
So your strict observance of rules and obligations caused this rift between you and your daughter. "That may be an oversimplification, but I suppose your statement is accurate. I walk a narrow path between House Councilor and loving father. Unfortunately, the former often supersedes the latter. That's why I want to speak to Veya again."
I'll try to arrange a meeting as soon as I can.

After escaping Mallapi:

"The captain reported that he had seen you in the area. There are also multiple reports that Veya has been spotted. Tell me, have you seen my daughter? I won't sleep well until she's home, safe and sound."

"I thought we agreed you wouldn't use any other outsiders?" "I also said that the captain has his own resources. The Warclaws report to Brivan, not me. Look, we're all just trying to get my daughter home safely. Now, tell me what Veya's thinking."
"Veya will meet with you, but on her own terms. All these soldiers have scared her away." "It was a gamble, I admit. An opportunity I couldn't let slip away. You won't make me feel guilty about trying to find my daughter."
"Soon. She asked me to one more thing and then she'll be ready to meet with you." "Very well. We'll do this her way. Veya can be as stubborn as her mother sometimes. But tell my daughter that my patience won't last forever. Next time, I expect Veya to be with you — or I might just let Captain Brivan do this his way."
"I'll let her know." "I'm trusting you to make this right, Outlander. I may have lost my son, but I refuse to lose my daughter."

Returning to the Redoran Kinhouse after Kudanat Mine:

"And so the Outlander returns. As we discussed in the swamp, I expected you to return with Veya or present me with a time and place for us to meet. Tell me, Outlander, which is it to be?"

"There was a complication." "Complication? What kind of complication? I ordered my soldiers to stand down and let you do things your way, but instead of results you bring me excuses!"
"Your son is dead. He was killed during the House Redoran raid on the Ashlander camp." "No. That's not possible. My son was banished, ordered to leave Vvardenfell and never return. Why would he disobey me and go to those savages?"
"Veya was with me. She confirmed it was her brother, Ulran." "Veya was with you? And you left her out there? By the Three, everything is unraveling no matter how hard I try to maintain control. I need you to do something else for me if you would, Outlander."
"What else do you need me to do, Councilor?" "Tell my daughter I'm sorry. Tell her she needs to stay away until I can calm things down. I don't want to see anything happen to her. Promise me. And take this. Consider it payment for your efforts thus far."


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