"Who are you? Another Red Rook dog barking for its masters?."
―Councilor Theodore[src]

Councilor Theodore is a Breton residing in Crosswych, Glenumbra. He joins the resistance Tamien Sellan is organizing.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Legitimate Interests[edit | edit source]

The Red Rook Bandits have taken control of the town Crosswych. Some of the townsfolk are trying to organize a resistance, but the bandits are determined to use the town as a base.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Show: Legitimate Interests

"Who are you? Another Red Rook barking for his masters? I've got bad news for you, hound. I'm fed up. Whatever you want, the answer is no."

I'm not a Red Rook. I'm here to stop them. "Oh? Well why didn't you say so? The Red Rooks took over my mine. They're forcing the miners to work until they drop. You want to stop the Red Rooks? How about running them through with a sword. That'd be damned useful."

Tamien Sellan is organizing a resistance to take back Crosswych. "Not sure I entirely trust that young fellow. But standing around doing nothing doesn't sit well with me, either. I'm not much use in a battle, but I can spread the word. We'll raise an army to deal with these Red Rooks!"
Your support will encourage the people. "Let Sellan know I'm with him. We'll stick a hot poker in the backside of that pompous Sternis Gelves and the rest of his beef-witted Red Rooks!"
Show: Crosswych

After Crosswych Reclaimed has been completed in the Crosswych Inn:

"Well done. Well done indeed. We'll make sure that something like this does no happen again."

When spoken to outside the Crosswych Inn:

"My miners will take care of any Red Rooks hiding out in the dark corners of the mine. It'll restore their confidence, to send these shiftless rogues running. Much obliged to you, for all your help here in Crosswych."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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