Count's Bodyguard and Countess's Bodyguards are Imperial men who are charged with protecting the Counts in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Generally excelling at physical combat, the Bodyguard protects their liege, their home, their family, and their assets until death. The Counts and Countesses of Cyrodiil each have their own bodyguard.

Relationship to liegeEdit

A Counts bodyguard is a formidable warrior, and is usually found next to, or close by their master. If their Count is attacked, the bodyguard will be the first to enter the battle to fight for his or her liege's life. They all wear the same armor as the local city watch.


County Count served Countess served Level Class Faction Base ID Image
Anvil N/A Millona Umbranox PC+10 Guard City Watch 0000C0F3
Countess's Bodyguard 0000C0F3
Bravil Regulus Terentius N/A PC+10 Guard City Watch 0000A188
Count's Bodyguard Bravil 0000A188
Bruma N/A Narina Carvain PC+10 Guard City Watch 000362EE
Countess's Bodyguard 000362EE
Cheydinhal Andel Indarys Llathasa Indarys PC+10 Guard City Watch 000055D4
Count's Bodyguard Cheydinhal 000055D4
Chorrol N/A Arriana Valga PC+10 Guard City Watch 000234A9
Countess' Bodyguard 000234A9
Leyawiin Marius Caro N/A PC+10 Guard City Watch 0003597B
Count's Bodyguard Leyawiin 0003597B
Leyawiin N/A Countess Alessia Caro PC+10 Guard City Watch 0003597A
Countess' Bodyguard 0003597A

According to the Construction Set there are seven bodyguards.


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