Councilor Itinia is an Imperial member of the Elder Council. She is found in each of the warring factions' camp inside the Imperial City Sewers.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"I just can’t stop wondering - when did it all start to fall apart? I’ve served on the Elder Council for years. I’ve seen emperors come and go, but I took it for granted that the Imperial City would be safe, that the citizens would be safe..."
How did the city come under attack? "It happened so fast, but I suppose it was probably a long time coming. For years, we ignored the truth - the Empress-Regent is just a pretty face. Mannimarco is the one who’s been making all the decisions, and he’s led us down a dark path."

What was Mannimarco doing? "Who knows? He spent all his time in the Imperial Prison. There were rumors that he was doing terrible things and demanding the guards find excuses to make more arrests. We were powerless, though. The Elder Council wasn’t even being consulted."
What happened after that? "One day, Mannimarco just disappeared. He left the city without explanation. Next thing we knew, the Dark Anchors were falling from the sky, and the Worm Cultists were opening portals to Coldharbour. It’s like some kind of nightmare made real."
Do you know what happened to the Empress-Regent? "No, I didn’t see Empress Clivia for months even before the Anchors fell, and I haven’t seen her since. A delirious soldier claimed the Empress was trying to get into the White-gold Tower, but I suspect he was hallucinating. He died soon after."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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