Count Hosni at-Tura is the Redguard proprietor of the At-Tura Estate and the leader of the group of smugglers known as the Midnight Union in the Second Era, who were taken as a neutral force in Stormhaven until the attack against Pariah Abbey.

Hosni at-Tura is the son of Lord Rihad at-Tura and Lady Sirali at-Tura, well known as a strong, respected and even feared leader of the aforementioned mercenary group, responsible for stealing the Dream Shard from the Spirit Wardens. During Vaermina's plot to dominate Stormhaven and shatter the Daggerfall Covenant, the Count served as a key character to the Daedric Prince's plan.

It was well known also about his romantic relation with Sister Safia, and the sudden break up to marry Lady Adima. This, added to the mysterious attack of the Midnight Union against the Spiritual Wardens, the stealing of the Dream Shard and the threatening of his own parents led the Vestige, under King Emeric's order, to investigate further.


Pursuing the ShardEdit

King Emeric believes Count Hosni has the Dream Shard stolen from Pariah Abbey. He wants me to ingratiate myself with the count in hopes of retrieving the shard.

The Signet RingEdit

Count Hosni at-Tura wants his father's signet ring, and he's tasked me with getting it. If I can retrieve the ring, he says I can name my reward. The Dream Shard, perhaps?

Saving HosniEdit

Lady Sirali at-Tura believes Adima controls Hosni through his dreams. She thinks I can save her son, Hosni, by entering his dreams as well.

The Return of the Dream ShardEdit

Now that I've retrieved the Dream Shard, I can finally return it to the Spirit Wardens at Pariah Abbey.

Vaermina's GambitEdit

Vaermina's ultimate plan has been revealed. Her consort, the Night Terror, has seized King Emeric's mind and trapped him in a nightmare. I must face the Night Terror and save the king.

Hosni's shade, the Omen who possessed him earlier, guards the Key of the Thief, one of the keys guarding King Emeric's castle in his dreams. He wishes to once more possess the Count once the Night Terror controls Emeric's body.


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